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Recap: Philippines’ Next Top Model – Hight Street Episode 1 (2017)

And the long wait is finally over! So I guess the petition page that I made a couple of years back is totally moot now because tonight, we’ve witnessed the premiere of the second cycle (version?) of the Philippines’ Next Top Model with the tagline – High Street. So is it safe to say that they’re looking for someone that is both high fashion but easily marketable? Who doesn’t tho? lol. Anyway, it’s a glorious premiere! I am so amazed by the sophistication of the whole process. It wasn’t draggy tho the excitement was rather lacking but it’s a really good premiere nonetheless.

It started with host ‘The Amazing Race Asia winner and former Miss Philippines’ Maggie Wilson doing a voiceover of the audition held nationwide then fast-tracked to the 24 ladies who will be facing the other judges hoping to make it through the next round – that panel of judges along with Maggie includes Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP) current president, the cutie Raphael or Rapha Kiefer, stylist and magazine editor Rain Dagala and model mentor and reigning Miss International, Kylie Verzosa.

Maggie, Kylie, Rain and Rapha
ctto: @raphakiefer

So, what can I say about the judges? I honestly don’t have an idea who Rapha and Rain are but I loved the dynamics of this panel. They seemed to be getting along so well and I could already see Rain making okray the girls sooner or later and I cannot wait for their (Rain and Rapha!) fangs to come out! Haha! Rapha is a real charmer on TV while it’s a bit difficult to really distinguish  who’s actually (should really be) hosting during the judging of the 24 ladies. I mean, Maggie and Kylie are both beautiful but they’re almost interchangeable! But hey, it’s a great panel and I cannot wait for the first judging of the photoshoot next episode!

And now, can we just have a minute for a  prayer circle because the gods of fashion seems to be on this show’s side when they picked the 24 ladies to participate in this year’s edition! I’m honestly stunned by the quality of the girls who joined! I mean, majority of them are just beyond! It is very noticeable tho that more than half of the contestants are actually mixed-race so if you’re anal about that aspect – I don’t give a shit.

Based on this episode, I already have my final three but naturally – we have to see in at least the first two to three episode who will actually be impressing the judges (and the ones who will be getting good edits) as the weeks go by…

Let’s meet the final 12! (in order of announcement)

Ann is 20 from Bohol. I loved Ann! Her hair is one of her assets but she needs to step it up because the competition is real fierce. I’m fairly sure she’s already dreading the upcoming make-over. ( She’s also my number 1 amongst the top 3!!!)

Janny from Makati used to be bisexual who is now a lesbian or something like that. She’s actually very intereting! I didn’t expect her to make the cut but she’s got something (a story? the hair?) that is very endearing. Let’s see how far she’d make it. Oh, she also got a cute little son! ❤

Ina’s another strong contender. She’s one of the three dark-skinned girls who made the cut and again, the hair! Gosh! She looks amazing with that hair but I’ve a feeling that they’re gonna change it drastically. We can’t have two Ann’s in the show after all. I think she also said something about hailing from the Bahamas (need to verify this)

Adela is only 19 and was originally from the United Kingdom and has been living in the Philippines for about a year now. She looks really sweet and she’s also very articulate. Not sold on her yet – I’m seeing her getting  the boot in the next few episodes.

Jan, 24, Bulacan. I loved her sincerity. I think she’s got great potential but an early exit for her is not that far-fetched.

Kim is 21 years old from Bacolod and she’s done a lot of local modelling stint including different runway and fashion shows in her turf. His father is half-Dutch-half-black-American from Suriname and his mom’s a Filipina. She reminds me so much of Camile from the first cycle of the the original show! Girl is FFIIIEERRCCEEE!

Blaise, 20, Chicago. I honestly didn’t expect her to make the cut but I think she got some big brownie points from model mentor Kylie Verzosa because they share the same advocacy regarding mental health. She’s currently a cheerdancer and a college student at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Angela, 22, Bicol. I loved her interview with the judges but I thought she looks more than her actual age. The show should really do something about that hideous hair!

Shekie, 23, Cagayan de Oro. Shekie is totally on my radar as one of the potential winners! Her dad’s Nigerian and with a Filipina mom of course. I loved her cockiness! It’s rather endearing coming from her! She just need to tone it down at times but she’s good to go for the (finale??) haha! We’ll see.

Aivie, 21, Canada. She’s got a very interesting lineage. Her dad is half-Vietnamese-half-Chinese and she obviously looks more pinay because of her mom. I’m still on the fence about her inclusion but I liked her!

Sarah, 23, Pampanga. My homegirl! I loved her face! She’s definitely this season’s commercial goddess! It’s such a shame that she’s only 5’4″ but I think with that face – she could very well use it to go as far as top 5 and who knows – one nailed beauty shot and uwian na mga bes, may nanalo na! lol

and the final spot goes to…

Janelle, 27, San Diego, California. She’s one of my favorites. She’s obviously the oldest in the bunch and this would always haunt her during the competition. I just hope that she won’t get uber-angsty about it during  confessionals. I thought her beauty is very marketable especially here in the Philippines and I cannot wait to see her make-over!

Okay – let me reveal the rest of my  initial Top 3 then. Since I’ve already mentioned Ann being my ultimate winner this early, I’ve also have a feeling that Shekie will do really well. Rounding up my top 3 is the lovely Janelle! Gaaahhh! Her face is just perfection – just sayin’.

Special mention to Anna.


As for the their first photoshoot, it would be an underwater shoot where the girls will try their hardest and fiercest while submerged in a big aquarium! Yikes!

What about you guys? What can you say about the premiere? Who are your favorites?

So as early as now, I will be putting a poll on who do you think (on first impression) will most likely make it until the end?

Screengrab from the TV obviously but these images are still the exclusive rights of Pottle Productions, Inc.
I’ll try to update this post with HQ pictures soon!

Pietro Boselli X BENCH/BODY

pietro-for-bench-2I wasn’t even aware of Pietro being recruited by BENCH to be their newest endorser so it’s such a wonderful surprise to see the “hottest maths teacher in the world” sporting what arguably the most popular clothing brand in the Philippines.

Here’s Pietro looking so cute…


And here he is ready to heat up the Summer season even more!!!


And he’s coming to Manila soon so be ready for this one!

See u Pietro!!!

photos courtesy of @benchbodyph

The Contestants of VH1’s America’s Next Top Model [Cycle 23]

Y’all know that America’s Next Top Model is coming back to the boobtube right? And it’s coming back to it’s original home – VH1. In less than a week – that is December 12, 2016 – 14 girls will be battling it out for the title of America’s Next Top Model. This time tho, Rita Ora will be spearheading the return of our favorite modeling show acting as host and one of the judges along with model Ashley Graham, Drew Elliot of Paper Magazine and celebrity stylist Law Roach. And don’t worry about Tyra not showing up at all – she’s actually serving as the show’s executive producer!


via Entertainment Weekly

Let’s meet the contestants of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23!

Obviously, the show is back to an all-girls cast (thank goodness!) and they are all relatively tall (hallelujah!) so I wonder how this would figure out over the next few weeks with the judges determining who should win! Are we going to see more outrageous ANTM-patented model stunts? Will the return of the show give us back the Cycle  1-3 modelseque epicness? We shall see next week…

[click picture to enlarge and read profile]

Who do you think has what it takes to win it all this early in the competition?

Model Focus: Ethan Bodhi Robertson

LM Ethan RobertsonI’ve been meaning to feature Ethan since posting about Bertold last month but I didn’t know much about him then. I still don’t know much about him now tho (hah!) but I just loved his Instagram posts and he seems like a pretty nice guy!  I think you should follow him too.

Sorry for defaming your sarfing board like this @stephaniegilmore lol

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What really piqued my interest though is the fact that he’s actually diabetic (one of his video shows him administering an insulin pump).

Have a bad day hey? 😜

A post shared by ETHAN BØDHI ROBERTSON (@ethan_bodhi_robertson) on

 My family has a history of diabetes. My mom passed away from complications six years back, three of my uncles did too and two of my aunts are still battling it on a day-to-day basis so it’s always refreshing to see someone who has it live so actively and with such exuberance. My sister and I are pre-diabetic so we really try to be mindful of everything – health wise.

He’s also a movie superstar waiting to happen! Hah!

Going back to Ethan – I am just so inspired by him. I mean, I already love looking at his videos and pictures but knowing that he’s got diabetes but doesn’t let it hinder his life makes me want to be him when I grow up. Hah! I really do!

Follow him via  snapchat Fb Icon

Agencies: London Mgt (Syd) , Two management (LA), 2morrow models (Milan)


DSquared2 X Pietro Boselli: Bitch Where

‘Just thought you’d like to take a peek…

Pietro 1

DSquared2 designer duo Dean and Dan Caten got their hands on the hottest Math Teacher Pietro Boselli for their “Bitch Where” fashion campaign and he’s seriously rocking this photo shoot. I mean, look at him…

Pietro 2

Like, I cant even!

Pietro 3

This collection includes T-shirts, gym shorts, and a “Bitch Where” baseball cap. Check out the rest of it HERE

photos via dsquared2 

Model Focus: Pietro Boselli for Risbel Magazine

Heya guys! Tell me, do I even need to say you who Pietro Boselli is? Okay, no?  Good. Now for the eye-candy part of this post, let’s take a look at one of his latest shoots with Risbel Magazine.





These photos were released as part of an editorial entitled Lurid Perversions through the lense of Darren Black for Risbel Magazine May 2016.

Risbel is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine for the male youth who care about the fashion industry. Edited by Mateo Carrasco. You can check their website via or follow them on Instagram: risbelmagazine and like their official Facebook page: Risbel Magazine

There you go folks, you’re very much welcome! ^_^

Via: Homotography

Model Focus: Bertold Zahoran

I am reviving a segment which I used to call Muse of the Month and now renaming it to Model Focus where I will be featuring (every week or see how often I’d be able to combat my laziness focusing on) male and female models (this time) whom I thought will also snatch your interest.


So without further ado, may I present the beautiful Bertold Zahoran!!!! Whoot Hoot!!!

Bertold 3

There are like a gazillion models around right now – may it be commercial, high fashion, runway, fitness and all but at some point – someone, somewhere will make us stop in awe because damn’ THAT model just…I guess you know where I am going with this ( or maybe not, but that’s your dealio already. LOL)

Bertold’s first claim to fame was when he opened for Givenchy Men’s Show in Paris during his first season back in 2014 where he was also an exclusive of said fashion house. Since then, this Hungarian model successfully meandered his career via high fashion route walking for Versace, Emporio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana to name a few.

He is currently represented by Sould Artist Management in New York, Success Models in Paris, I LOVE Models Management in Milan, and Select Model Management in London.

Bertold 4

I honestly thought that if Leo DiCaprio and Matt Damon will have a baby, Bertold will very much fit the bill.

Follow him online: IG Icon Twitter snapchat

photos via Vogue Hommes S/S 2015
Bertold / Bertold’s IG

Asia’s Next Top Model Star Amanda Chan on the cover of MITH Magazine (March 2016)

Amanda Chan On Mith MagazineYou Asia’s Next Top Model fans still remember Amanda from last cycle right? Yup, I know. She’s everyone’s favorite – and was such a hit even with Judge Alex Perry with her super adorable accent and charming personality!  In addition, her first foray to modeling was truly a joy to watch on TV!

Ya’ll be glad to know that little Miss Amanda Chan is gracing the cover of New York and Los Angeles based fashion and entertainment magazine, MITH with the cover story, “Imagine Learning Modeling in front of Millions.”

“That’s what 17-year-old Amanda Chan did when she appeared on Asia’s Next Top Model with zero modeling experience. Fans adored Amanda’s cheerful personality and carried her to the final four. Get to know the real Amanda in our cover story interview.”

If you’d like to subscribe to MITH magazine, you can check out the details here:

I think this is totes amazing for Amanda!!! I really hope she’d really pursue this career because she’s truly got massive potential!

Congratulations Amanda!


America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 6 Recap

6th Episode ANTM22So yesterday’s episode didn’t really give us something to really talk about…like, not really. For one, at the very beginning – Ava’s already whining of not wanting to be in the competition or not joining the show for the drama and all. I’m like, girl – this is ANTM so yeah… go ahead and get gone…

Then Justin gladly informed us that he and Mame are Eco-warriors! Yay! –uhm. Okay.

And then the shower altercation between Mame and Hadassah – honestly, I loved both girls but I seriously think Mame needs to take some chill pill. I still love ya boo’ but quit it with the yelling…luls. You say you want it to end but you keep discussing of not really wanting to discuss that little fiasco by yelling. LOLS

Then there’s the reward challenge – Whitney Lee Thompson was the guess for that where she poses along with each pair of models wearing LetMeBe apparel. Gawd, Nyle was the freaking adorable!!! Just adorable!!!! Be my baby daddy Nyle – pretty please?

At the shoot, the usual suspects are the one who struggled the most. Courtney, poor Courtney…*smh* I’m very much impressed again by Mikey and Mame’s performances and by gawd, Nyle is really bringing it. Miss consistent Lacey is always giving us aces shots so I’m guessing that she’ll sail through the final four easily…


(Ashley) I actually loved this one! I kinda agree with Mama TyTy about the body positioning. Doing that shit must be realy tough.

I actually loved this one! I kinda agree with Mama TyTy about the body positioning. Doing that shit must be really tough.

(Ava) It would've been great IMO if not for the very weak pose plus, her drive to win this isn't particularly strong so aloha girl!

(Ava) It would’ve been great IMO if not for the very weak pose plus, her drive to win this isn’t particularly strong so Aloha girl!

I was laughing my ass off with this shot! OMG Bello - you are the life of this cycle! luls

I was laughing my ass off with this shot! OMG Bello – you are the life of this cycle! luls

(Courtney) I really, really, really like this shot! Like Kelly said, it reminds me of those horror movies. It also reminds me of that shoot during cycle 14 ugly-pretty shoot in NZ

(Courtney) I really, really, really like this shot! Like Kelly said, it reminds me of those horror movies. It also reminds me of that shoot during cycle 14 ugly-pretty shoot in NZ

(Devin) I loved Devin's consistency. He knows that this is a competition. I just didn't like him that much during the challenge where he was directing Courtney and Whitney (to a point) although I totally get where he's coming from. Another lovely shot!

(Devin) I loved Devin’s consistency. He knows that this is a competition. I just didn’t like him that much during the challenge where he was directing Courtney and Whitney (to a point) although I totally get where he’s coming from. Another lovely shot!

(Hadassah) This is a lovely shot. It's like a book cover! Wow!

(Hadassah) This is a lovely shot. It’s like a book cover! Wow!

(Justin) Totally uninspired shot. Meh

(Justin) Totally uninspired shot. Meh

Lacey - Kween.

Lacey – Kween.

(Mame) I loved her face here but not so much for the body language.

(Mame) I loved her face here but not so much for the body language.

(Mikey) He is the obvious superstar of this cycle along with Lacey - he just need to really step it up because he's so good it's almost boring at times...

(Mikey) He is the obvious superstar of this cycle along with Lacey – he just need to really step it up because he’s so good it’s almost boring at times…

(Nyle) thank gawd for this wonderful shoot! I knew you'd be one of the contenders this cycle! Sending you a big virtual powerhug!!!!!

(Nyle) thank gawd for this wonderful shoot! I knew you’d be one of the contenders this cycle! Sending you a big virtual powerhug!!!!!

Call Out Order
First Call Out: Nyle!!! Yasss!!!
2. Lacey
3. Mamé
4. Hadassah
5. Justin
6. Devin
7. Ashley
8. Mikey
9. Bello
10. Courtney
Eliminated: Ava

p.s. I was unable to do a recap of last week’s episode because I was at the deep shadow of the forest doing my fcuking dayjob,luls. but yeah – I was able to watch it. I was sad to see Dustin go home but it was a well-deserved boot. I’m just sad because we’re one less of eye candies this season. lulz

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 4 – The Girl Who Has a Close Shave (Makeover Episode) [Recap]

‘Tis one of the most awaited episodes every cycle where the models will get their “Tyra” makeover. The thirteen models underwent IMO, not so extreme makeover this time save for a couple of girls who totally benefited from their haircuts.

Makeover Fadeout

My thoughts on the makeover of each contestant

Ashley – not really buying her look, she kinda reminded me of Saleisha (cycle 9)  – look wise.
Ava – I think this look could get her far in the competition! She’s totally rocking it!
Bello – wow. He looks different, a fresh version of himself if I may say.
Courtney – I really loved this girl and I think she’s got a very big potential but I don’t see much changes from her former look to her makeover.
Devin – he’s got a unique look so makeover or not, he’s really going to stand out.
Dustin – should’ve gone ultra-platinum blond IMO.
Hadassah – she looks really pretty with an even longer locks. not very high fashion but very pretty.
Justin – pure sex appeal.
Lacey – Ugh. This girl KILLED it. She’s got Saleisha’s hairstyle but hers looks better in motion.
Mame – no drastic change. Still gorg but…
Mikey – Obviously one of the strongest models in the house. He’s rocking his do!
Nyle – I really loved Nyle and this looks just made him sexier
Stefano – nah. He got fucked up by this mo

Meanwhile, check out this cycle’s opening – I totally loved it!

As for the photoshoot, they will be posing side by side with retired Marine corporal and now model Alex Minsky and former U.S. Army officer and paralympic swimmer Melissa Stockwell.

ANTM AshleyAshley



ANTM Bello


ANTM Courtney


ANTM Devin


ANTM Dustin


ANTM Haddassah


ANTM Justin


ANTM Lacey




ANTM Mikey




ANTM Stefano


First Call Out – Ava
Bottom Two: Hadassah and Stefano
Eliminated: Stefano