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Rachel Peters during the Miss Universe 2017 Preliminary Competition! #MissUniverse #Philippines

Here’s Miss Universe Philippines’ Rachel Peters strutting like the queen she is in her Yamamay two-piece swimsuit and another Val Taguba creation for her evening gown!

So heavenly! 

She may have performed really well here but just the same, let’s secure her spot in the semis by showing our support simply by voting for her via Twitter using these two hash tags: #MissUniverse #Philippines. Vote unlimited here.

You can also vote 10X per day through the Miss Universe Website at

Let’s so these guys!!!!

pictures are from OPMB Facebook page.


Vote for Rachel Peters at the Miss Universe 2017!

The voting starts tomorrow, November 20th. (US time)

1. You can vote 10 time per day at

2. Tweet using #MissUniverse #Philippines  Always together! YOU NEED TO HAVE AT LEAST 10 TWITTER FOLLOWERS FOR YOUR VOTES TO COUNT!

Repeat this process during the live telecast on November 26 (November 27 in Manila) in each round!

Kaya natin to! We’re not the social media capital of the world for nothing!

Rachel Peters’ Preliminary Interview OOTD at the Miss Universe 2017!

I know that Rachel is going to rock it!


This ivory tone gazaar silk suit she’s wearing for one of the most important events in the competition is the creation of the talented Ryan Ablaza Uson.

Picture is from Rachel’s Instagram story

Rachel Peters’ National Costume at the Miss Universe 2017!

A Sarimanok-inspired ensemble by Val Taguba with a gladiator shoes from Jojo Bragais.


Richwell Kids Kraze Toy Sale 2017 Has Arrived! #KidsCraze2017

It’s here folks!

Get ready

I’ve been going to Richwell’s annual toy sale for some time now and this year, I’d make sure to summon enough patience to weather the throng of buyers as Richwell Prime open its door at Richprime Corporate Center, #34 Sct. Torillo cor. Sct. Limbaga Quezon City from Thrusday-Sundays, 1:00pm-6pm starting Nov. 17, 2017!

The KIDS CRAZE WAREHOUSE SALE offers a wide range of branded toys, apparels, shoes, baby products etc… from Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Disney, Shopkins, VTech, Chicco, Ollie Shoes and many more!

Make sure to be in front of the line!

Advanced Merry Christmas y’all!

The X Factor UK 2017 – Your Wildcard Picks! #XFactor

As part of the ‘Wildcard’ twist that was announced at the end of last weekend’s show, one act from each category will have the chance to come back and make it through the live shows via public voting. Now, this is actually much better because you’d see right through who’s got the strongest fan base amongst the rejected contestants at the judges house.

For my personal choice. I’d pick Berget, Alisah, Jack & Joel and Jack Mason to go through. Don’t forget to vote who you think deserves a chance to make it through the live shows!

pictures courtesy of The X Factor

Cover Thursday – Julia Michael’s Issues by Anthony Russell

Issues is one of my favorite songs this year and I’ve seen tons of covers but Anthony’s version just moved me more than anyone on YouTube! The uniqueness and depth of his rendition is just real heart-tugging.

Oh, Anthony also applied in this year’s British X Factor where he was hailed as one of the front-runners until he was unceremoniously kicked out of the competition. Read my X Factor UK posts to know more…

So here’s the complete version of the song and his X Factor audition singing the same song.

Do you like his version of the song?


Live Blogging The Binibining Pilipinas 2017!


First Set of Special Awards!

1. Best in Talent – Dane Felisse Marasigan
2. Miss Friendship – Chanel Olive Thomas
3. Miss Photogenic – Rachel Peters
4. Best National Costume – Chanel Olive Thomas
5. Bb. Manila Bulletin – Christagale Borja
6. JAG Queen – Rachel Peters.

First Cut:
TOP 25
1.18 Nelda Ibe
2. 2 Arienne Louis Calingo
3. 19 Rachel Peters
4. 27 Beatrice Valente
5. 1 Dane Felisse Marasigan
6. 31 Katarina Rodriguez
7. 28 Juliana Kapeundle
8. 17 Camille Manalo
9. 37 Sammie Anne Legazpi
10. 22 Chanel Olive Thomas
11. 39 Elizabeth Clenci
12. 6 Ma. Beijeleen Nama
13. 13 Sirene Sutton
14. 40 Kristel Guelos
15. 7 Jennyline Carla Malpaya
16. 15 Mariel De Leon
17. 32 Charmaine Elima
18. 9 Vanessa Saliba
19. 33 Kristi Rose Cequeña
20. 16 Larah Grace Lcap
21. 20 Christagale Borja
22. 26 Ruffa
23. 34 Gabriela Ortega
24. 10 Jezha Huelar
25. 38 Ana Patricia Asturias

The girls who are expected to make the cut but didnt: Angelique De Leon, Dindi Pajares and Jamaica Ambal

Pia still have not change her wardrobe. Hehe!

Next Round: Swimsuit Competition.

JR and company serenading the girls! A much faster pacing for this round which is great!

They’re called in chronological order this time.

Sirene, Rachel, Chanel and Maine are the most outstanding this round.

Evening Gown Competition

#1 was a genius for wearing that bright yellow evening gown!

Mariel was very enigmatic!

Rachel Peters is channeling MJ Lastimosa!

Chanel was charming, almost stumbling into her pink gown.

Ruffa Nava is such a revelation tonight!

Charmaine looks ethereal with her sequined white evening gown!

Second Set of Special Awards:

Best in Swimsuit – Rachel Peters

Best in Evening Gown – Mariel De Leon

Miss PAL – Katarina Rodriguez

Miss Creamsilk – Mariel De Leon

Next Round: Top 15

Top 15
1. 39 Elizabeh Clenci
2. 15 Mariel De Leon
3. 22 Chanel Olive Thomas
4. 31 Katarina Rodriguez
5. 10 Jezha Huelar
6. 13 Sirene Sutton
7. 40 Kristel Guelos
8. 18 Nelda Ibe
9. 32 Charmaine Elima
10. 20 Christagale Borja
11. 17 Maria Camile Manalo
12. 34 Gabriela Ortega
13. 16 Lara Grace Lacap
14. 19 Rachel Peters
15. People’s Choice: 28 Juliana Kapeundl


Q&A Sirene choked big time. Poor girl. I feel for her.

Who nailed their Q&A? Rachel Peters, Katarina Rodriguez, Charmaine Elima, Juliana Kapeundl, Chanel Olive Thomas, Mariel De Leon

Judges have been deliberating for almost an hour now…


Miss Universe Philippines – #19 Rachel Peters
International – #15 Mariel De Leon
Grand International – #39 Elizabeth Clenci
Intercontinental – #31 Katarina Rodriguez
Supranational – #22 Chanel Olive Thomas
Globe – #18 Nelda Ibe
First Runner-up – #32 Charmaine Elima
2nd Runner-up – #40 Kristel Guelos

images via Binibining Pilipinas FB Page.

My Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Third Hot Picks – Charmaine Remains!

Six days from now, we’ll finally witness the coronation of the new Binibining Pilipinas queens who will represent the Philippines in the international beauty pageant arena.  The competition is getting more intense as the day of the finals night at the Araneta Coliseum is getting closer and closer. With that being said, let me present to you my third hot picks for this year’s circle of winners!

Charmaine Elima is reigning supreme as my unbeatable Miss Universe Philippines pick for the third time in a row! Maine has everything going on for her and she knows it. I don’t think I have to say more about it – the Miss Universe Philippines title is hers to lose.

Mariel De Leon will definitely get a crown come Sunday night. The only question is, which crown is it? Methinks, the Miss International pageant will be a better fit for her. After sending Kylie last year and charming the Japanese to give her the crown, Mariel’s brand of beauty may just be refreshing enough for them to consider a back-to-back win for the country.

Katarina Rodriguez is no doubt the face of the competition. After finally seeing her person – vibrant and oh-so beautiful, I figured that she’s do really well in Miss Grand International! This Thai-owned pageant is looking for someone to carry the brand all across the spectrum and Katarina may just be the girl for the job!

Sirene Sutton is a match for Miss Supranational because of her height and elegance. I’m still not sold on her beauty but she’s definitely a candidate worthy of a crown come Sunday night.

Jamaica Ambal is a new entry on my winning circle. She’s just so beautiful in person and so charming! I loved her exotic sex appeal! She’s so mesmerizing and methinks Miss Intercontinental will eat her up!

Juliana Kapeundl is the second newbie on my list. This girl was not even on my radar until I had the chance to see her in person and focused more on her videos and images. I must admit, Miss Globe is just about perfect for her beauty and personality!

‘Hope you like my Hot Picks! If you don’t, lemme know who you think should be in it! ❤

All photos courtesy of Binibining Pilipinas Facebook Page.

Recap: Cycle 2 of Philippines’ Next Top Model – Hight Street Episode 3 (2017) – Makeovers!

I was not able to do a recap of the second episode but let it be known that I was highly disappointed by the result because another one of my early favorites got the boot! Ouch! Shekie got the early ousted for not delivering an OPPO-worthy commercial! I felt that Shekie was forced to be as commercial as possible during the second episode when the reality is that there’s nothing commercial about her! Her look screams high fashion and that’s about it! But what can we do? Oppo after all is one of the show’s sponsors…

Moving on to last week’s episode. It is the most awaited for any top model franchise – the makeovers! It was a bit anticlimactic though. There was no big ceremony about it, Maggie and the the Loreal hairstylist just discussed what “hair” makeover they want to give the girls and while that is being discussed, the whole makeover is happening. There’s not much drama save for Jan who doesn’t want to sport a bangs telling us she’d tried it before and it just didn’t work. Ookay, Miss Expert Hairstylist Model Wannabe….

Aivie reminds me so much of Sheena (The Malaysian winner of Asia’s Next Top Model.) I thought this grayish (metallic?) hair suits her well.

Ann’s look didn’t change much. I mean, the girl is beautiful already so she doesn’t need a drastic change to transform her. They just cut a bit of her hair. It didn’t do much for her look tho.

Ina is basically Tina Turner 2.0. Personally, I thought her before-makeover hair was way better. Yes, it’s more vibrant now but the styling just look dated in my opinion.

Janny just converted me with her new look! She looks edgy with the shaved hair on the sides and she’s honestly bringing spark into this competition. I initially thought that she’s the token LGBT contestant of the season the way Kayla and Isis were during their ANTM run but Jani is proving to be a really good contestant!

Angela – guurrr… I honestly still don’t remember her. She’s got this gray roots with a very shiny brown-ish (?) hair which I thought really made her edgy so I guess, that’s a win for her.

Blaise got this pixie cut hair which I absolutely adore!!! The short haired girls are totally killing it!!!

Kim is starting to look like an impersonator of Naomi Campbell. I’m not even sure if this is a good thing or a disadvantage for her. She should also stop saying that she looks like Naomi Campbell!

I am not entirely sure that cutting Adela’s hair and coloring it hot pink is the most brilliant idea ever because this just boxed her even more into a one-dimensional model in my honest non-expert opinion. Based on the proceeding of each photoshoot so far, you can tell that she knows how to work her face. She’s a commercial model but she can also be fierce. She can totally do high fashion shoot and be commercial at the same time. Really, i don’t think this pink hair would work for her in the long run at least, competition-wise.

Sarah got this really short hair. I’m still deciding until now whether I like it or not but at least it made her look taller because of that gorgeous neck!