We’re Proud of You, Ahtisa Manalo!

I was a bit pre-occupied in the past couple of days but obviously, congratulations are in order for our very beautiful and vibrant Binibini – Ma. Ahtisa Manalo for finishing 1st Runner-up in the recently concluded Miss International beauty pageant in the capital city of Japan. I actually thought that she had it in the bag but Mariem Velazco of Venezuela winning isn’t bad at all. They both performed so well and I’m glad that even if Ahtisa didn’t win the crown, the one who got it totally deserved it too!

Here’s Ahtisa during the three segments of that very long proceedings.

Ahtisa wearing a Sarimanok-inspired national costume. She’s such stage performer!

Ahtisa in yellow one-piece swimsuit.

Ahtisa looking muy elegante donning a nude Michael Cinco hand-beaded evening wear.

Here’s Ahtisa’s speech.

Congratulations Ahtisa – the whole Philippines is very proud of you!


ICYMI: Kelsey Merritt’s New York Post Feature!

The very first Filipino to become one of Victoria’s Secret models shared her journey towards landing her biggest modeling job to date – a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

“Victoria’s Secret is such a big deal in the Philippines,” she said. “So I feel like this was something I could give back to [Filipinos].”

Read more by clicking the image below!

Catriona, Oh Catriona!

A recent photo release from famed Filipino photographer Raymond Saldaña made the rounds of social media today that shook pageant fans and pundits around the world for it showcased yet again the alluring beauty of Miss Universe 2018 frontrunner Catriona Gray!

Catriona Gray
Miss Universe Philippines 2018

Raymond Saldaña Photography

Make up by : Jelly Eugenio
Hair by : Florenz
Styled by : Patrick Henry Mergano
Earrings : Christopher E Munar
Gown : Cherry Samuya Veric

Exquisite, isn’t she?

Nariman Battikha of Venezuela wins Reina Hispanoamericana 2018!

After missing out from the Top 4 in last night’s Miss Earth, Venezuela is back on track with Nariman Battikha becoming the new Reina Hispanoamericana, the 7th Venezuelan to win the prestigious Latin-based pageant since its inception in 1991.

Although Miss Filipinas Alyssa Mulach Alvarez failed to advance into the semis, she still look like a queen wearing a patriotic marsala red evening gown from Benj Leguiab IV.

Congratulations Venezuela! And to Alyssa, we are proud of you. You were amazing tonight!

Result Reaction: Miss Earth 2018 – Live at the Mall of Asia Arena!

‘Just got home from watching the coronation night of the 18th Miss Earth edition where Nguyen Phuong Khanh of Vietnam was adjudged the ‘ultimate goddess of the Earth.’

Her Elemental court are: Miss Air Melanie Mader of Austria, Miss Water Valeria Ayos of Colombia and Miss Fire Melissa Flores of Mexico.

This edition is without its fair share of controversies the moment outgoing Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco passed the crown to Phuong Khanh.

Rumor has it that Miss Venezuela was supposed to be in the final four but she fainted backstage before the announcement and host James Deakin had to announce a replacement (supposedly the fifth place who is Miss Vietnam) to complete the top four. I personally call bullshit on this.

Vietnam was an all-around performer during the finale and she easily nailed both Q&A segments of the pageant with charm, sincerity and sense. I’d say she’s a deserving winner and such allegation should be put to rest right away.

And regardless if it’s true or not, Miss Venezuela fainted.The show isn’t going to wait for her to feel better. This show is broadcasted live and they have to follow a schedule. IF and only IF she was indeed in the top 4, they would have to exclude her and put the next girl with the highest score into the next round. Sorry, but this is what’s live television for you. Plus, the girls in the top 4 are very much deserving too. Shame on the President of Miss Earth Venezuela for releasing such information without the ME organization’s confirmation!

Congratulations to Miss Vietnam for winning the Miss Earth crown! Again, it was a well-deserved win! A big round of applause as well goes to the rest of the girls for giving a good fight!

To my favorite Telma Madeira of Portugal – you did your best and you made your country proud! I hope to see you competing in other international pageants like Miss Universe or Miss World in years to come ❤

To Celeste Cortesi – you are pure class and you represented the Philippines well! Thank you.

Congratulations to the Miss Earth organization and Carousel Productions for the wonderful show this year! ❤👏 Bravo!

I will be posting my full pledge review in the days to come! 😘

Bangkok is Ready for the Miss Universe 2018!

After almost three months of radio silence from the Miss Universe Organization (MUO), Bangkok is now ‘officially’ re-confirmed as the host of this year’s Miss Universe pageant. The MUO team spearheaded by its President Paula Shugart confirmed the event happening on December 17, 2018 (Local Time) after the initial announcement in July.

Yesterday, a Press Conference was held in Bangkok where the Miss Universe Organization presented the new financier of the pageant – the TNP Group – after its initial investor TW Investment pulled out from the project due to misbehavior of its shareholders putting the third hosting of the Kingdom in peril.

And there’s also a rumored new crown for the winner of this edition? So that means, no more Mikimoto crown? We’ll see in the coming days or during the finals night at the Impact Arena.

Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters via missuniverse.com

It can now be said that Bangkok is all set and ready to provide the most beautiful show in the Universe!

Newest Kapamilya Regine Velasquez’ Message to her Bashers!

Newest Kapamilya Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez- Alcasid has had enough of netizens bashing her, her hubby and her son Nate. Velasquez shared her feelings towards her bashers via Instagram that says:

Catriona Gray’s Profile on the Miss Universe Website!

The Miss Universe website have started populating the profiles of this year’s Miss Universe contestants. One of the considered frontrunners this year, our very own Catriona Gray’s profile is already up and this is what it says about her.

“Catriona Elisa Gray is know to spontaneously burst out into song which is most likely the fault of her love of the arts and her Master Certificate in Music Theory. A great travel buddy and definitely not a “scaredy cat”, Catriona is always game for heart racing adventures. Zipline anyone? This model is openly passionate about her love for Filipino dishes including adobo, balut, and the sweetest mangoes in the world. Catriona is an HIV/AIDS advocate at Love Yourself PH, and volunteers as a Teacher’s Assistant to the students of Young Focus NGO. Catriona hopes to make her country proud at this year’s Miss Universe competition.”

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Winner is Dana Slosar!

At the finale of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 6 last night, Thai-American Dana Slosar managed to snagged the title from Adela-Mae Marshall of the Philippines and Mia Sabathy of Taiwan. She has been at the bottom during the fourth episode and worked her way to the top garnering two best photos on her way to finale!

Slosar is the third Thai contestant to win the title after Jessica Amornkuldilok won the inaugural edition and Tawan Kedkong during the fourth season.

She will now be receiving her own Subaru XV, a cover and fashion spread in Harper’s Bazaar Thailand, a featured avatar in the new America’s Next Top Model Mobile Game, and a modeling contract with Storm Model Management in London.

Congratulations Dana!

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 Episode 8 Recap!


Quick Reaction:

Who would’ve thought that after her almost faultless run in the competition, Beauty will be out of the competition just like that? Like seriously?! I’m shooketh!!!

What’s even more shocking is that, it was a double elimination with Pim getting the boot too! Cmon’ let’s be serious here, Pim is a much stronger model than Dana. Period.

As expected, Mia got the first call out. Remember that Glenn Tan absolutely adore Mia during the first Subaru shoot?

Joining Mia in the final three are obviously, Dana and Adela who got second and third best photo respectively.

Let me process everything first and I’ll give you a RANTview.