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Review: Eat Pray Love (2010)

Gateway Cineplex 3
October 09, 2010
with Malcolm
Director: Ryan Murphy
Starring: Julia Roberts, Billy Crudup, James Franco, Javier Bardem, Viola Davis, Richard Jenkins, Christine Hakim
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It was after the Oscar this year when I found out that Julia Roberts will have another film (other thanValentine’s Day -where she shared the screen with practically everyone in Hollywood) for which she top-billed the role of the writer Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote the book where the movie was based. I’ve been waiting for this film for like forever and it was only shown here two months after its release in the States.

Was it worth the wait? I would say yes because Julia is simply one of my favorite actors and seeing her being “Julia” again even though she is playing a real life character makes me love her even more. The film was engaging and funny at times–not very moving at all but it would make you think something about life. About freedom, choices –what exactly do you want to do in life?
My only problem with this film was that it tends to be a bit draggy. It was 2 hours and 22 minutes long and I am like –Okay, so when does she go to India? My favorite part would have to be her Italian escapade. It makes me want to go to Rome –and seriously, I HAVE TO GO TO ITALY!
James Franco was very charming as usual but I did not really connect with his character while Javier Bardem on the other hand was such a darling to watch!
I’d probably recommend this film to people who loves watching long “Julia Robert” films –I’m not expecting too much from this film because I really haven’t read the book (which I ought to do soon) –but I’d say I really did enjoy it –it was really a feel good film.
Ratings: 7.5/10

Review: Beautiful Creatures (2013)

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via wikipedia

I do not have high expectations prior to seeing this film. I just actually heard about its film adaptation this year but I’ve been seeing the book of the same name about a year ago and I’ve no clues about it at all. Turns out though, the film’s highly entertaining and very different to what people have been saying about it being the next Twilight.

Beautiful Creatures centered on Lena (Alice Englert), a teenage caster (witch) who is about to choose between good and evil once she turned 16 or something like that.  She transferred to a new high school from a town her ancestors founded and met the charismatic Ethan White (Alden Ehrenreich) who immediately fell for her and her dilemma about being claimed and fallin’ for the young boy complicates the whole thing.

As far as the story goes, I thought it lacks originality but nevertheless presented a very unique approach on its execution. The leading actors for one are just magnificent on screen. Ehrenreich and Englert are both natural and you’d care for their character if this movie would have a franchise. The rawness and subtlety of their acting deviates the movie’s appeal from Twilight and the likes. Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, Emmy Rossum as well as Viola Davis gave the two newbies excellent support – which I’ve to give to the producer for putting up an excellent casting. In addition, the soundtrack and and scoring is just divine!

Over-all, the film inject such charisma to its characters that you’d actually ask more of it. It’s commitment from the two leading actors may have been overshadowed by the film’s mediocrity but the mere essence of their love is there – Lena and Ethan, indeed are beautiful creatures.

Rating: 8.5 / 10 

Director: Richard LaGravenese

Starring: Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert, Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis, Emmy Rossum, Thomas Mann, Emma Thompson

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My 2012 Oscars Best Dressed!

Another night of glamour came upon us as the stars of the good ‘ol Hollywood took the red carpet by storm in this year’s Academy Awards! Here are my Top 10 Choices for this year’s Oscars….

10th Place goes to my favorite Emma Stone in a fuchsia Giambattista Valli gown and Louis Vuitton jewels! The Help star never fails to impress me and this time, it ain’t the ultimate dress but she made the top 10! Congrats bb…

9th. Possible Best Actress winner and Emma Stone’s co-star  Viola Davis is wearing an emerald green Vera Wang creation and she’s not wearing any weave! Girl.is.rocking.it! Bravo to you Viola!

8th. Jennifer Lopez can do no wrong with this champagne strap Zuhair Murad dress with a peek-a-boo sleeves! Welcome back to the list ‘ma!

7th. The girl with the dragon tattoo Rooney Mara is still as shy as her character and it’s working on the red carpet! I love her in this white sculptured Givenchy Haute Couture floor length gown.

6th. Let’s face it, Angelina’s the closest thing to perfection! In this Versace dress, LaJolie’s A+ power and stature is undeniable!

5th. This is the 2nd year of Jessica on my list and she’s doing really great! She’s nominated tonight for The Help she’s wearing this amazing hand-embroidered Alexander McQueen gown. She looks exsquisite this lady!

4th. George Clooney’s lady love stole the show by showing up in a gold Marchesa gown. Girl look so godly she’s untouchable!

3rd. I’m not really a fan of Michelle William’s pixie hair cut so I tend to ignore her from the past awards season but tonight is different! She’s glowing and channeling Marilyn Monroe’s sheer elegance and beauty in this Louis Vuitton red peplum gown!

2nd.  Milla Jovovich is wearing a one-shoulder Elie  Saab couture with matching retro hair and red lips! This is how a kick-ass red carpet should look like!



Gwyneth Paltrow

The Oscar winning Actress is wearing this white  dress number from Tom Ford’s Fall 2012 Collection and she looked ethereally beautiful!  I’m totally speechless!

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2012 SAG Awards Best Dressed!

Here we are again giving out the honors for our Best Dressed List in this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards! First off, I just want to say how crazy beautiful our top 10 for this year are and it’s just way too difficult to choose the Ultimate Best Dressed  but I think we’d get it covered by the time we finish this post!

10. I’m quite a big fan of Glee’s Dianna Agron‘s beauty and this ruffled Carolina Herrera dress looked so feminine as ever in her! I just love it!

9. The Big Bang Theory starlet Kaley Cuoco in a strapless mint Romona Keveza gown – she just look amazing in this number!

8. I usually don’t care about Ashlee Simpson eversince her SNL fiasco but this Jenny Packham number is undeniably pretty! Good job this time little Miss Simpson!

7. I love muted colors and Julianna Margulies very much carry this Calvin Klein dress with just the right elegance! Bravo!

6. Emma Stone’s my number pick during the Golden Globes and this time, she’s almost halfway there with this Alexander McQueen’s dress that screams 50’s! I love her style!!!!

 5. Sofia Vergara – it’s not as epic as her Vera Wang dress at the Globes, Sofia still brings magic to this Marchesa gown that elongates her perfect body even more!

4. Jessica Chastain in a cerulian blue Calvin Klein blue stood out from the crowd the second time around after her Givenchy number at the Globe! Well done Jess!

3. Rose Byrne was just incredible tonight in this Elie Saab dress while sporting a bob! You got me Rose!

 2. I’d really love to give it to Viola Davis  but she already won the biggie so she’d settle for second this time!!! Her white chiffon Marchesa dress looked fab!!!

and the ultimate best dressed of the night goes to none other than…

the uber-talented and red carpet diva Lea Michele! This uber-sexy Versace number from Lea just sealed her spot as the ultimate diva in the red carpet! Well done hun’ !!!!!

photos via zimbio