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The Contestants of VH1’s America’s Next Top Model [Cycle 23]

Y’all know that America’s Next Top Model is coming back to the boobtube right? And it’s coming back to it’s original home – VH1. In less than a week – that is December 12, 2016 – 14 girls will be battling it out for the title of America’s Next Top Model. This time tho, Rita Ora will be spearheading the return of our favorite modeling show acting as host and one of the judges along with model Ashley Graham, Drew Elliot of Paper Magazine and celebrity stylist Law Roach. And don’t worry about Tyra not showing up at all – she’s actually serving as the show’s executive producer!


via Entertainment Weekly

Let’s meet the contestants of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23!

Obviously, the show is back to an all-girls cast (thank goodness!) and they are all relatively tall (hallelujah!) so I wonder how this would figure out over the next few weeks with the judges determining who should win! Are we going to see more outrageous ANTM-patented model stunts? Will the return of the show give us back the Cycle  1-3 modelseque epicness? We shall see next week…

[click picture to enlarge and read profile]

Who do you think has what it takes to win it all this early in the competition?


Rita Ora to host the return of America’s Next Top Model!

Rita12So I’ve been waiting for a more definite confirmation before I post this one but it looks like it’s almost a sure thing that popstar Rita Ora will be hosting the come-back of the original ‘Top Model’ series, America’s Next Top Model. Obviously, Tyra Banks won’t be the host but she’s still going to be playing a big part on the show’s comeback as its executive producer.

With Tyra okay-ing the former X-Factor UK host as her replacement, it sure sounds like a very interesting Top Model season is before us as it returns to its original channel, VH1.

Rita Ora 2

I’m still not sure about Rita hosting the show as I expected at least a really working supermodel to do the job (like Alessandra, Karolina or Coco) but I loved Rita during the X-Factor last year and she absolutely upstaged Cheryl when it comes to fashion as well. Hah! So for now, that works for me.

Rita Ora 1

What do you think of Rita hosting the show?

images via cosmopolitan.co.uk

Cycle 23 – The Return of America’s Next Top Model on VH1!

ANTM LOGOI’ve been a fan of this show since Adrianne Curry’s win and the show became one of my staple watch when it comes to reality TV shows! So, I was really fucking happy to hear that the show that we all thought has ended with Nyle Di Marco being its last winner is coming back on-air! Yaaaaaasssss!

Tyra with Cycle 22 winner Nyle Di Marco

Tyra with Cycle 22 winner Nyle Di Marco

The show is set to return with its 23rd Cycle but with a different host this time. No names has yet to be named but creator and host for the last 22 cycles Tyra Banks will be spearheading the show as its executive producer whilst the transfer from CW to VH1 is like a rebirth for the show since it was launched by the latter’s station when it started.

“After creating an incredible, global brand, I am beyond excited to have the show reborn,” said the former supermodel. “I will continue as executive producer, but must turn my attention to new business endeavors, so I want to find a new host. I’m pumped to identify that person and bring back the show. Top Model fans, you demanded that the show come back, and VH1 answered the call. Get ready for a fierce-a-fied rebirth!”

So who’s excited for the return of America’s Next Top Model and who do you think should be the new host?

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 4 – The Girl Who Has a Close Shave (Makeover Episode) [Recap]

‘Tis one of the most awaited episodes every cycle where the models will get their “Tyra” makeover. The thirteen models underwent IMO, not so extreme makeover this time save for a couple of girls who totally benefited from their haircuts.

Makeover Fadeout

My thoughts on the makeover of each contestant

Ashley – not really buying her look, she kinda reminded me of Saleisha (cycle 9)  – look wise.
Ava – I think this look could get her far in the competition! She’s totally rocking it!
Bello – wow. He looks different, a fresh version of himself if I may say.
Courtney – I really loved this girl and I think she’s got a very big potential but I don’t see much changes from her former look to her makeover.
Devin – he’s got a unique look so makeover or not, he’s really going to stand out.
Dustin – should’ve gone ultra-platinum blond IMO.
Hadassah – she looks really pretty with an even longer locks. not very high fashion but very pretty.
Justin – pure sex appeal.
Lacey – Ugh. This girl KILLED it. She’s got Saleisha’s hairstyle but hers looks better in motion.
Mame – no drastic change. Still gorg but…
Mikey – Obviously one of the strongest models in the house. He’s rocking his do!
Nyle – I really loved Nyle and this looks just made him sexier
Stefano – nah. He got fucked up by this mo

Meanwhile, check out this cycle’s opening – I totally loved it!

As for the photoshoot, they will be posing side by side with retired Marine corporal and now model Alex Minsky and former U.S. Army officer and paralympic swimmer Melissa Stockwell.

ANTM AshleyAshley



ANTM Bello


ANTM Courtney


ANTM Devin


ANTM Dustin


ANTM Haddassah


ANTM Justin


ANTM Lacey




ANTM Mikey




ANTM Stefano


First Call Out – Ava
Bottom Two: Hadassah and Stefano
Eliminated: Stefano

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 – Episode 3 The Guy Who Gets Shipped Out [RECAP]

tyra episode 3

I was trying to get my friend Livvy to do the recap for me this week since some gig came up and I was unable to watch the latest episode of Cycle 22 right away (but ala, bitch says NO CAN DO)  so of course, I did try to watch it before writing this despite the shitty net connection in the mountains. I cannot believe Delanie (sorry, no spoiler tag) actually went home over *********.

So from last week, the remaining models are to do this really embarrassing runway where they would find  out whether they actually made the cut. Really, mama TyTy? :/

On to the runway/elimination pre-final 14 – these (this) are (is) the model (s) that made the mark for me. -> Lacey – She’s clearly the frontrunner of this cycle. That jaw, that look, that personality. This cycle is hers to lose at this early stage of the competition.

You gotta love the angle between Devin and Bello.LOL OMG. Those two are TV golden!

Challenge winner by the way was Mame – still gorgeous but I thought Lacey killed it!

Photoshoot:  Each model were paired and bounded together for the shoot . Here are the photos and the pairings.

Ashley and Devin

Ashley and Devin

First Call Out: Devin = 36  (It was a great photo but honestly not the best for me – so don’t fret Devin fans – that just IMO *wink)
2. Justin = 35.5 (lovely shot but getting points way higher than Lacey was just ridiculous – doesn’t he look like Rain in there though?)
3. Lacey = 34.7 (I still think this girl should’ve taken the best photo)
4. Mikey = 34.5 (He’s good, like really good but he should learn to stfu because his attitude just totally suck donkeyballs)
5. Ava = 33.3 (she totally nailed it, not the best but she’s the one who carried the picture)
6. Mame = 33 (I hope she wont be stuck just being the very pretty mdoel)
7. Bello = 32.3 (I’ve to give it to Bello – he worked really well with Lacey)
8. Ashley = 32.2 (forgot about her as of this writing)
9. Courtney = 30.7 (it was a pretty photo but Mikey totally overshadowed her)
10. Hadassah = 30.1 (meh – girl, you are so pretty but that shot *smh*)
11. Nyle = 30 (just not spectacular – too blank IMO) 
12. Dustin = 29.5 (bae, what happened?)
Bottom Two: Stefano (it was awful so just stop with your cocky attitude already) and Delanie (wtf? Delanie??!)
Eliminated: Delanie

Again, I cannot believe Delanie went home first! Do you think the right model got the boot?

photos via america’s next top model

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 – Episode 2 The Girl Who Walks Away [RECAP]

The Models with the Property BrothersThis is just a quick one since it’s not that much of an episode but fun nevertheless.

So what’s talk-worthy about this episode you ask?

The models that made it last week were to meet the Property Brothers at the Top Model House which they decorated. The first challenge is a pose-off in pairs with the winner receiving all access to the Tyra suite and it was not even a surprise to me that Mamé won the challenge!

Mame and Mikey

Gawd, again Mame’s just WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, TOO GORGEOUS!!!!

Then Hadassah calls for a house meeting getting all HBIC. I was rolling my eyes at this. Cmon’ baby girl – don’t be the bitch of this cycle please. Then there’s Lacey – I so want a catfight to ensue! LOL

The semi-nude shoot the following day was rather blah IMO. Not much of an event. One which I could totally understand since it’s not even the final fourteen yet. The shoot will determine the final models that will compete for the title.

BTW, massive lol @ Mr. Heverly – what a total horndog! LOLS. Mikey’s one of my favorites in the competition looks-wise and I’m actually loving his personality more and more!!! Cocky, confident and just plain doofus!

Then there’s Devin! Man’ this guy – too intense man’ – just way too intense!!! And Bello  – gaaahhh catfight galore!!! I dunno who I liked more as a model and as a person “on tv.”

Stefano – Mr. Meanie isn’t winning fans over with his attitude. So Stop. Just Now. Being MEAN.

Next episode we’ll see the announcement of the final 14 after the crazy runway challenge set up this espiode.

I honestly don’t know why they’re taking the whole elimination thing way too long since we already know who made the top 14…Hmmm.

Mikey Mame Stefano

Nyle Justin Dustin

Ashley Courtney Delanie

Lacey Ava Hadassah


Oh, about this episode’s title? Semi-finalist Alexa had to leave which idc about at all.

Bello and Devin

images via antm fb 

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 – Episode 1 The Guys and Girls Make It to Hollywood [RECAP]

Episode 1 ANTMYa’ll know I’m a sucker for this show ^^ I love me some mama TyTy so of course I still watch the show since Adrianne took the title back in 2003. So we’re now at the 22nd cycle and the show will surely go on and on as opposed to news of it being the last one. This is also the third cycle that includes boys in it – yes, admit it. It’s more fun with them boys in it yeah? It will also be the first time that the show will have its first deaf contestant namely the uber-gorg Nyle DiMarco!!!

The Judges

So the show premiered yesterday (or the fifth) and it was just the selection of who will be making the cut. The guys and girls were interviewed by the panel of judges which still consist of Tyra, Kelly Cutrone, Miss J Alexander and Yu Tsai as the creative director for two consecutive cycle now.

The aspiring contestants displayed their runway skills at the red-carpet catwalk!

Some of the models whom I really liked this episode:

Nyle – he’s also the first guy to meet with the judges! He’s totally killing this first episode! I can already see a final four placement for him!!! He’s just so charming! Disability or not. He’s totally got me!

MameAt the confessional, Mame wowed me the best. This girl looks awesome! No wonder she placed 4th from the recently concluded Miss USA! She must look effervescent in person! Seriously girl, you are crazy beautiful!

And Lacey! Super fun Lacey! And she just announced on national TV that she’s still got the V-card!

I really feel so bad for Ashley though but her picture was pure LOVE.

Mikey’s cocky and all but he looks awesome in pictures and in motion!

Dustin McNeerAnd Dustin! Damn. Good looking and likable and the only guy I’m seeing could outbest Nyle in the competition.

And the ones I didn’t like at all – Stefano and Bryant. Bryant sounds like a nice guy from his social media accounts but here, he acted too narcissistic and Stefano = JUST NO. He’s got some serious issue (this cycle’s villain perhaps?) Ugh. At least Bryant didn’t make it but Stefano, I am disappointed with him this episode.

And in line with the crazies that is the top model we all love, at the end of the episode – the contestants were asked to jumped in a foamy pool and grab a ball where they will see their names in it if they actually made the cut! Whoops!

It was a short episode but enjoyable nonetheless!!! I’m so looking forward to the next episode!!!!!

images via ANTM FB

[SPOILER] America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Contestants!

ANTM Cycle 22

If you think Tyra and company is done with the Top Model show, nuh-uh. America’s Next Top Model returns for Cycle 22 on Wednesday, August 5! Yay! It’s still a mixed competition with boys and girls hopefuls battling it one for the top prize.

ANTM Cycle 22 Cast 1

Michael Heverly
Stefano Churchill
Nyle Dimarco
Dustin Mcneer
Devin Clark
Justin Kim
Bello Sanchez

14 contestants are rumored to participate this cycle and based on the “unconfirmed” cast – it looks like the guys will be giving the girls a run for their money. They all look incredibly good! As for the girls, I hope the judges will not have an issue with their height because only two girls are above 5 feet and 8 inches in height.

ANTM Cycle 22 Cast 2

Lacey Rogers
Ava Capra
Mame Adjei
Delanie Dischert
Courtney DuPerow
Ashley Molina
Hadassah Richardson

For now though, based on these “unconfirmed” contestants – I’m liking Dustin, Mame, Ava, Lacey and Michael.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 12 With Tyra

Help your favorite model stay by voting for them, log in to: http://www.cwtv.com/thecw/antmvoting  And please make sure to rate each models otherwise, your votes won’t be counted.  As per the voting terms: During one of the scheduled polling periods, login to the page using an existing social network login from Facebook, Twitter, Google, or any of the other ones listed. When viewing photos in the gallery, you are given the option to rate each model on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. Once all of the models have been rated, you may submit your vote by clicking the “VOTE NOW” button underneath the photo. You must vote on each model, or else your votes will not be submitted.

This has got to be Will’s best shot but Adam’s just killing it!

pictures via cwtv.com

Asia’s Next Top Model Episode 13 – The Finale Runway Show


Live Blogging:

There are only three girls battling for the title of Asia’s Next Top Model as they went back to Singapore for the final runway show – the last hurdle for the girls in determining the first Asia’s Next Top Model. Guest judge for this episode is none other than the creator of Top Model herself, former supermodel Tyra Banks! I wonder whom she’s gonna like the most?

The world's largest aquarium is the setting of the final runway!!!

The world’s largest aquarium is the setting of the final runway!!!

The runway for the finale is set at the Resort’s World Singapore S.E.A Aquarium which is touted to be the world’s largest aquarium! Whoa!

As for their final challenge, the girls were asked to memorize a script for a Canon commercial. It seemed like too much pressure for the Thai front-runner because she’s been all too quiet with the two girls (Kate and Steph) after last week’s elimination. She mentioned that she’s not at ease in doing commercial stuff. The girl were taken to the CANON headquarters for the commercial. Kate went first but struggled. Jessica was praised by the host who’s at the shoot for delivering better but stated that she was a bit posey. Bottom two queen Stephanie got the nod of Nadya for being so calm in the commercial. Plus points for Stephanie and Jessica ++

As for their final photo shoot, the girls will be doing a shoot for Harper’s Bazaar where they will be heavily featured as part of the winner’s prizes! At the shoot, the girls’ special someone came for a visit – Kate’s brother, Steph’s baby daddy and Jessica’s cute boyfriend! *wink*

Jessica’s breaking down – perhaps feeling too much pressure and feeling that this thing is already within her grasp! Awee.  Kenneth from Harper’s Bazaar clearly loved her! They’re wearing a CHANEL dress and Jessica’s nailing every shot! The other two are just mediocre at best so could this mean that Jessica had this in the bag the entire season? 🙂

The Girls at Final Runway

For the final runway, the girls will be wearing the creations of Singaporean designer Frederick Lee and will walk along America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18,  Sophie Sumner  and the six of the girls eliminated with Tyra Banks watching the show. Tyra was impressed with the three and talked a lot backstage with them.

Kate's Harper's Bazaar Cover Photo

Kate’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover Photo

Stephanie's Harper's Bazaar Cover Photo

Stephanie’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover Photo


For the final panel – Kenneth of Harper’s Bazaar, the Storm Models’s agent and Tyra Banks will all be helping in choosing the winner. They preview the girls’ commercial and HB shoot. The judges loved Stephanie’s commercial but not as much as her cover photo for the magazine. Kate’s commercial didn’t impressed the judges plus her catwalk did not get Tyra’s approval. As for Jessica, the judges totally adored her walk, her look and her personality so it’s LOUD and CLEAR and she may actually win the whole thing! The only thing that going against her is her age – at 27, the judges feels that’s it’s a bit late for her to start in the industry. She mentioned that being an orphan no one’s there to support her so she started modeling at around 19. Awwee 😦

and the obvious winner folks is JESSICA! No runner-up was announced! Congrats Jessica!

Jessica getting a hug from host Nadya after being declared the first winner of Asia's Next Top Model!

Jessica getting a hug from host Nadya after being declared the first winner of Asia’s

Jessica's Winning Cover Photo For Harper's Bazaar

Jessica’s Winning Cover Photo For Harper’s Bazaar

Make Asia proud girl!