America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 8 Photoshoot: Beauty is Social

Were you completely shocked when this season’s frontrunner end up at the bottom two this episode? I mean, I call BS when they call her inconsistent! If anything, she is the only consistent model in the house delivering spectacular shot each episode! 🙄

If you’ve been watching the show but have not seen this episode, you probably have a clue on who almost got the boot!

Model Jordan Dunn made an appearance this week facilitating the challenge of advertising her clothing brand. And surprise! Jeana won the challenge…

At the photoshoot, Mama TyTy took over again and shot the girls with plus-size male models while covered in gold body paint.

Brendi K: I thought she’s playing it safe for weeks now. I want her to step up next week. This is SAFE. The guy is more fierce and he’s not even showing his face!

Erin: Uhhmmm

Jeana: Her face looks ethereal right here. Girl is in it to win it!

Kyla: Gurl finally woke up!

Rio: girl, I cannot wait to see you get the boot next week. *fingers-crossed*

Shanice: Not a fan of this photo but I loved Shanice!

Khrystyana: I loved this shot. It’s not my favorite but it’s not the worst for me. And the calling her inconsistent is again utter crap. Ekkk

Sandra – she finally bored the hell out of the judges. ByeGurl!

Call Out Order
First Call Out: Kyla
2. Jeana
3. Shanice
4. Erin
5. Brendi K.
6. Rio
7. Khrystyana
Eliminated: Sandra

Photos courtesy of ANTM Facebook.

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