America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 5 – Beauty Sandwich Photoshoot

Now, this episode I absolutely loved! And let’s just get straight to the point – Coura may have been one of the strongest models in the house and she’s lagging behind this past few weeks so I’d say it’s hard, but it’s fair (ugh, as much as Liberty still irks me)

In this episode, we get to see the remaining 11 models work with YouTuber Patrick Starr (who’s coming to Manila soon) in a beauty vlog which Sandra surprisingly won. Haha! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

The shoot was a beauty shoot where the models faces were stacked on top of one another and it’s actually one of the best shoot this season if I may say (already I’ve already said the same thing last episode. LOL)

Brendi, Khrystyana and Liberty

Brendi K. killed this shot for me. The other two were like mere accessories.

Christina, Erin and Shanice

I’m not liking this one bit if I’m being honest. Christina and Erin looks like they just woke up. Shanice on the other hand was giving me Cycle 12 winner Teyona Anderson vibes.

Jeana, Coura and Rio

Well, Rio deserved her spot. Although I do think the other two deserved to stay longer.

Kyla, Ashley and Sandra

Well, look at this! They look equally stunning here. Glad that Ashley didn’t steal the show from these two!

Call Out Order
First Call Out – Rio
2. Khrystyana
3. Shanice
4. Sandra
5. Kyla
6. Brendi K.
7. Jeana
8. Erin
9. Liberty
10. Christina
Eliminated: Coura

Photos courtesy of Pottle Productions, Inc. and ANTM Facebok Page

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