America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 9 Photoshoot – Beauty is Movement

This sort of recap of last week’s episode is kind of late but seriously, how many of you were disappointed with the turn of events? I would’ve thought that with the quality of her photos, she’s a shoo-in to walk the final runway but apparently, there really are a lot of things that we do not see in the show. [sarcasm]

Okay, so on with the show. Judge Ashley Graham and movement coach Jermaine Browne facilitated a motion shoot challege which was yet again won by Jeana. The girl is on a streak yeah?

For the shoot this episode, they were photographed with a huge paper parachute as their backdrop/props. This couture shoot is probably my favorite this season and again, the usual frontrunner (meaning Khrystyana) delivered the goods! Mama is here to win!



I don’t like this shot of Erin. I find it all kinds of awkward if I’m being honest.


It’s a wonder why Rio is still in the house, don’t you think? No big conspiracy or some shit, but are they letting her stay just to annoy us? I mean, the girl takes mediocre photos and has a really bad attitude. Hmm…


I kind of agree with the judges here when they sent Jeana at the bottom. This would’ve been a good shot if she did more shapes with her dress since the color is already very striking.


I really liked this shot of Kyla. I mean, I loved her awkward pose and her face was okay with me. I would’ve put Erin in her place tbh.

Brendi K.

So she decided to leave the competition. Might as well not apply right? She could’ve given her slot to other girls. Oh well…

FIrst Call Out: Shanice
2, Khrystyana
3. Erin
4. Rio
5. Jeana
6. Kyla
Quit: Brendi K


photos courtesy of ANTM Facebook Page.

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