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ICYMI: Maureen Wroblewitz is now with Storm Model Management!

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 winner and the first Filipino to win said title was recently welcomed by Storm Model Management in the agency’s Instagram post last week.

This is part of Maureen’s prizes from winning the region-wide modeling competition. Here’s to hoping she’d book more jobs overseas! 🍾🎉

Congratulations, Maureen!!! 💕

Asia’s Next Top Model Winner Maureen Wroblewitz Four-tastic Preview Magazine Covers!

After winning the coveted Asia’s Next Top Model title and being the first Filipina to do so, Maureen is really gearing up for a great career in fashion. As we speak, she’s doing some gig in New York for Maybelline. How swell is that?

Here we see another Magazine cover of Maureen – not just one but four high fashion covers for this month’s issue of Preview Magazine!

Super amazing isn’t she?

The last three are digital covers. So if you’re a fan of Maureen or the magazine, you can now grab a copy of this magazine!

pictures courtesy of Maureen’s Instagram. @mauwrob

Watch Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 1 Online!

Asia's Next Top ModelIf you’ve missed the first episode of  the current cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model that aired on StarWorld a couple of weeks ago, don’t fret because it is now available online through their official Youtube channel!!! I know, exciting right? I also expect the upload of the succeeding episodes, naturally. Although it is two episodes delay just like in the previous cycles, I thought it’s a pretty good deal already for those of us who does not have access or doesn’t have the time to watch real-time episode airing.


Click to watch. Subscribe. Share and Enjoy!

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 3 Makeovers – The Girl Who Got Cut [Recap]

Sang-In delivering some Korean fierceness!

Sang-In delivering some Korean fierceness!

Lourd Ramos is back ya’ll for the dreaded makeover episode! The TRESemmé top stylist will be spearheading yet again the girls’ new look in the hopes of becoming Asia’s Next Top Model!

The makeover scene as usual is nothing short of a drama-fest with girl crying over their precious hair. Let the pictures speak for themselves yeah?

The photoshoot is for the girls’ comp card (composite card) and a lot of girls are stepping up their game if I may just say! Angie and Sang-In are probably my favorite during the shoot! They’re totally giving it all! Sang In just look flawless, tbh! Julian was a-ok as well as Aldilla but I thought the shots just look meh – I hope the final photos are good tho. Wow at Gwen’s photo! Her makeover just worked for her if I may say so. Alaiza look bored af but and those eyebrows just won’t quit! The good thing about this photoshoot is that the girl were allowed to pick two of what they thought is their best photos to be included in their comp card. Speaking of digging their own graves. LOL One of the remaining girls I didn’t mention are home-bound I guess…

And wouldn’t you know it, my homegirls and my favorite Mai Ngo found themselves at the bottom this week! OMFG!!!!!! I think the spoilers I’ve read from before are correct. This is like the *shittiest* moment of the cycle!

Call Out Order
Sang In – Total score: 40.0
Tuti – Total score: 37.0
Aldilla – Total score: 36.5
Angie – Total score: 32.7
Jessica – Total score: 30.1
Tawan – Total score: 28.5
Patricia – Total score: 27.0
May – Total score: 25.5
Julian – Total score: 25.0
Alaiza – Total score: 23.5
Gwen – Total score: 22
Mai Ngo – Total score: 18

images courtesy of Asia’s Next Top Model

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 2 – The Girl Who Bounced Back (Recap)

Angie is soaring high this week!

Angie is soaring high this week!

The episode last night was a fairly quick one with a rather predictable call-out order although I’ve to disagree with the girl who got the first call out this time.

Mai Ngo was not a big hit with the girls during the first episode so she apologized to the rest of the girls about her attitude. I honestly thought that she shouldn’t have because she’s just keeping it real. If they cannot handle it, they can just back off. Gwen was all about making up from her epically disastrous first week which almost see her leaving the competition.

The challenge was to test their composure whilst jumping on a trampoline, which is also connected with their next photoshoot. Angie won the challenge deservingly so with Gwen tailing her – good for Gwen! At said challenge, poor Jessica sprained her ankle leaving her with zero and you would think that this is the start of her downfall yeah?

Challenge Scores
Angie 8.8 WINNER!
Gwen 8.3
Julian 7.5
Aldilla 7.1
Mai Ngo 7
Alaiza 7
Patricia 6.8
Sang-In 6
Tawan 5.8
May 5
Tuti 4.5
Tugs 4
Jessica 0

As for their photoshoot, the remaining girls are to jump off the trampoline while posing elegantly – basically – the challenge only it is with more make-up and better clothing! Haha! The pictures are pretty good actually and they reminded me of Flights of Fancy episode from the first and (so far) only cycle of the Philippines’ Next Top Model. I thought that is one of the best shoots of any Top Model franchise ever!

Going back to the shoot, it wasn’t a spectacular session for Tuti and Tugs because apparently – they just cannot get in the groove. I honestly thought Jessica should’ve packed her bags right away…oops! I know, spoiler alert! But cmon’ she didn’t actually did the brief of the shoot so even during the challenge, I could understand what Gwen was yapping about.

Okay, as for the first call out. As I’ve said – I disagree with the judges choices and I cannot believe Kelly just gave Mai Ngo an 8!!! Cmon’ Kelly!!! You know, that’s a 10!!!! And of course, Mai Ngo’s challenge score was a deterrent for her to get the top spot. This is why I don’t like this scoring system!!!

I was really sad for the girl who left last night though but yeah – it’s a competition I know but I thought she deserved another chance!

Call-Out Order
Angie – Total score: 38.8
Mai Ngo – Total score: 35.0
Julian – Total score: 34.5
Alaiza – Total score: 31.0
Sang In – Total score: 27.0
May – Total score: 26.0
Tuti – Total score: 26.0
Tawan – Total score: 24.8
Aldilla – Total score: 23.1
Patricia – Total score: 20.8

hover to see who got the boot
*Gwen – Total score: 20.3
Jessica – Total score: 16
ELIMINATED: Tugs – Total score: 13*

Here are the photos courtesy of ANTM Facebook page which you should like / follow as well. And don’t forget to watch the succeeding episodes every Wednesdays on StarWorld. Also, make sure your vote counts on the poll at the end of this post.

images courtesy of Asia’s Next Top Model

Asia’s Next Top Model Star Amanda Chan on the cover of MITH Magazine (March 2016)

Amanda Chan On Mith MagazineYou Asia’s Next Top Model fans still remember Amanda from last cycle right? Yup, I know. She’s everyone’s favorite – and was such a hit even with Judge Alex Perry with her super adorable accent and charming personality!  In addition, her first foray to modeling was truly a joy to watch on TV!

Ya’ll be glad to know that little Miss Amanda Chan is gracing the cover of New York and Los Angeles based fashion and entertainment magazine, MITH with the cover story, “Imagine Learning Modeling in front of Millions.”

“That’s what 17-year-old Amanda Chan did when she appeared on Asia’s Next Top Model with zero modeling experience. Fans adored Amanda’s cheerful personality and carried her to the final four. Get to know the real Amanda in our cover story interview.”

If you’d like to subscribe to MITH magazine, you can check out the details here: http://www.mithstore.com/products/mith-magazine-annual-subscription-digital

I think this is totes amazing for Amanda!!! I really hope she’d really pursue this career because she’s truly got massive potential!

Congratulations Amanda!


Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 1 – Bubble Couture (Recap)

Tuti snatching this cycle's first FCO!

Tuti snatching this cycle’s first FCO!

It’s another season and another Asian fierceness showdown we’ve witnessed tonight as fourteen girls from the region battled it out in the hopes of becoming Asia’s Next Top Model!

It was not a good start for Team Philippines; let me tell you that right off the bat. There was a preview of what’s to expect for the rest of the season and it’s not looking good for my homegirls boohoo!

The first challenge was on a runway and I think I just fell in love with Patricia!!! Angie was a bit stiff but looking gorgeous like Patricia. Sang In looks like those Asian girls walking the runways in Europe! OMFG! Gwen looks very well, the judges were right – very pageantry. And to be fair, she was a beauty queen! LOL

Winner of the challenge was very obvious – Patricia!!!! Yay!!! (Bad news tho – for those who loathed the scoring system employed in the last few cycles of America’s Next Top Model, it’s here people so there’s that – I’m not totally happy with this)

Challenge Scores
Patricia – 9.5
Tuti – 9.0
Tawan – 8.3
Alaiza – 8.0
Julian – 7.7
Tugs – 7.3
Gwen – 7.3
Aldilla – 6.7
May – 6.7
Sang In – 5.3
Jessica – 5.0
Angie – 4.2
Mai Ngo – 4.0

At the house there are only 13 beds but 14 models so someone will get an early boot and unfortunately for Maya Goldman – her runway skill was adjudged to be the weakest so that’s Team Thailand getting their first casualty. FYI: Wanvisa Maya Goldman was a runner-up during the Miss Universe Thailand 2013.

On to their first shoot, can I just say how totally fab the idea was!!!! They will be dressed up in 60’s inspired outfit while inside bubble! It was like a hundred times better from half of the shoot last year! Yeah, yeah…sorry but it’s true!

During the shoot, my favorite has got to be feisty Mai Ngo!!! Girl, you givin’ me ma life-force!!! It ain’t Top Model if it’s drama-free! LOL

At panel, the girls are looking absolutely divine in white!!! Wow!!! Tuti was an obvious hit with the judges from runway to her photo and TBH, I thought Mai Ngo’s photo looks ridiculously good!

So here’s the ranking this episode:
Challenge + Shoot:
Tuti – 37.5
Aldilla – 33.2
Alaiza – 32.5
Patricia – 31.5
Julian – 30.7
May – 29.2
Mai Ngo – 27.5
Sang In – 26.3
Tawan – 25.3
Jessica – 19.0
Tugs – 18.5
Angie – 18.0
Gwen – 17.3

Please hover your mouse here: Gwen was supposed to go home but since Maya got the booted earlier, she was given another chance! So there’ that! Make it work next episode, Gwen!

Don’t forget to watch the show every Wednesdays, 9PM 8PM JKT/BKK/VN on StarWorld!

pictures via Asia’s Next Top Model

Meet The Contestants Of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4!!!

Here they are folks! The long wait is over! The fourteen beautiful contestants of the 4th Cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model are finally revealed via the show’s Facebook page! Amongst the pictures below, who do you think have what it takes to be on top?

Alaiza Malinao - Philippines

Alaiza Malinao – Philippines

Aldilla Hopkins - Indonesia

Aldilla Hopkins – Indonesia

Angie Watkins - Singapore

Angie Watkins – Singapore

Gwendoline Ruais - Philippines

Gwendoline Ruais – Philippines

Jessica Lam - Hong Kong

Jessica Lam – Hong Kong

Julian 'Ja' Flores - Philippines

Julian ‘Ja’ Flores – Philippines

Quynh Mai Ngo - Vietnam

Quynh Mai Ngo – Vietnam

May Myat Noe - Myanmar

May Myat Noe – Myanmar

Maya Goldman - Thailand

Maya Goldman – Thailand

Patricia Guow - Indonesia

Patricia Guow – Indonesia

Tawan Jiratchaya - Thailand

Tawan Jiratchaya – Thailand

Tugs Saruul - Mongolia

Tugs Saruul – Mongolia

Tuti Mohd Noor  - Malaysia

Tuti Mohd Noor – Malaysia

Sang-In Kim - South Korea

Sang-In Kim – South Korea

Remember to tune into STAR World Asia on March 9 to find out who will be crowned Asia’s Next Top Model.

pictures via Asia’s Next Top Model

Top Model Update: Ayu Gani’s Storm Model Management Portfolio

Gani8As part of the package of winning the third cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model, Ayu Gani of Indonesia is now represented by Storm Model Management – one of the top modeling agencies in the world based in Chelsea, London. She now has the same agency as Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson, Liu Wen, Karolina Kurkova, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss and many more…


Here are the photos posted on her online portfolio via stormmodelmanagement.com

Let’s hope that Gani will live up to her title – and let’s all wish her the best of luck!

Semoga Berhasil!

Monika Sta. Maria for Zalora Magazine [Fashion Editorial]

Monika X Zalora Summer BohoDespite not winning the title of Asia’s Next Top Model, first runner-up Monika Sta. Maria still keeps on getting gigs in and out of the country.

Monika X Zalora 3

Just recently, she was featured in Zalora Fashion Magazine’s fashion editorial featuring summer’s most chimed trend, Summer Boho. And can I just say that she just looked amazing! I think she even looks better than when she was in the show.

Monika X Zalora 5

She also did an interview for the online magazine. Here’s the excerpt of that interview:

During our exclusive Summer Boho editorial shoot with Monica, we found some time for a coffee and the skinny on what really happened in the house, and what life has been like since Asia’s Next Top Model.

Congratulations on getting to 1st runner up on Asia’s Next Top Model, how has life been since finishing the competition?

Thank you! It has been so overwhelming since the competition! I felt so much love and support from everyone who watched the series. I feel so happy and blessed!

You won four challenges and had a strong media following throughout, don’t you feel slightly cheated?

Of course I was sad because I was so so close to the title! But after the show, the support that I felt from the viewers really cheered me up, they boosted my confidence because whilst on the show I proved that I have got what it takes!

Check out the rest of the interview and Monika’s looks by clicking here.

Personally, my homegirl is my pick for the Top Model title but hey – a real top model is the one who could book jobs yeah? So here’s to Monika and her way to the top in and out of Asia!

images courtesy of Zalora