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Full List: FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest in the World 2017!

Yay! So I finally had the time to post this – the 100 Sexiest Women in the World by FHM Philippines and I just fucking adore Jinri Park’s glorious cover! She’s just soooo beautiful and that body – gaaahh. Without further ado, here’s the full list folks!!!

100.  Arianny Celeste

99.  Alex Gonzaga ♦ 98. Gwen Zamora ♦ 97. Isabelle De Leon  ♦ 96. Shaina Magdayao

95. Jackie Rice

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94. Sunshine Garcia  ♦ 93. Aubrey Miles  ♦ 92. Maxene Magalona  ♦ 91. Iza Calzado

90. Ritz Azul


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89. Gabbi Garcia ♦ 88. Beauty Gonzales ♦ 87. Sheem Halili ♦ 86. Joyce Pring ♦

85. Maica Palo


84. Alodia Gosiengfiao ♦ 83. Erich Gonzales ♦ 82. Margo Midwinter ♦ 81. Jasmine Curtis Smith

80. Carla Abellana ♦ 79. Rochelle Pangilinan ♦ 78. Myrtle Sarrosa ♦ 77. Bianca King ♦ 76. Sunshine Cruz ♦ 75. Ann B. Mateo

74. Alyssa Valdez

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73. Mara Aquino ♦ 72. Diana Meneses ♦ 71. Yen Santos ♦ 70. Emmanuelle Vera ♦ 69. Diana Zubiri ♦ 68. Lhea Bernardino ♦ 67. Maria Ozawa ♦ 66. Rizza Diaz ♦ 65. Gretchen Ho ♦ 64. Meg Imperial ♦ 63. Heart Evangelista ♦ 62. Sue Ramirez ♦ 61. Julz Savard ♦ 60. Dawn Change ♦ 59. Yam Concepcion ♦  58. Andi Eigenmann ♦ 57. Valerie Bangs Garcia ♦ 56. Pheobe Walker ♦ 55. Bea Benedicto

54. Arny Ross

53. Ela Cruz ♦  52. Jodi Sta. Maria ♦  51. Julia Montes ♦  50. Angelica Panganiban ♦ 49. Aiko Climaco ♦  48. Katrina Halili ♦  47. Valeen Montenegro ♦  46. Christine Reyes ♦  45. Ryza Cenon ♦   44. Julia Barretto ♦  43 Janella Salvador

42. Alice Dixson

41. Mika Reyes ♦ 40. Louise De Los Reyes ♦ 39. Kim Chiu ♦ 38. LJ Reyes ♦ 37. Toni Gonzaga

36. Megan Young

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35. Sarah Lahbati ♦ 34. Bela Padilla ♦ 33. Glaiza De Castro ♦ 32. Sarah Geronimo ♦ 31. Max Collins ♦ 30. Roxanne Barcelo ♦ 29. Julie Anne San Jose ♦ 28. Bea Alonzo ♦ 27. Yassi Pressman ♦ 26. Janine Gutierrez

25. Sam Pinto

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24. Coleen Garcia

23. Jinri Park (this year’s edition’s cover girl!)

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22. Anne Curtis ♦  21. Lovi Poe ♦  20. Sanya Lopez ♦  19. Ina Raymundo ♦  18. Kris Bernal

17. Marian Rivera

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16. Kathryn Bernardo ♦  15. Maja Salvador ♦  14. Andrea Torres ♦  13. Rachel Anne Daquis ♦ 12. Pia Wurtzbach ♦  11. Arci Muñoz


TEN – Solenn heussaff

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Seven – Angel Locsin


SIX – Jennylyn Mercado










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And this year’s finest goes to…


Swish swish bish. #TheNewPH #MegaMillenialBall

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Well, fuck, the results was way polarizing but I’m happy for Nadine!!! Methinks she totally deserved it! ❤

This year’s edition is out in the market now so don’t forget to grab your own copy for P150 only! Yay!



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Model Focus: Pietro Boselli for Risbel Magazine

Heya guys! Tell me, do I even need to say you who Pietro Boselli is? Okay, no?  Good. Now for the eye-candy part of this post, let’s take a look at one of his latest shoots with Risbel Magazine.





These photos were released as part of an editorial entitled Lurid Perversions through the lense of Darren Black for Risbel Magazine May 2016.

Risbel is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine for the male youth who care about the fashion industry. Edited by Mateo Carrasco. You can check their website via or follow them on Instagram: risbelmagazine and like their official Facebook page: Risbel Magazine

There you go folks, you’re very much welcome! ^_^

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2016 FHM Philippines Full List of 100 Sexiest Women in the World!

Kapuso star Rhian Ramos is gracing the cover of this year's most anticipated issue of the magazine!

Kapuso star Rhian Ramos is gracing the cover of this year’s most anticipated issue of the magazine!

I’ve been so busy with my dayjob and haven’t got the time to post this year’s list until today. So for you guys who’ve been waiting for it, here’s the complete list of the 2016 FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in the World!

100 Sexiest List

100. Jodi Sta. Maria
99. Paulene So
98. Gretchen Ho
97. Karen Bordador
96. Erika Padilla
95. Angela Gabrielle
94. Shaina Magdyao
93. Ann B. Mateo
92. Mayumi Yokoyama
91. Heart Evangelista
90. Gwen Zamore
89. Mika Reyes
88. Louise delos Reyes
87. Ashley Rivera
86. Rochelle Pangilinan
85. Aica Sy
84. Maxene Magalona
83. Alyssa Valdez
82. Danita Paner
81. Michele Madrigal
80. Carla Abellana
79. Red Dela Cruz
78. Rizza Diaz
77. Maica Palo
76. Belle Daza
75. Ryza Cenon
74. Jahziel Manabat
73. Dawn Zulueta
72. Megan Young
71. Jackie Rice
70. Debbie Garcia
69. Abby Poblador
68. Myrtle Sarrosa
67. Roxee B
66. Dawn Chang
65. Daiana Menezes
64. Aubrey Miles
63. Sarah Lahbati
62. Sunshine Garcia
61. Kylie Padilla
60. Queenie Rehman
59. Leah Bernardino
58. Chloe Dauden
57. Meg Impreial
56. Julia Montes
55. Ella Cruz
54. Cindy Miranda
53. Georgina Wilson
52. Julia Barreto
51. Bea Alonzo
50. Margo Midwinter
49. Janine Gutierrez
48. Sunshine Cruz
47. Danielle Castano
46. Erich Gonzales
45. Julie Anne San Jose
44. Angelica Panganiban
43. Kim Chiu
42. Arianny Celeste
41. Sarah Geronimo
40. LJ Reyes
39. Ritz Azul
38. Arny Ross
37. Jasmine Curtis-Smith
36. Christine Reyes
35. Valerie Bangs Garcia
34. Lovi Poe
33. Ina Raymundo
32. Bella Padilla
31. Katrina Halili
30. Liza Soberano
29. Yassi Pressman
28. Valeen Montenegro
27. Maria Ozawa
26. Alice Dixson
25. Yam Concepcion
24. Aiko Climaco
23. Maja Salvador
22. Max Collins
21. Mane Mendoza
20. Andi Eigenmann
19. Kathryn Bernardo
18. Anne Curtis
17. Coleen Garcia
16. Pia Wurtzbach
15. Andrea Torres
14. Jinri Park
13. Glaiza De Castro
12. Sam Pinto
11. Ellen Adarna

10 Rachel Ann Daquis

9 Kim Domingo

8 Solenn Heussaff

7 Arci Munoz

6 Marian Rivera

5 Rhian Ramos

4 Angel Locsin

3 Nadine Lustre

2 Jennylyn Mercado

1 Jessy Mendiola 2016

Reigning supreme right now and voted as the sexiest women in the Philippines!

Jessy Mendiola On Top

Be sure to grab your own copy of the July 2016 issue of the magazine you guys!

 photos courtesy of fhm philippines


Jessy Mendiola on top of the 2016 FHM Philippines List of 100 Sexiest Women in the World!

Jessy Mendiola 1The people have spoken! Her rise to the top of the showbiz echelon and on this list isn’t that surprising given that she’s been on the boob tube since 2004 with a massive claim to fame of having played the local adaptation of Maria Mercedes by Mexican superstar Thalia. ABS-CBN Kapamilya star Jessy Mendiola snatched the title of the sexiest woman in the world from last year’s titleholder Jennylyn Mercado. This is Jessy’s first time on top and from what I can gather, this girl absolutely killed it!

Jessy Mendiola 2

Congratulations Jessy!

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Have you already voted for FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest 2016?

I just did. You can vote for up to ten ladies daily via but you’ve to register first.

Cast Your Votes

Results of the poll will be publish on July 2016!

Asia’s Next Top Model Star Amanda Chan on the cover of MITH Magazine (March 2016)

Amanda Chan On Mith MagazineYou Asia’s Next Top Model fans still remember Amanda from last cycle right? Yup, I know. She’s everyone’s favorite – and was such a hit even with Judge Alex Perry with her super adorable accent and charming personality!  In addition, her first foray to modeling was truly a joy to watch on TV!

Ya’ll be glad to know that little Miss Amanda Chan is gracing the cover of New York and Los Angeles based fashion and entertainment magazine, MITH with the cover story, “Imagine Learning Modeling in front of Millions.”

“That’s what 17-year-old Amanda Chan did when she appeared on Asia’s Next Top Model with zero modeling experience. Fans adored Amanda’s cheerful personality and carried her to the final four. Get to know the real Amanda in our cover story interview.”

If you’d like to subscribe to MITH magazine, you can check out the details here:

I think this is totes amazing for Amanda!!! I really hope she’d really pursue this career because she’s truly got massive potential!

Congratulations Amanda!


Trans Model Benjamin Melzer Lands The Cover Of ‘Men’s Health’ Germany!

12132562_1636056839998975_1790915195927410396_oTransgender fitness model Benjamin Melzer will be gracing the cover of the April 2016 issue of Germany’s Men’s Health magazine.


The 28 year old Melzer was called Yvonne a few years back when he was still a woman. He is making history as the first transsexual to land a cover in a major magazine in Europe.


Photos via Instagram – @egoshooter

He’s Troye Sivan.

Troye Sivan Blue Neighbourhood Promo PictureI thought it’d be a great intro for those who have not heard of Troye Sivan to have you listen to these fantastic singles off his Blue Neighbourhood debut album.

I myself just found out about him late last year. My good pal Riina from Germany sent me an e-mail with a picture of her and Troye Sivan who just had a concert there and I was like – okay, cute kid but who’s this kid exactly? I googled him (on my laptop – not on my phone – yep, ‘am old hah!) and saw his YouTube videos (and apparently, I’m the only one who’s not watching his channel *wink*) – was instantly charmed and the rest as they say is history.


Seriously though, the first time I listened to Wild – I’m hooked then I got to watch his Blue Neighbourhood trilogy for WILD, FOOLS and TALK ME DOWN. And I’m like, okay I’m super convinced and I know I’ve got to have his full album!!!

[FOOLS] My favorite in the album! The feels!

Since I still have a lot of time in my hands, little ol’ me tried checking out his YouTube channels (the Troye Sivan one and the TroyeSivanVevo) and learned more about him and I know that I’ll be watching this kid from here on. This is a mega-superstar waiting to happen.

So it started that way and here I am, trying to (or bribing a friend to) get me a copy of Rolling Stone Australia’s February 2016 edition because THIS.

Troye Sivan Rolling Stone Australia

His Rolling Stone interview back in September 2015.

Need I say more?


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Beyoncé On The Cover Of US Vogue September 2015 Ed.

Vogue by Beyonceno words. just damn B.

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2015 FHM Philippines List Of 100 Sexiest Women in the World!

Jennylyn Philippines Finest

I’ve been following the annual list for years now and it’s always fun whenever one of my favorites gets to be on top. This year, I sorely missed Marian Rivera after topping the list non-consecutively thrice – the primetime queen understandbly declined to be part of this year’s poll. Sayang! she could’ve easily grab the number one spot imo.

Anyway, let me just share with you guys the list of 100 Sexiest Women this year and be sure to grab your copy of this year’s edition featuring Valeen Montenegro on the cover.

FHM Cover July 2015

100. Kim Lee
99. Shaina Magdayao
98. Char Cruz
97. Kookai Sarmiento
96. Carla Abellana
95. Kris Bernal
94. Grey Gomez
93. Andi Eigenmann
92. Sanya Smith
91. April Gustilo
90. Alex Moreno
89. Karen Bordador
88. Mara Aquino
87. Kylie Padilla
86. Rhian Ramos
85. Bianca Peralta
84. Nina Saputil
83. Maxene Magalona
82. Ariella Arida
81. Aica Sy
80. Christine Hallauer
79. Georgina Wilson
78. Ehra Madrigal
77. Ashley Cayuca
76. Arci Munoz
75. Julia Barretto
74. Phoem Baranda
73. Gwen Zamora
72. Megan Young
71. Red Dela Cruz
70. Julia Montes
69. Debbie Garcia
68. Alyssa Valdez
67. Sarah Geronimo
66. Rochelle Pangilinan
65. Ina Raymundo
64. Paulene So
63. Maica Palo
62. Nicole Alexandria
61. Getchen Ho
60. Julie Ann San Jose
59. Lhea Bernardino
58. Angela Gabrielle
57. Yassi Pressman
56. Ornusa Cadness
55. Michelle Madrigal
54. Abby Poblador
53. Jahziel Manabat
52. Rizza Diaz
51. Jasmine Curtis-Smith
50. Lovi Poe
49. Nadine Lustre
48. Sunshine Garcia
47. Sunshine Cruz
46. Danita Paner
45. Glaiza De Castro
44. Ashley Rivera
43. Erika Padilla
42. Yam Concepcion
41. Beauty Gonzales
40. Divine Maitland-Smith
39. Mrytle Sarrosa
38. Aubrey Miles
37. Bela Padilla
36. Ritz Azul
35. Jackie Rice
34. Jef Gaitan
33. Angelica Panganiban
32. Diana Menezes
31. Arianny Celeste
30. Meg Imperial
29. Chloe Dauden
28. Patricia Javier
27. Roxee B.
26. Arny Ross
25. Kim Chui
24. Valeen Montenegro (Current Covergirl)
23. Jessy Mendiola
22. Ryza Cenon
21. Bangs Garcia
20. Aiko Climaco
19. Diana Zubiri
18. Maja Salvador
17. Kathryn Bernardo
16. Maria Ozawa
15. Katrina Halili
14. Alice Dixson
13. LJ Reyes
12. Coleen Garcia
11. Anne Curtis


10 Alodia Gosiengfiao


9 Max Collins


8 Rachel Anne Daquis


7 Jinri Park


6 Angel Locsin


5 Solenn Heussaff


4 Sam Pinto


3 Ellen Adarna


2 Andrea Torres



1 Jennylyn MercadoCongratulations Jennylyn!