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Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 1 – Bubble Couture (Recap)

Tuti snatching this cycle's first FCO!

Tuti snatching this cycle’s first FCO!

It’s another season and another Asian fierceness showdown we’ve witnessed tonight as fourteen girls from the region battled it out in the hopes of becoming Asia’s Next Top Model!

It was not a good start for Team Philippines; let me tell you that right off the bat. There was a preview of what’s to expect for the rest of the season and it’s not looking good for my homegirls boohoo!

The first challenge was on a runway and I think I just fell in love with Patricia!!! Angie was a bit stiff but looking gorgeous like Patricia. Sang In looks like those Asian girls walking the runways in Europe! OMFG! Gwen looks very well, the judges were right – very pageantry. And to be fair, she was a beauty queen! LOL

Winner of the challenge was very obvious – Patricia!!!! Yay!!! (Bad news tho – for those who loathed the scoring system employed in the last few cycles of America’s Next Top Model, it’s here people so there’s that – I’m not totally happy with this)

Challenge Scores
Patricia – 9.5
Tuti – 9.0
Tawan – 8.3
Alaiza – 8.0
Julian – 7.7
Tugs – 7.3
Gwen – 7.3
Aldilla – 6.7
May – 6.7
Sang In – 5.3
Jessica – 5.0
Angie – 4.2
Mai Ngo – 4.0

At the house there are only 13 beds but 14 models so someone will get an early boot and unfortunately for Maya Goldman – her runway skill was adjudged to be the weakest so that’s Team Thailand getting their first casualty. FYI: Wanvisa Maya Goldman was a runner-up during the Miss Universe Thailand 2013.

On to their first shoot, can I just say how totally fab the idea was!!!! They will be dressed up in 60’s inspired outfit while inside bubble! It was like a hundred times better from half of the shoot last year! Yeah, yeah…sorry but it’s true!

During the shoot, my favorite has got to be feisty Mai Ngo!!! Girl, you givin’ me ma life-force!!! It ain’t Top Model if it’s drama-free! LOL

At panel, the girls are looking absolutely divine in white!!! Wow!!! Tuti was an obvious hit with the judges from runway to her photo and TBH, I thought Mai Ngo’s photo looks ridiculously good!

So here’s the ranking this episode:
Challenge + Shoot:
Tuti – 37.5
Aldilla – 33.2
Alaiza – 32.5
Patricia – 31.5
Julian – 30.7
May – 29.2
Mai Ngo – 27.5
Sang In – 26.3
Tawan – 25.3
Jessica – 19.0
Tugs – 18.5
Angie – 18.0
Gwen – 17.3

Please hover your mouse here: Gwen was supposed to go home but since Maya got the booted earlier, she was given another chance! So there’ that! Make it work next episode, Gwen!

Don’t forget to watch the show every Wednesdays, 9PM 8PM JKT/BKK/VN on StarWorld!

pictures via Asia’s Next Top Model

Meet The Contestants Of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4!!!

Here they are folks! The long wait is over! The fourteen beautiful contestants of the 4th Cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model are finally revealed via the show’s Facebook page! Amongst the pictures below, who do you think have what it takes to be on top?

Alaiza Malinao - Philippines

Alaiza Malinao – Philippines

Aldilla Hopkins - Indonesia

Aldilla Hopkins – Indonesia

Angie Watkins - Singapore

Angie Watkins – Singapore

Gwendoline Ruais - Philippines

Gwendoline Ruais – Philippines

Jessica Lam - Hong Kong

Jessica Lam – Hong Kong

Julian 'Ja' Flores - Philippines

Julian ‘Ja’ Flores – Philippines

Quynh Mai Ngo - Vietnam

Quynh Mai Ngo – Vietnam

May Myat Noe - Myanmar

May Myat Noe – Myanmar

Maya Goldman - Thailand

Maya Goldman – Thailand

Patricia Guow - Indonesia

Patricia Guow – Indonesia

Tawan Jiratchaya - Thailand

Tawan Jiratchaya – Thailand

Tugs Saruul - Mongolia

Tugs Saruul – Mongolia

Tuti Mohd Noor  - Malaysia

Tuti Mohd Noor – Malaysia

Sang-In Kim - South Korea

Sang-In Kim – South Korea

Remember to tune into STAR World Asia on March 9 to find out who will be crowned Asia’s Next Top Model.

pictures via Asia’s Next Top Model