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Monika Sta. Maria for Zalora Magazine [Fashion Editorial]

Monika X Zalora Summer BohoDespite not winning the title of Asia’s Next Top Model, first runner-up Monika Sta. Maria still keeps on getting gigs in and out of the country.

Monika X Zalora 3

Just recently, she was featured in Zalora Fashion Magazine’s fashion editorial featuring summer’s most chimed trend, Summer Boho. And can I just say that she just looked amazing! I think she even looks better than when she was in the show.

Monika X Zalora 5

She also did an interview for the online magazine. Here’s the excerpt of that interview:

During our exclusive Summer Boho editorial shoot with Monica, we found some time for a coffee and the skinny on what really happened in the house, and what life has been like since Asia’s Next Top Model.

Congratulations on getting to 1st runner up on Asia’s Next Top Model, how has life been since finishing the competition?

Thank you! It has been so overwhelming since the competition! I felt so much love and support from everyone who watched the series. I feel so happy and blessed!

You won four challenges and had a strong media following throughout, don’t you feel slightly cheated?

Of course I was sad because I was so so close to the title! But after the show, the support that I felt from the viewers really cheered me up, they boosted my confidence because whilst on the show I proved that I have got what it takes!

Check out the rest of the interview and Monika’s looks by clicking here.

Personally, my homegirl is my pick for the Top Model title but hey – a real top model is the one who could book jobs yeah? So here’s to Monika and her way to the top in and out of Asia!

images courtesy of Zalora

Indonesia’s Gani Ayu Wins Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3!

Gani AyuAfter a solid run in the competition, Gani who was touted by judge and host Georgina Wilson as someone they could mold as the Asian Kate Moss was adjudged the new Asia’s Next Top Model!

During the competition, Gani has won a campaign from Zalora online and is consistently getting good praises for her exotic look and undeniable Asian appeal.

As part of her winnings, Ayu will be gracing the cover and will have a spread in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, a TRESemmé campaign this year and a modeling representation from Storm Model Management. She will also be enjoying her new ride from Subaru.

Gani Wins

Gani, congratulations!

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Finale – Gani Ayu Wins!!! (June 17, 2015)

Team AsNTMWho’s excited for tonight’s final episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3? Who are you rooting to win the top plum? Are you Team Aimee, Team Gani or Team Monika?

“At the spectacular season 3 finale runway, only one will become Asia’s Next Top Model. Will it be Monika from the Philippines? Gani from Indonesia? Or Aimee from Singapore?”

Check out this finale promo

So folks, don’t miss the finale tonight at 8:45 PM on StarWorld Asia.



The season started with 14 hopefuls and tonight we’re down to three lovely ladies all vying for the right to be Asia’s Next Top Model!

The three finalists all went to dinner with the panel – Georgina, Alex and Joey – and shared their future endeavors. Awee…

The girls will be having their final “Haute Couture” photoshoot at Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

A rep from Storm Model Management will also be present at the shoot and will be joining the final judging.

Monika’s overthinking the shoot – feeling all the pressure! OMG! C’mon girl!

Aimee’s totally killing the shoot! I loved that dress! And Alex was beaming all over the shoot! The photographer Jean-Baptiste Fort even mentioned that he would like to work with Aimee in the future…yay! Another hometown win??! ^^

Yikes! Is this Gani choking?

The final runway will be held at Chijmes Hall!! Yay!

Eliminated contestants were brought back… where’s Amanda??? Oh and there’s Jodilly and Sheena from the previous season.

Monika’s a natural in the runway. Gani looks short but amazing!

Aimee’s totally getting everything right – even closing the mock runway show! Hhmmm…

Panel time… who’s it gonna be?

MonikaThem judges loved Monika’s photo!!! The rep from Storm thought Monika can do anything! Yay!

AimeeThe also loved Aimee!!! Her shot and her walk!!!! Am I smelling a win from her?

Gani AyuGani’s shot was fantastic and it’s my personal favorite amongst the three! Panel said she’s a classic Asian model… prompting Perry to say that if Gani’s a bit taller – she could walk any runway worldwide.

The panel is now deliberating…

The Storm rep totally loves Aimee!!!! I think she’s winning this…

Panel said Monika want it the most but lacks x-factor. 😦 so not winning this but I hope I’m wrong.

Alex Perry’s harping on Gani’s height. Same issue all throughout the season.  – could win this.

And the winner of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 is…


via Asia’s Next Top Model

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 12 – Harper’s BAZAAR Photoshoot & Final Three [June 10, 2015]

Final Four GirlsFor tonight’s episode, the final four girls will try to charm their clients as they go into casting and will prove their worth as cover girls as they pose for their “possible” Harper’s Bazaar’s cover which will be part of the winner’s package.

gettin' ready for casting!

gettin’ ready for casting!

Aimee, Barbara, Gani and Monika will be donning fashion styles through the eras and with Kenneth Goh, the Editor-In-Chief of the magazine himself observing the shoot and joining the panel, the girls need to step up their A-game if they want to be part of the series’ finale.

Harper's BAZAAR Singapore Editor-In-Chief Kenneth Goh with host Georgina Wilson

Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore Editor-In-Chief Kenneth Goh with host Georgina Wilson

Tune in tonight at 8:45PM on STAR World Asia but for now, you can check out the Episode 12 promo.


The four girls went directly to their go-sees. Kenneth Goh thought Barbara lacks confidence which is her main issue (the girl has been a working model for a long time it’s a wonder why she still lacks self-confidence). The casting includes clients from Pois and Liv Lo, Braun Buffel and Triumph with Barbara and Gani getting the worst critiques from both clients and Kenneth.

As expected, Monika won this go-see challenge – reliable model right? And she got prizes from the clients and wanna know who’s hating?? hahaha

At the photoshoot, the rest of the girls struggles a lot while trying to depict fashion styles from different era. I’m honestly not liking this shoot much and I hope they would re-shoot it whoever wins. By gods, it’s totally not working!

At panel, the judges are trying to analyze the models’ potentials.

Gani Ayu

The best photo went to Gani (garnering her third first call out in the season) – now the question is, will this be a repeat of season 2 and will Gani overcome the panel’s criticism about being of a short stature?

Monika Sta. Maria

Monika took second best photo with Kenneth Goh envisioning her doing well in the European market. Is this an indication for a win and a possible trip to London for Monika in the future? I hope so.

Aimee Bradshaw

The third girl to advance in next week’s final episode is Aimee! I loved Aimee and like Georgina said, I also think that she’s the smartest model in the house.

Barbara Katsuki

Barbara loses her steam for the final stretch in the competition. It’s a sad thing really for her to leave the competition – like she’s almost there. But hey, good things comes for those who waits. I’m pretty sure, a lot of great things are ahead of her future! (it’s like you never stopped working at all) Keep the cash rollin’ girl!

With Barbara leaving us…who do you think will claim victory next Wednesday?

images courtesy of Asia’s Next Top Model

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 10 The Girl in the Driver’s Seat Part 1 [May 27, 2015]

Fab Five - Barbara, Monika, Gani, Amanda and Aimee

Fab Five – Barbara, Monika, Gani, Amanda and Aimee

After Tahlia’s departure from the show, we are now down to five girls battling it out to becoming Asia’s Next Top Model!

For their challenge, the girls met Joey and Alex at the Mariner of the Sea cruise ship where the girls will be showing off their runway skills (again) and are given three looks to model with a minute to change each look.

The two pinays (Amanda and Monika) were unable to walk one of their looks. So with the other three girls walking the three outfits – Aimee won the challenge! Yay!

Gani’s (especially) and Barbara were throwing shades towards Amanda citing Alex Perry always saving her from the getting the boot. Uh – girls – jealous much? I totally loved the cattiness though! LOL

At the shoot, the girls are doing motion editorial for Subaru! Acting! Acting! Aimee looks wonderful as a businesswoman and she did wonderful. Gani’s arhitect portrayal was rather dismal at the beginning but finally got it in the end. Barbara was a baker and it was just all kinds of awkward to be honest. She looks awesome but it feels like she doesn’t know what she’s doing! Amanda’s a tennis coach and it was just all over the place. Then there’s beauty queen-ish Monika killing the shoot!!! Damn girl!

Aimee easy demeanor at the commercial was beautiful obviously! She was amazing at the shoot!

Amanda’s shot was lackluster at best IMO. I loved baby A but I think at times her age goes against her. And dang! The client doesn’t like Amanda’s shot at all.

Barbara has got it all and she needs to have that confidence which is such a shame because she totally looks great despite the awkwardness of the shoot!

Gani’s “Not bad but not the best” and I’m in total agreement with the panel.

Monika. Need I say more? *clap* *clap* *clap*

First Call Out: Monika YAY! KILLIN’ IT!

  1. Aimee
  2. Gani

Bottom Two: Barbara and Amanda


To be continued…


I loved both girls and I dunno who I think should leave but at the end of the day, I’d save my homegirl anyday.

(was that a spoiler I saw at next episode’s preview when Amanda was crying while hugging Georgina? Arrrhhhggg!!!)

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Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 9 – The Girl Who Flew To The Top

We’re halfway through the season and with six girls still vying for the title of Asia’s Next Top Model, emotions are definitely running high. Right Gani???

So after KB’s elimination last week, Gani find it unfair that Amanda get to stay over the Hong Kong rep citing Amanda’s third time trip at the bottom. Yup, that’s Gani people eversince the Close-up photoshoot where she was pitted against Monika for the Best Photo. She became the girl who bitched the most. And Tahlia – yeah, yeah – you get the drift people.

For the challenge, the girls had a sparring session with Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion, Bruno Pucci – and oohhyeahhh. Barbara’s all over the guy and won the challenge for being so focused. LOL

At the shoot, the girls wore gowns by resident judge Alex Perry and can I just say how amazing they are??!!! Arrgghh and the concept of the shoot was amazzzzzziiinnng!

At panel, after a few of not so great weeks – Amanda finally got the praises of everyone! Well deserved girl!!! I’d say this was her second best photo IMO next to the first episode.



Getting into the groove! Finally! A well-deserved best photo of the week!



“kung maganda ka sigaw na sige!”



I can actually see this girl winning and doing a “Jessica” on us…



She’s all about the bass baby! I actually loved this shot of Aimee! Neck down was perfection!



What a beautiful face but totally uninspired pose!



I’m actually not surprised at all with Tahlia getting the boot. I’d say, she’s got it coming for her. But hey, goodluck girl!

First Call Out: Amanda
2. Monika
3. Barbara
4. Aimee
5. Gani

Eliminated: Tahlia

via Asia’s Next Top Model

Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 – Episode 8 The Girl on a Mission

The result of this episode was almost predictable but it’s still fun to see how Melissa’s (shocking!!!!!) elimination stirred some animosity between the girls.

Gani’s confessions are fun to watch because she’s such a catty diva!!! She really isn’t holding back during confessions. Aimee’s not that happy Melissa went home over Tahlia (ditto girl)

At the challenge, the girls were asked to recreate runway hair trends with Monika impressing Tresemmé stylist Giovanni Wihayak and Gani struggling to recreated her assigned look. This was an important challenge though because the girl who wins this will have an immunity from elimination and that is none other than Monika.

Tahlia also had some health concerns concerning breast lumps which was really worrying because her mom and granny passed away from breast cancer. 😦

At the photoshoot, the girls showcased their hair while wearing creations by Filipino designer Rajo Laurel (beautiful creations btw!)

The rest of the girls received unanimous praises from the panel save for KB and Amanda.



A well-deserved FCO for Tahlia – girl’s working it!!! That hair! That hair!



I thought this was Barbara’s best photo next to her Subaru shot! She’s gearing up to go on top! Just amazing!



Not really loving this shot of Aimee. It’s too bland for me.



Out of all the girls, I thought Amanda has got all the goods to deliver but this was just mediocre at best. What happened baby A?



Gani’s bone structure is to die for and man’ she’s stepping it up. Final Four calling for her???



Face-wise, I thought this was her best shot but as a whole – this just didn’t work for the brief of the shoot. Unfair much or girl just didn’t deliver?



About time girl. Bye.

Call Out Order
FCO: Tahlia
Eliminated: KB

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