Asia’s Next Top Model Episode 13 – The Finale Runway Show


Live Blogging:

There are only three girls battling for the title of Asia’s Next Top Model as they went back to Singapore for the final runway show – the last hurdle for the girls in determining the first Asia’s Next Top Model. Guest judge for this episode is none other than the creator of Top Model herself, former supermodel Tyra Banks! I wonder whom she’s gonna like the most?

The world's largest aquarium is the setting of the final runway!!!

The world’s largest aquarium is the setting of the final runway!!!

The runway for the finale is set at the Resort’s World Singapore S.E.A Aquarium which is touted to be the world’s largest aquarium! Whoa!

As for their final challenge, the girls were asked to memorize a script for a Canon commercial. It seemed like too much pressure for the Thai front-runner because she’s been all too quiet with the two girls (Kate and Steph) after last week’s elimination. She mentioned that she’s not at ease in doing commercial stuff. The girl were taken to the CANON headquarters for the commercial. Kate went first but struggled. Jessica was praised by the host who’s at the shoot for delivering better but stated that she was a bit posey. Bottom two queen Stephanie got the nod of Nadya for being so calm in the commercial. Plus points for Stephanie and Jessica ++

As for their final photo shoot, the girls will be doing a shoot for Harper’s Bazaar where they will be heavily featured as part of the winner’s prizes! At the shoot, the girls’ special someone came for a visit – Kate’s brother, Steph’s baby daddy and Jessica’s cute boyfriend! *wink*

Jessica’s breaking down – perhaps feeling too much pressure and feeling that this thing is already within her grasp! Awee.  Kenneth from Harper’s Bazaar clearly loved her! They’re wearing a CHANEL dress and Jessica’s nailing every shot! The other two are just mediocre at best so could this mean that Jessica had this in the bag the entire season? 🙂

The Girls at Final Runway

For the final runway, the girls will be wearing the creations of Singaporean designer Frederick Lee and will walk along America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18,  Sophie Sumner  and the six of the girls eliminated with Tyra Banks watching the show. Tyra was impressed with the three and talked a lot backstage with them.

Kate's Harper's Bazaar Cover Photo

Kate’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover Photo

Stephanie's Harper's Bazaar Cover Photo

Stephanie’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover Photo


For the final panel – Kenneth of Harper’s Bazaar, the Storm Models’s agent and Tyra Banks will all be helping in choosing the winner. They preview the girls’ commercial and HB shoot. The judges loved Stephanie’s commercial but not as much as her cover photo for the magazine. Kate’s commercial didn’t impressed the judges plus her catwalk did not get Tyra’s approval. As for Jessica, the judges totally adored her walk, her look and her personality so it’s LOUD and CLEAR and she may actually win the whole thing! The only thing that going against her is her age – at 27, the judges feels that’s it’s a bit late for her to start in the industry. She mentioned that being an orphan no one’s there to support her so she started modeling at around 19. Awwee 😦

and the obvious winner folks is JESSICA! No runner-up was announced! Congrats Jessica!

Jessica getting a hug from host Nadya after being declared the first winner of Asia's Next Top Model!

Jessica getting a hug from host Nadya after being declared the first winner of Asia’s

Jessica's Winning Cover Photo For Harper's Bazaar

Jessica’s Winning Cover Photo For Harper’s Bazaar

Make Asia proud girl!


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  1. Love Jessica most, But like all 3 this girls!

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