Megan Young Was Denied To Screen For The Binibining Pilipinas 2013?

I was just about to go to sleep when I received a tweet that Megan Young was “allegedly” denied by the Binibining Pilipinas Organization to screen for the 50th annual beauty pageant of the organization. I immediately checked the pageant site Missosology. Without official confirmation from Megan, the tweets of her handler Jonas Gaffud and someone close to him is apparent enough to conclude that Megan didn’t make it past the screening – she wasn’t even given a chance to screen, to begin with.

Sometimes you just have to read between the lines...
Sometimes you just have to read between the lines…

Megan was a heavy favorite of many pageant fans since last year, and this year, she was supposedly training very hard for the pageant but alas, the stars and the whole universe is against her.

Megan's tweets four hours ago.
Megan’s tweets four hours ago.

Apparently, there was an “emergency screening” that happened yesterday afternoon, and this is one of the results of that sad day.

One of Megan's shot for Rogue Magazine last year which cost her disqualification for screening this year and EVER!
One of Megan’s photos for Rogue Magazine last year which cost her disqualification for screening this year and EVER!

The organization’s view about these types of things is so outdated! Many aspirants worldwide were allowed to compete in their national pageant (some even posing nude), and Megan’s shot is for a fashion magazine, for jeez sake! It irks me that they are being so uptight about this. When will they stop wasting beautiful modern Filipinas? 

I am now hoping that Megan will join the rival pageant of Binibini – The Miss World Philippines and aim to get the first blue crown for the Philippines! Madame Stella’s loss is Cory Quirino’s gain!

This post isn’t 100% confirmed yet. I’m still hoping for Megan to be allowed to join and give the candidates this year a run for their money and high heels!

13 responses to “Megan Young Was Denied To Screen For The Binibining Pilipinas 2013?

  1. I came accross with the article and hate to say that whoever is the author and supporter of Megan Young does not know the real image of real Filipina that will represent to foreign country. She is mix breed for god sake. Reason why the Philippines is being recognized is that they are represented with the real Filipina look. Philippines should not be represented by someone who is a born abroad, regardless they meet the residency permit. It is very unfair for someone whowere locally born and grew up in the country and has all the look , beauty, character to represent the Philippine in a beauty competition. So enough of the bickering that it is a loss to BBP if she was denied. There must be a reason why………….so look within your yard and dont look beyond the Pacific ocean……

    • Hi Duke! Thank you for the comment. Firs thing, I think it’s just fair to say that we’ve our own preferences and opinion with regards to whom we like / wish to represent our country. When you said “She is mix breed for god sake. Reason why the Philippines is being recognized is that they are represented with the real Filipina look.Philippines should not be represented by someone who is a born abroad, regardless they meet the residency permit.” – ‘supposed you’ve read that Venus Raj, (the girl who ended our Miss Universe drought) was actually a “mixed-breed,” she’s part Indian and part Filipino plus SHE WAS ACTUALLY BORN IN DOHA, QATAR 🙂 – so we cannot for certain define what a real Filipina beauty is because we’ve a diverse cultural background coming from the colonization of the outsiders. 🙂 Shamcey, when she competed was said to have a latina look in her so there… I don’t mean to sound condescending and all though. BTW, this year’s looking great for the Philippine pageantry once more because we’ve a lot of diverse Filipina beauties like Buquid, Elima, Arida and De Leon joining the BBP 2013 🙂

      Best Regards,

  2. I read a little bit about Venus Raj background, but her Tagalog is excellent. She speaks the language like a real Filipina. Is Megan Young dont have any accent when she speak the Local language? Just curious, and I totally agree with you that the ladies you mentioned above were very promising.

  3. i hope this is not true..let just wait for the announcing of official candidate probably next week..i want megan young for the universe title

  4. Megan can speak legit Filipino. you can watch her already ended stint in Precious Hearts Romance presents: Hiyas on ABS. She is paired with Zanjoe Marudo

  5. For Duke.

    It doesn’t really matter if a candidate itself is mixed with other breed. Its not their fault if they were born to be with a half citizen. As long as they have a Filipino blood and they are willing and proud to represent our country then that’s all that matters. It’s seems like you are also stating that Black Americans should not join Miss USA because of their color. And come to think of it, the Afros were slaves for white Americans way back World War and was taken to the States for a reason. Eventually fair treatment for the Americans have been implemented whether you’re white, Asian or black. Its just the same here in our country. We should respect those mix breed citizens because its their right. We are all one Philippines in the end though.

  6. I absolute agree with the opinions of those who raised their eyebrow to Duke. Duke’s statement is indeed discriminating… Are you really sure that you are a 100% Filipino because you were born and raised here in the Philippines? Aren’t you aware that almost most of us are actually mixed breed as a result of colonization? And most of our candidates in the international pageant do have other blood in their veins yet they are proud to say that they are Filipino and they represent our country with dignity.

  7. I really felt sad learning that Meagan Young failed to be part of Bb Pilipinas official candidate for 2013. Despite of the rejection, I still look forward that she will still pursue her application next year to represent our country in international arena. If and only if Bb Pilipinas management won’t really accept her application, I hope that she will pass an application in Ms Philippines an represent our country in Ms World beauty pageant and be the first Filipina to bring home the crown.


  9. hail to the Queen, Megan Young Philippine’s First Miss World. Proud to be pinoy.

  10. stupid idiot of this like living in 18th hundred ape , duke,you just born somewhere read more to be a wide reader someday even your own time in past you donno know

  11. It only means that rejection doesnt mean no. God has a better plan for her. It was actually the best plan because if she got into Bb. Pilipinas, she would have not joined Miss World and would have not won the title. 🙂

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