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Manga Review: Would You Like To Be A Family by Koyama (ARC)

“Would You Like To Be a Family?” is a collection of three one-shot BL stories. The first story is about coworkers Takemura and Natsui – opposite in personality but very similar in some ways. While Take likes to keep to himself due to a high school trauma, Natsui is loud, cheerful, and well-liked by his colleagues. Natsui is a single father too. After an invitation for dinner, their relationship blossoms into something neither of them expected.

story and art by Koyama

I did enjoy it. It was sweet, short, and generally feel good. I loved that Natsui is sensitive to Take’s feelings and doesn’t make him feel out of place. I loved the single dad aspect of the story. It brings something different to the table.

The other two stories are way shorter than the first, which are both set in school — an angsty story about Kuma and Yagi and Harada and Kodama. These two short stories tackle the concept of navigating young love and exploring their identity. Both are fun and quick read though not as impactful as the main story. 

Overall, I’ve enjoyed reading these stories. I love me some happy endings, so this collection is a total win for me. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Paperback, 176 pages
Expected publication: September 21st 2021 by LOVE x LOVE

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher, TOKYOPOP, LOVE x LOVE via Netgalley for an impartial and honest review.

Manga Review: The Summer of You (My Summer of You Vol. 1) by Nagisa Furuya

The Summer of You is the story of two high school students – Chiharu Saeki and Wataru Toda, who found themselves bonding together for their shared love of movies. One day, Saeki confesses his love for Toda. Toda was unbothered and just accepted it, and both boys continue to spend their summer going to film spots of their favorite movies. As time goes by, Wataru realizes that he may not be as unaffected by Saeki’s declaration.

I enjoyed reading this short (Boys Love) BL manga. I particularly loved the relaxed ambiance of the story. Every time that they were having a conversation, it feels like there’s feel-good music playing. I loved that there’s no villain here, and the boys were simply going with the flow. The easy acceptance of Wataru towards Saeki was lovely and kind. Both characters are likable.

That little backstory about Saeki’s childhood was a bit cringy, but I guess people like that exist. I thought the conflict was realistic, I mean, sometimes, you have to let go for you to move on, but most of the time, that is not always the case. 

Reading this manga gave me a bit of a break from reading heavy novels with gore, ghosts, and family drama. It’s very refreshing, and I am looking forward to reading more about the boys and more from the author.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Paperback, 256 pages
Published June 1st 2021 by Kodansha Comics (first published July 28th 2017)

A copy of this manga was provided by the publisher, Kodansha Comics via Netgalley for an impartial and honest review.

About the Author
Nagisa FURUYA (古矢渚, Furuya Nagisa) is a Japanese mangaka, best known for being the author & artist of Kimi to Natsu no Naka, Futari no Lion, My Summer of You, Gunjou no Subete, and Number Call.

Manga Review: Cool Down by Akira Kabane

What a super cute story! Makoto is the son of the President of the company where Hirai works as a secretary. Makoto’s been in love with Hirai since they first met and Hirai feels the same way but their four years age gap hinders Hirai to take action towards the young boy. A company scandal resulted to Hirai getting fired but Makoto’s intervention cleared everything up leading to a promise that someday, he’ll be the one to protect the older guy.

I loved how Hirai totally waited for Makoto before finally doing it (although it was instigated by Makoto himself – very prevalent in Yaoi). The drawing isn’t that polished but they’re cute as well and the writing was simple, but overall very much enjoyable.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

About the Author:
ANBE Akira: かんべ あきら

Likes: Travelling, watching movies, eating.
Hates: Strong, bitter things


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Manga Review: You & Me, Etc. (Bokura #1) by Kyuugou

Blurb: Iku and Keita have been buddies since childhood, and have played sports together their whole lives… until their final year in middle school, when Keita’s baseball career abruptly ended as a result of the severe injuries he sustained when saving Iku from being hit by a truck. Ever since that accident, Iku has distanced himself from both the game and his friend, presumably out of guilt. Can these two friends patch up their differences, and become something more…?

Jeez, the feels of this one! I would have liked a more detailed version of Keita’s accident and not just a recounting of Iku’s mom about it. Overall, I really did enjoy Iku and Keita’s interaction, though, I was grasping to connect well with them because although they have great interaction, they’re just far too few in between. Just the same, this was an exciting pick for me. The ending is specially wonderful! Absolutely sweet and adorable!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Paperback, 194 pagesPublished February 8th 2011 by Blu (first published November 2007)

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Book Review: The Color Of The Clear Blue Sky – Momoko Tenzen

The Color Of The Clear Blue Sky“I can no longer fly as high as I used to. Is that okay?”

“When all my thoughts of him coalesce… a clear blue sky appears behind him. Even if there comes a day you won’t be able to fly anymore…I will always stay by your side looking far ahead, the vast, infinite sky reflect the colours of my thoughts of you.” “

All along,Fukada thought that Sakae only sees him as a father figure even though they are colleagues now. When Sakae was still a student, only Fukada was able to see through him inspiring him to become a better person promising that he’ll always be there for Sakae. Their reunion was a big shock for both that send them to examining their feelings for each other with Sakae holding on to the promise he was given years before.

The flow of the story was enjoyable from the start until that sweet ending. I thought it was more on the line of student – teacher affair but the premise of this one is much better methings. There are no awkward scenarios at all – just fluffy cotton candy clouds and rainbow butterflies all around them. Another uber-sweet yaoi romance for ya’ll sappy souls!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published October 11th 2011 by Digital Manga Publishing (first published August 5th 2008)