Euro Vacay Day 4-6: Praha In My Mind.

After spending Christmas in Berlin, I headed straight to Prague and took the bus via Flixbus from Berlin Central Bus Station to Prague (ÚAN Florenc Bus Station) which is about four and half hours only. It was still midday when I made it to the capital city of the beautiful country of the Czech Republic. I always tell anyone that Prague is my most favorite part of my trip in Europe. It’s so unforgettable for me too because just when I was about to board the train on my way to my hostel, I suddenly got a very upset stomach. It felt like a full-blown diarrhea to be honest, and I was almost beside myself during that several minutes train ride, and when I got to the station, I couldn’t seem to find a water closet! I felt like my sweat was dripping all over my body despite of the cold and had goosebumps all over my body – lol, ya know that feeling? Ugh. It was horrible. I was even contemplating of paying a hundred euros to any establishment that would allow me to use their WC hahaha! ‘Kept on checking Google maps and I’ve realized that it would take me 20 more minutes of walking to get to the hostel ( I never considered a tram ride because I’m not confident that there won’t be any accident.) It was really horrifying, but looking back – it’s actually something that made my trip even more exciting! Lol.

So I was able to make it to my beautiful hostel, the Czech Inn. I absolutely loved this hostel! It’s very cozy, cheap and the staff are amazing! And after calming myself upon my hurried check-in, I’ve realized that it was only a minute walk to Krymska Station ( a tram station) which could practically take you anywhere in Prague.) They also offer a buffet breakfast for 6 euro, (not sure if they do for lunch and dinner too, though) and I’d say it’s pretty much worth it. I wouldn’t mind staying with them again next time.

This is my hostel, Czech Inn – I cannot wait to go stay with them the next time I visit Prague!
I was the first one that day! This is an okay set-up for me. I’m a budget traveler and loved meeting people and their bed are just so comfy!
St. Vitus Cathedral

I never planned anything on my trip here in this beautiful city. I mean, I’ve read a few things about it on the net and since it’s only a few hours from Berlin, I might as well visit it right? Little did I know that I would fall in love with the fairy tale vibe of the city with its cobblestone streets, palaces, cathedral and its beautiful people! Walking through the Charles Bridge, seeing the grandeur of the Prague Castle, the St. Vitus Cathedral, the John Lennon Wall, the Jewish Museum, and watching a lively concert in the Old Town Square. I was so glad that I never passed the chance to visit this city. Strolling around it felt like being given a gift during that holiday. It was definitely a very worthy stop and a must-see city when you go visit Europe.

I just loved my ever reliable tripod!
Charles Bridge from afar.
The Jewish Museum – Ceremonial Hall
Charles Bridge
The view from Charles Bridge
At the Lesser Town
Checking out the John Lennon Wall. I should’ve brought a sharpie!
Stopping by this beautiful scenery on my way back to my hostel!
The Old Town!
Christmas is still in the air!
Ugh. The food!
Had a bit of these for dinner.
I even bought a jacket a the Palladium because they were on sale!


With Ondrej Glogar who’s busking showing his skills with a Didgeridoo! What an amazing talent! See video below:

Taking a last look at this wonderful city!
Wearing the jacket I bought on sale at the Palladium! Haha!
Going to the bus station for FlixBus to take me to a quick stop to Vienna in the morning!

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