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My Miss Universe 2013 Top 15 Picks After The Preliminary Competition

 Most of the ladies who made my final hot picks based solely on their performance on the Evening Gown and the Swimsuit competition are already touted to make the cut. There’s a couple of surprises and sadly, some few mishaps from some favorites. Here are my top 15 girls who impresses me the most during the preliminary that was held last Tuesday.

Miss Ukraine  Olga Strorozhenko is back on top!

Miss Ukraine Olga Strorozhenko is back on top!

Average: 94.42%

Ukraine came on stage like she owned it! She was perfect in both presentation and she knows how to work the stage. I won’t mind her winning it all because her beauty is just beyond. The crucial Q&A would only be her pitfall once she entered the Top 5 which is inevitable. Her beauty and demeanor reminds me of Rozanna Purcell (Miss Ireland, 2010) but her’s the sweeter version.

Russia - Elmira Abdrazakov

Russia – Elmira Abdrazakov

Average: 94.38%

Despite her homecourt advantage, I’m glad that Elmira didn’t just stand there doing nothing. This girl wanted to make her country proud and you can just feel it. She’s confident, young and vibrant. I won’t complain if she end up winning the Diamond Nexus crown on Saturday.

Israel -  Titi Yitayish Ayanaw

Israel – Titi Yitayish Ayanaw

Average: 94.25%

She’s obviously the strongest black delegate this year and she’s working all the press she’s gotten during the preliminary. It just worries me that she’s almost channeling Leila Lopes in both segment, this could either break her or make her win the judges’ hearts. Regardless, she’s a shoo-in for the semis.

Brazil - Jakelyne Oliveira

Brazil – Jakelyne Oliveira

Average: 94.17%

Jakelyne is Bodine Koehler in every level during the prelims. Her stance, her girth, her body and just the way she carries herself. She’s almost too perfect. She’s got a high score from me but I’m worried. I hope my instinct’s wrong. This girl’s amazing!

Philippines - Ariella Arida

Philippines – Ariella Arida

Average: 93.99%

I’ve nothing but praises for our girl Ara. Miss Philippines delivered what was expected from her! The twirl during the Swimsuit segment was an O-M-G moment and she exudes such elegance wearing that yellow evening gown. Our girl’s a shoo-in for the semis that I could tell you!

 Poland – Paulina Krupinska

Poland – Paulina Krupinska

Average: 93.94%

Poland already made a statement as one of the frontrunners all throughout the competition and last Tuesday sealed her semifinal placement with that ever-so endearing and captivating beauty. A back to back for Poland!

 Spain – Patricia Yurena Rodriguez

Spain – Patricia Yurena Rodriguez

Average: 93.64%

You can tell that Spain has been waiting for this moment and you can also see how polished she has become over the years after her Top 15 Semifinals stint in Miss World 2008. I find her too polished to begin with but she sure is ready to conquer the Universe this time.

Puerto Rico - Monic Perez

Puerto Rico – Monic Perez

Average: 93.13%

Monic has been one of my favorite girls even before she arrived in Moscow. She came prepared and I guess I was expecting too much from her and was slightly disappointed during the swimsuit segment. Nevertheless, she bounced back with her evening gown presentation and my faith in her was restored. Go Monic!

Nicaragua - Nastassja Bolivar

Nicaragua – Nastassja Bolivar

Average: 92.99%

Prior to the preliminary competition, Nicaragua was nowhere near my Top 30 but when she strutted with that gold evening gown number and flaunted her amazing catwalk during the swimsuit round – boy, was I dumbfounded! Nicaragua’s the biggest revelation for me! It’ll be a sin not to include her in the semis. Ooh, she also won the award for having the best national costume!

Czech Republic – Gabriela Kratochvilova

Czech Republic – Gabriela Kratochvilova

Average: 92.76%

Gabriela stood out because of her black short hairdo. This girl radiates beauty and positivity. You can’t deny her a semis spot!

Venezuela - Gabriela Isler

Venezuela – Gabriela Isler

Average: 92.69%

Another Gabriela, this time created by THE Osmel Sousa. She’s a Miss Venezuela and as expected – she delivered!

Dominican Republic – Yaritza Reyes

Dominican Republic – Yaritza Reyes

Average: 92.55%

Yaritza’s too polished not to be notice but I’m worried because she’s SO Ruth Ocumarez. Not because she’s got dark skin but because she’s like Ruth. Almost too perfect! Yes, I’m giving her the Ruth Ocumárez Award. 😦 (she’s still on my Top 15 though)

Croatia – Melita Fabecic

Croatia – Melita Fabecic

Average: 92.49%

If she wanted to be notice, Melita needs to step it up on Saturday once called in the semis. She needs to have spark! Mere beauty would only get her that far. I’m rooting for ya girl!

Turkey – Berrin Keklikler

Turkey – Berrin Keklikler

Average: 92.49%

Berrin could be the dark horse of this competition. She’s sweet, young and fresh!

USA - Erin Brady

USA – Erin Brady

Average: 92.45%

I was a bit disappointed by her presentation in both segment. I thought it was weak and she was barely there. I still gave her a relatively high score enough to make my Top 15 cause I know that Erin’s better than what she have shown during the prelims! C’mon now, you were my Top pick last week! Bring it girl!

Who are your top 15 guys?

My Miss Universe 2013 Top 15 4th Hot Picks

Erin Brady clinching the top spot is not a real shocker because she could really win this!

Erin Brady clinching the top spot is not a real shocker because she could really win this!

She’s a hot favorite to win the Miss Universe crown ever since she won the Miss USA pageant and I can see why. She’s got the facial beauty of Olivia Culpo, the sensuous glare of Dayana Mendoza, the elegance of Leila Lopes and the x factor of Ximena Navarette. I don’t really mind her winning a back to back for the US cuz’ she’s so worth it!

Russia's  Elmira Abdrazakova and Ariella Arida of the Philippines

Russia’s Elmira Abdrazakova and Ariella Arida of the Philippines

Hometown girl Elmira is too hard to ignore. Her multiracial beauty is simply captivating and with her home turf advantage, she could very well be on her way to the crown if she can pull enough steam until the finale.

Meanwhile, my girl Ariella Arida stepped it up big time and I cannot believe that over a period of just one week – she was able to deliver the goods for an impending top 5 finish and if she’s lucky, maybe the third crown for the Philippines! You go girl!

4. Ukraine - Olga Strorozhenko 5. Poland - Paulina Krupinska 6. Puerto Rico - Monic Perez

4. Ukraine – Olga Strorozhenko
5. Poland – Paulina Krupinska
6. Puerto Rico – Monic Perez

7. Australia - Olivia Wells  8.  France – Hinarani de Longeaux 9. Croatia - Melita Fabecic

7. Australia – Olivia Wells
8. France – Hinarani de Longeaux
9. Croatia – Melita Fabecic
10. Israel – Titi Yitayish Ayanaw 11. Czech Republic - Gabriela Kratochvilova 12. Turkey - Berrin Keklikler

10. Israel – Titi Yitayish Ayanaw
11. Czech Republic – Gabriela Kratochvilova
12. Turkey – Berrin Keklikler

13. Spain - Patricia Yurena Rodriguez 14. Venezuela - Gabriela Isler 15. Dominican Republic - Yaritza Reyes

13. Spain – Patricia Yurena Rodriguez
14. Venezuela – Gabriela Isler
15. Dominican Republic – Yaritza Reyes

new entries on the list is Spain with the return of Dominican Republic, Czech Republic and Australia.
pictures via missuniverse

My Miss Universe 2013 Top 15 Second Hot Picks!

Monic is reigning still as my Top Pick for this year's Miss Universe crown!

Monic Perez of Puerto Rico is reigning still as my Top Pick for this year’s Miss Universe crown!

1. Puerto Rico‘s undeniable charisma and sex appeal keeps other girls from claiming the top spot from her two hot picks in a row now. Every single chance I had, I am checking forums, blogs and just plain searching and Monic as I see it is the most consistent. This girl’s the one to beat at the moment!

2. Erin Brady is an upgrade from last year’s winner and the reigning Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. Had Brady won the Miss USA crown last year, everyone will be at peace at the loss of Janine ( myself included) at last year’s Miss Universe (but let’s move on LOL). Erin is tall, feisty, charming and has a great personality. A back to back win is not far-fetched but it’s kinda risky 🙂 *wink*

3. Olga Strozhenko of Ukraine remains to be one of my favorites. This girl is pure class and elegance in the real sense of the world. ‘girl doesn’t have a bad angle!

4. Croatia’s Melita Fabecic will be a surefire hit in Russia. She’s young and was declared the most beautiful woman in Croatia and she’s European! She’s got everything going for her!

5. Whulandary Herman of Indonesia is probably the best Indonesian delegate to represent Indonesia in any international beauty pageant EVER! This girl’s a freaking supermodel! If an Asian could win this pageant if it is to be held tomorrow, hands down – she’s got it in the bag!

Top 2 -15


6. Russia – Elmira Abdrazakova
7. Israel – Yityish Aynaw
8. Dominican Republic – Yaritza Reyes
9. France – Hinarani de Longeaux
10. Venezuela – Maria Gabriela Isler
11. Peru – Cindy Mejia Santa Maria
12. Poland – Paulina Krupinska
13. Philippines – Ariella Arida
14. Brazil – Jakelyne Oliveira
15. Italy – Luna Isabella Voce

Who’s you favorite this year?

My Miss Universe 2013 Top 15 First Hot Picks!

October signaled the start of the Miss Universe season where one lucky lady will be crown the most beautiful woman in the Universe  at the beautiful city of Moscow, Russia come November 9. A few days from now, delegates from all over the world will be arriving in Moscow hoping to succeed the title and crown of reigning queen, Olivia Culpo of the United States. As I’m typing this, a lot of hot picks have been created at forums, blogs and pageant sites alike and yours truly also came up with my first hot picks – choosing my top 15 favorites pre-arrival and analyzing the lady who’s most likely to win it. Here are my top15 ladies and gents…

my first hot picks for Top15

my first hot picks for Top15


My numero uno for the crown at this stage goes to Monic Perez of Puerto Rico. After the heartbreaking non-placement of Bodine last year (whom I predicted to win last year-ouch!)  – they are now back with a vengeance crowning this alluring latin goddess to compete with the best in Russia. Last year, Bodine may have been hyped to death with a disappointing outcome but with or without hype for Monic – this girl cannot be ignored. Puerto Rico will bounce back big this time.

2.Ukraine – Olga StrozhenkoUkraine

Olga’s ethereal beauty may just be the biggest threat to anyone trying to win the crown – Monic included. ‘Girl is almost perfect that I feel that it could also be her downfall. But hey, Ukraine has a good track record – what Olesya Stefanko failed to accomplish in 2011 could be Olga’s destiny this year.

3. Dominican Republic – Yaritza Reyes

photo by Rafael Rivas

photo by Rafael Rivas

I think it’s high time that a lady from Dominican Republic be recognized yet again and enter the semis! After Ada placing runner up to Stefania – the Dominican ladies went MIA from the last three years. This year, though, they are sending quite stunning queen who could also win it all.

my top 4 - 15

my top 4 – 15

4. Russia – Elmira Abdrazakova
5. Croatia – Melita Fabecic
6. USA – Erin Brady
7. Colombia – Lucia Aldana
8. Poland – Paulina Krupinska
9. Italy – Luna Isabella Voce
10. Israel – Yityish Aynaw
11. Australia – Olivia Wells
12. Czech Republic – Gabriela Kratochvilova
13. France – Hinarani de Longeaux
14. Indonesia – Whulandary Herman
15. Venezuela – Maria Gabriela Isler

Who are on your hot picks?

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