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Book Review: Feeling the Rhythm (Conquest #7) – S.J. Frost

Feeling The Rythym[Book 7 of Conquest Series]

Finally, the lone single guy from Conquest is revealing his own story and his journey to love isn’t easier than the rest of his band mates. Conquest laidback drummer Brad Delfini has had bad decisions in the past that he’d rather forget and keep buried. He was struggling and a call from Evan Arden brought him back to the spotlight with the famed rock band, Conquest. Since then, he’s got everything he’s ever wanted but he’s still yearning for that one thing.

Remmy Laurent has been on the road with different bands for years since he graduated high school. Now at the end of Conquest’s world tour, he finally decided to call it quits and bring some normalcy back into his life. Working with Conquest hasn’t been that easy especially working close by Brad Delfini – no matter how much he’s in love with the guy, he knows that it’s futile because Brad doesn’t even know his existence.

When Jesse – surprised! – did a friendly intervention to get them together, both finally gave in to what they’ve been feeling but Brad still need to make peace with his past before building a clean slate future with Remmy.

My heart just totally bled for Brad when he was telling Remmy about his past. That was just heartbreaking for the young Brad and totally devastating. I’m so glad that he was able to bounce back from his first love and first heartache.

Brad has always been an interesting character since his arrival in the second book. He was slick and very chill. I was almost sure that he’s straight and was glad to find out that there’s something more about him than meets the eye.

Remmy on the other was pretty much likable in every sense of the word. I mean this guy is ridiculously nice and pretty much a saint through and through. I’m glad that after the fiasco back in the third book, he finally got his own love story and had Brad as his man. It was so ridiculously sweet to finally see him getting what he’s been wishing for (remember his conversation with Robbie?).

Now ending this book, I really have to say that this has been a solid journey for the author. I was tickled to the bones when I found out that we will have Shunichi and Brandon’s story next in line and I’m hoping that we’d get one for Tanner too!!! ^_^

Brad and Remmy’s story like the rest of the series has so far exceeded my expectation. These guys are all wonderful and I’m glad that their story keeps on evolving. Any fans of the series would definitely get a kick enjoying this installment immensely.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Book Review: Heartstrings (Conquest #6) – S.J. Frost

Heartstrings[Book 6 of Conquest Series]

This book has new characters in store for fans of the Conquest series. Nicholas “Las” Lamont was a renowned violinist whose passion for music started to fade a long time ago. He’s looking for something new that will re-awaken said passion.

Quinn Patrick and his Scottish rock band, Lions Rampant lives for music. Upon meeting Las, mutual attraction ensues and Quinn sees something in Las that he yearns to find out.

With their growing affection for each other, will Las be able to open his heart not only to music but to love as well?

This was a very well written book and I loved these new characters especially the childish and naughty Tanner. Oh gawd, please give that kid his own story!!!! ASAP!!!!

The story was very well developed with Las finding his way again into recapturing his passion for playing and finding love at the same time. I also adore Quinn’s nurturing nature towards Tanner and his passion for what he’s doing. It was a solid story yet again from S.J. Frost and fans of the series will totally go gaga for this.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Ms.Frost – gimme Tanner’s story please…. ^_^

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Book Review: American Love Songs – Ashlyn Kane

American Love SongsAmerican Love Songs has a very nice touch of realism that lets you see the life behind pop superstars and the likes before they became public’s property. The story was told through Jake Brenner’s perspective. He’s an openly gay member of the aspiring rock band Wayward Sons hoping to make it big. Young and “has too many wild oats to sow to fall in love”­ – Jake’s world suddenly turned into oblivion when the band signed their new lead guitarist Parker McAvoy. Dorky, talented and mysterious Parker knows all about Jake’s conquest and he’s not gay as everyone presumed – until Jake discovered all the layers of Parker’s past. What would it take for Parker to overlook Jake’s philandering past and give him a chance in love?

I loved the first half of this novel. I thought Jake’s character was very realistic and very charming. I loved that it’s also relevant and there’s vibrancy with each character – his band members, his family and the rest of the secondary characters. Parker on the other hand was equally adorable but I didn’t get the drift of his past. It was almost predictable at first but for some reasons, it feels like the author decided to go heavy on the religious undertone to his character. I didn’t get that at all. There was no consistency in his character.

The pacing of the latter part also became excruciatingly slow I almost find myself skimming the pages especially with their rather brow-raising sexual arrangement. Perhaps, it was in the characterization of Parker’s character that doesn’t sit well with me very much. I wished it was just the gay thing and not an elaborate story about choosing a boy over his family. The former reason would’ve been sufficient for the plot and it would still blend in beautifully with the development of the story. It’s a good story – not as grand as the Conquest series by SJ Frost but it’s alright. And the title – it’s a beautiful one but totally wasted.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Book Review: Model Love – S.J. Frost

18664798It wasn’t the characters that drowned this story into nothingness but it’s the thinly veiled plot that didn’t deliver its characters the story they deserved. I’m actually very disappointed with it especially after reading the first three books of the Conquest series. I was like, “the same author wrote this right?” – What seriously just happened?

The story simply goes like this – Ian used to be a successful model whose life turned upside down after the death of his twin brother who also happened to be a model. Encourage by his friend and former agent to take some time off from his new day job as a waiter (and from grieving going on three years now) he found himself in Bora Bora with the beautiful islander Temaru who helped him realized a lot of things which includes letting go of his grief, guilt and his heart in order to fall in love again. And sadly folks, it stopped there. They fell in love, Ian got back on his feet and then it ends. I was like, “that’s it?” Yes, the story totally lacks development. It was a lazy novel yes but I think this was simply a fluke on the author’s part given the greatness that is the Conquest series.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Book Review: Keys To Love – S.J. Frost

8524793[Book 3 of the Conquest Series]

“He’s shown me things I never saw before. We went camping and I peed outside! And we had sex outside, too! Have you ever had sex outside? Of course you have. Look who I’m talking to. But I never had and it was amazing!”

The third installment of this series centers on the band’s keyboardist Julian Forrester and his quest for love. With everyone (aside from Brad) finding their special someone, Julian is feeling left out in the romance department. Then he meets music teacher Morgan Chandler who works as a roadie for their first solo world tour. Morgan have had a crush on Julian for so long prior to him getting the job and getting the opportunity to be near the guy opens a lot of possibility for him. Now, will this encounter turn into something more?

Now see, the beauty of a great story is how an author is able to create an attachment between his characters and his readers. This story like the first two books has that. In this installment, I immediately fell into the charm of Julian and his laidback innocence. I was also easily smitten by Morgan’s sense of responsibility and yeah – he’s a total babe too. LOL

What’s so good about this story is that it was not overly sappy. It’s just right and then there’s the gang. Jesse’s still driving the crazy train (he’s just so adorbs!) and still got that personality we come to love from him. The reason I’m giving this one short of five stars is because I feel that it was prolonged a bit considering its very thin plot. I’ve no serious complaints about that though. It was still, overall a very good read that I’m sure fans of the series would enjoy! I know I did.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Review: No Fear – S.J. Frost

7743539[Book 2 of the Conquest Series]

Wow. What an incredible follow up to Jesse and Evan’s story. In this second installment of the Conquest series, the author introduced a bunch of secondary characters – some interesting; the others are flat out ridiculous.  Anyway, the story goes on for our beloved couple [the superstar couple]. Jesse’s still cocky as hell and Evan’s still incredibly stoic and overly attentive towards Jesse. This book is basically their coming out story. I honestly can’t at these two. I love how the whole dealio about stupid Trish was finally put to rest. Gosh, that girl is exhausting. She totally grated on my nerves. What I also appreciate in this sequel is how more carefree Jesse is. He’s acting a bit childish at times but he’s still funny at the same time – childish in a good way is all I’m saying. He’s definitely a character I’d remember for a long time.

I loved how solid this sequel is despite the many dynamics that open with different characters involved.  The story is definitely meatier. I actually find it ridiculous that it’s just only now that I discovered this series. I’d definitely go check out the rest of it what with the first two being so great and all.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Review: Conquest – S.J. Frost

7052147Jesse Alexander is an aspiring rock-star who really thinks that his band Conquest would someday conquer the world if and when given a chance. Then he meets Evan Arden, his idol who disappeared from the limelight at the height of his career. Music takes its course and emotions took control – is Jesse ready to sacrifice his rising star for love? Is Evan willing to come out again and literally face the music and the beat of his heart?

I really, really adore this book! It was actually S.J. Frost’s first novel and man’ what a great debut novel released in 2009. Jesse is just so adorable and is impossible to resists. I love his characterization her – his passion, his artistry and his over-the-top self-confidence! I also appreciate how the author made Evan’s character equally delectable. The story was beautifully written from the point of view of the couple. It started from when they met each other to the development of their mutual attraction. I wished there was more to the narrative about the initial success of the band. What bothers me a bit though was the excessive amount of sex scenes. Or rather the prolonged sex scenes. They would’ve been okay if they were a bit shorter. Sometimes, in a couple of the scenes – I’m almost skimming them because they were just too long. That was just a minor criticism on my end though. Overall, this was a great first book in the Conquest series – one hell of a story setting the standard so high for the next books to come!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Review: A Little Bit Country – S.J. Frost

fanmade >_@

fanmade >_@

A country star and a rock star. Two very opposite men whose rivalry has been fueled by the media for years. What will happen if this animosity turned into something neither country crooner Jackson and rock star Ash expected?

I totally loved both Ash and Jackson. The oozing chemistry and personality was there. It’s a feel-good book that makes you think that maybe this could really be happening in real life. In fact, surreal things may be happening with the celebrities we’re admiring but at the same time, they’re just normal people at the end of the day. I first read this story via the MM Romance Group’s event Hot Summer Days where it was offered for free download and I loved it back then and upon getting a copy of its full novel, I easily fell for them again. After reading the short version – I understood the reason why Jackson didn’t come out (yet) which made me a bit disappointed but I think that made the story even more realistic. Now on its full novel, I find even more beautiful the way Ash and Jackson handled their situation. I’d really like to get a a novella next time with these two in it – perhaps a wedding? Please SJ Frost… 🙂

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Free novella written for the M/M Romance group’s “Hot Summer Days” event.