Book Review: A Little Bit Country – S.J. Frost

fanmade >_@

fanmade >_@

A country star and a rock star. Two very opposite men whose rivalry has been fueled by the media for years. What will happen if this animosity turned into something neither country crooner Jackson and rock star Ash expected?

I totally loved both Ash and Jackson. The oozing chemistry and personality was there. It’s a feel-good book that makes you think that maybe this could really be happening in real life. In fact, surreal things may be happening with the celebrities we’re admiring but at the same time, they’re just normal people at the end of the day. I first read this story via the MM Romance Group’s event Hot Summer Days where it was offered for free download and I loved it back then and upon getting a copy of its full novel, I easily fell for them again. After reading the short version – I understood the reason why Jackson didn’t come out (yet) which made me a bit disappointed but I think that made the story even more realistic. Now on its full novel, I find even more beautiful the way Ash and Jackson handled their situation. I’d really like to get a a novella next time with these two in it – perhaps a wedding? Please SJ Frost… 🙂

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Free novella written for the M/M Romance group’s “Hot Summer Days” event.

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