Book Review: Keys To Love – S.J. Frost

8524793[Book 3 of the Conquest Series]

“He’s shown me things I never saw before. We went camping and I peed outside! And we had sex outside, too! Have you ever had sex outside? Of course you have. Look who I’m talking to. But I never had and it was amazing!”

The third installment of this series centers on the band’s keyboardist Julian Forrester and his quest for love. With everyone (aside from Brad) finding their special someone, Julian is feeling left out in the romance department. Then he meets music teacher Morgan Chandler who works as a roadie for their first solo world tour. Morgan have had a crush on Julian for so long prior to him getting the job and getting the opportunity to be near the guy opens a lot of possibility for him. Now, will this encounter turn into something more?

Now see, the beauty of a great story is how an author is able to create an attachment between his characters and his readers. This story like the first two books has that. In this installment, I immediately fell into the charm of Julian and his laidback innocence. I was also easily smitten by Morgan’s sense of responsibility and yeah – he’s a total babe too. LOL

What’s so good about this story is that it was not overly sappy. It’s just right and then there’s the gang. Jesse’s still driving the crazy train (he’s just so adorbs!) and still got that personality we come to love from him. The reason I’m giving this one short of five stars is because I feel that it was prolonged a bit considering its very thin plot. I’ve no serious complaints about that though. It was still, overall a very good read that I’m sure fans of the series would enjoy! I know I did.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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