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Miss Universe Philippines Ariella Arida’s Arrival In Moscow, Russia!

judging by the comments from our Kababayan…I’m relived and confident that Ara will truly deliver!

Ara in Moscow! video and pictures via OPMB

Ara in Moscow!
video and picture via OPMB

Miss Universe Philippines Ariella Arida’s “Controversial” Interview With Karen Davila

For those of you who are curious to watch the last kinda controversial interview of our very own Miss Universe delegate Ariella Arida, here’s that full segment of ANC’s Headstart by Karen Davila where she asked Ara about pageant related topics, different current events (pretty tough!) and some questions thrown in by the peeps from twitter.

If I’m being honest, I love how blunt Ara was during this interview. She may not be very eloquent in English but I love how she’s able to send her message across. She’s sweet and feisty at the same time and I kinda liked it! Maldita lang ang peg! Haha

Ara Arida on ANC's Headstart

And man’ what a very big transformation! my oh my, she looked insanely divine here! She’s now a major competition and the pageant world knows it! Keep it up Ara!!! I am supporting you 100% and we (the Filipino people) are behind you all the way! Mabuhay ka! #forthephilippines

Miss Philippines Ariella Arida On Her Miss Universe Profile

Here’s our girl Ariella aka Ara as she introduced herself to the world via her Miss Universe profile. It’s pretty impressive actually.

Ara via missuniverse.com

Ara via missuniverse.com

Her profile says: Ariella Arida graduated with honors from the University of the Philippines with a degree in chemistry. She is fascinated with different cultures and has a love of learning, and advocates for educating the young. In the future, Ariella aspires to become an entrepreneur, and merge her love of chemistry and research to create her own fragrance line. Since her childhood, Ariella has always had a competitive, determined and hardworking spirit.

IN HER OWN WORDS: The Filipino resiliency, and our ability to be positive despite all odds is something that my country can be proud of. 


  1. Creative and inquisitive as a young girl, Ariella would make various sweets from herbs and sell them to her classmates in grade school.
  2. Ariella one forced herself to learn how to drive stick shift for a job in just five hours, without ever driving a car before in her life.
  3. Ariella can tell the composition of any chemical compound by simply glancing at it.

She should be leaving today for Russia and I know that she would deliver so let’s hope and wish the best for her. Good luck Ariella!

My Miss Universe 2013 Top 15 Second Hot Picks!

Monic is reigning still as my Top Pick for this year's Miss Universe crown!

Monic Perez of Puerto Rico is reigning still as my Top Pick for this year’s Miss Universe crown!

1. Puerto Rico‘s undeniable charisma and sex appeal keeps other girls from claiming the top spot from her two hot picks in a row now. Every single chance I had, I am checking forums, blogs and just plain searching and Monic as I see it is the most consistent. This girl’s the one to beat at the moment!

2. Erin Brady is an upgrade from last year’s winner and the reigning Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. Had Brady won the Miss USA crown last year, everyone will be at peace at the loss of Janine ( myself included) at last year’s Miss Universe (but let’s move on LOL). Erin is tall, feisty, charming and has a great personality. A back to back win is not far-fetched but it’s kinda risky 🙂 *wink*

3. Olga Strozhenko of Ukraine remains to be one of my favorites. This girl is pure class and elegance in the real sense of the world. ‘girl doesn’t have a bad angle!

4. Croatia’s Melita Fabecic will be a surefire hit in Russia. She’s young and was declared the most beautiful woman in Croatia and she’s European! She’s got everything going for her!

5. Whulandary Herman of Indonesia is probably the best Indonesian delegate to represent Indonesia in any international beauty pageant EVER! This girl’s a freaking supermodel! If an Asian could win this pageant if it is to be held tomorrow, hands down – she’s got it in the bag!

Top 2 -15


6. Russia – Elmira Abdrazakova
7. Israel – Yityish Aynaw
8. Dominican Republic – Yaritza Reyes
9. France – Hinarani de Longeaux
10. Venezuela – Maria Gabriela Isler
11. Peru – Cindy Mejia Santa Maria
12. Poland – Paulina Krupinska
13. Philippines – Ariella Arida
14. Brazil – Jakelyne Oliveira
15. Italy – Luna Isabella Voce

Who’s you favorite this year?

Miss Universe Philippines Ariella Arida – The Transformation!

Facially, I think that Ariella’s  the strongest amongst the winners of this year’s Binibining Pilipinas Gold because she’s not too “pretty” and she has that good quality of being able to change her look with just minimal help (make up, photoshop and all.) That being said, our girl still need to work it out to find her right styling and learn her angles to be able to stand out in the bevy of international beauties come Miss Universe finals night on November 9 in Moscow, Russia.

Nicolo Cosme (credits to the owner)

Nicolo Cosme (credits to the owner)

Ara had her send-off yesterday at the Araneta Center and she did not disappoint. Our girl is finally in it to win it! She know she had such a big task to accomplish in Moscow and I’m glad she’s goin’ there in full gear – what she need now is a big HEART to win it all and ofcourse our prayers for her to capture the elusive third Miss Universe crown!

Liking the new Ara? ME: Hell Yeah!

Liking the new Ara?
ME: Hell Yeah!

via bbpilipinas

Miss Universe Philippines 2013 Ara Arida – Send Off Party Look!

Wow! I just saw the picture below posted by his handler Jonas Gaffud on instagram and I am officially sold by our girl Ara! Her styling was just perfect! She’s got the right body (not voluptuous – more like Jesinta Campbell – Miss Australia 2010 and Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes) and man’ she’s so rocking it!

Ara during her send off party today

Ara during her send off party today

Doesn’t she look ravishing? She actually kinda reminds me of Hannah Sison here (a 2013 BBP Gold contestant.) I think she’s gonna wow everyone in Russia! Go Ara you can do it!

picture credits to jonas gaffud

My Miss Universe 2013 Top 15 First Hot Picks!

October signaled the start of the Miss Universe season where one lucky lady will be crown the most beautiful woman in the Universe  at the beautiful city of Moscow, Russia come November 9. A few days from now, delegates from all over the world will be arriving in Moscow hoping to succeed the title and crown of reigning queen, Olivia Culpo of the United States. As I’m typing this, a lot of hot picks have been created at forums, blogs and pageant sites alike and yours truly also came up with my first hot picks – choosing my top 15 favorites pre-arrival and analyzing the lady who’s most likely to win it. Here are my top15 ladies and gents…

my first hot picks for Top15

my first hot picks for Top15


My numero uno for the crown at this stage goes to Monic Perez of Puerto Rico. After the heartbreaking non-placement of Bodine last year (whom I predicted to win last year-ouch!)  – they are now back with a vengeance crowning this alluring latin goddess to compete with the best in Russia. Last year, Bodine may have been hyped to death with a disappointing outcome but with or without hype for Monic – this girl cannot be ignored. Puerto Rico will bounce back big this time.

2.Ukraine – Olga StrozhenkoUkraine

Olga’s ethereal beauty may just be the biggest threat to anyone trying to win the crown – Monic included. ‘Girl is almost perfect that I feel that it could also be her downfall. But hey, Ukraine has a good track record – what Olesya Stefanko failed to accomplish in 2011 could be Olga’s destiny this year.

3. Dominican Republic – Yaritza Reyes

photo by Rafael Rivas

photo by Rafael Rivas

I think it’s high time that a lady from Dominican Republic be recognized yet again and enter the semis! After Ada placing runner up to Stefania – the Dominican ladies went MIA from the last three years. This year, though, they are sending quite stunning queen who could also win it all.

my top 4 - 15

my top 4 – 15

4. Russia – Elmira Abdrazakova
5. Croatia – Melita Fabecic
6. USA – Erin Brady
7. Colombia – Lucia Aldana
8. Poland – Paulina Krupinska
9. Italy – Luna Isabella Voce
10. Israel – Yityish Aynaw
11. Australia – Olivia Wells
12. Czech Republic – Gabriela Kratochvilova
13. France – Hinarani de Longeaux
14. Indonesia – Whulandary Herman
15. Venezuela – Maria Gabriela Isler

Who are on your hot picks?

Images credits to the owners. No copyright infringement intended.

The Curious Case Of Miss Universe Philippines Ariella Arida

Everyone is still ecstatic about Mutya Datul’s win in Belarus and the Filipino pageant fans all over the world are abuzz on the upcoming Miss World 2013 where our very own Megan Young is considered as one of the front runners, possibly giving the Philippines a back-to-back international title. On the sideline, the ever so-watched and most beloved international beauty pageant in our country, the Miss Universe (and considered the most prestigious) isn’t making that much noise – even our very own Miss Universe Philippines Ariella Arida who will be competing in Moscow come November to hopefully continue the 3-year Top 5 streak of our country in the pageant isn’t getting the hype. We all know that Ara has a very tough mission to accomplish and at the moment, not everyone is happy about her progress. I would like to think that it’s a strategy on her part to keep a low profile prior to the pageant but the pictures bubbling up every now and then are producing polarizing opinions from Filipinos and non-Filipino pageant fans alike.

Let’s rewind the evolution of Ara’s look starting when she first joined a national pageant, the Miss Philippines Earth 2012. Ara represented the Municipality of Alaminos, Laguna during the 2012 edition of Miss Philippines Earth and went home empty handed. Ara looked so fresh during her stint here – her body may not be that toned then but that face is already amazing!

Why she didn't make the cut, I honestly don't know.

Why she didn’t make the cut, I honestly don’t know.

Ara looking so glorious in white!

Ara looking so glorious in white!

I reckon that back in 2012, she doesn’t have the flirty vibe she had during the Binibining Pilipinas pageant night this year. That kinda make sense to me, tbh.

Fast forward to this year’s Binibining Pilipinas: Ara played it under the radar for me during the Binibining Pilipinas Gold season. I favored the heavy favorites Elima, De Leon, Datul and even Apuad over her and she didn’t even make it in any of my hot picks – this I have to wonder. Am I blind or just plain playing favoritism? I guess I am both. Having watched her performance live at the Araneta Coliseum, the girl skyrocketed on top of my hot picks – literally from zero to hero kind of thing. During the coronation night – she was exceptional and looking back, she may have been the most consistent girl all through out the competition.

Ara wearing two variations of the Filipiniana costume

Ara wearing two variations of the Filipiniana costume

Glamshots it is!

Glamshots it is!

Sporting a more toned body

Sporting a more toned body

Now that is what I call a non-stop perseverance from her. Even though she didn’t get any title nor awards during the 2012 Miss Philippines Earth, she still gained that experience that would catapult her on the most prestigious national beauty title – the Miss Universe Philippines.

Ara during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 about 3 months ago

Ara during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 about 3 months ago

Let’s now look at the present Ara

(NOW) Ara with Minimal make up :)

(NOW) Ara with Minimal make up 🙂

Ara With Her BBO Gold Sisters

Ara With Her BBO Gold Sisters

Ara Now TannedAra

Ara's experimentation on her look as posted by her handler Jonas Gafud

Ara’s experimentation on her look as posted by her handler Jonas Gafud

Here's Ara now. Are you loving her tan?

Here’s Ara now. Are you loving her tan?

In your opinion, is she improving or is she doing a Benjamin Button on us and isn’t getting any better? In my honest to goodness opinion, I think our girl’s doing it slowly but surely. I know that there are a lot of super-goddess delegates who will be competing in this year’s Miss Universe edition but knowing the team behind her who nurtured Venus, Shamcey and Janine – they won’t settle for anything less. Ara is keeping something from us. I just feel it in my bones. Let’s just give her the support that she needed now and the constructive criticisms that her team may apply on her. Good luck Ara, werk it FOR THE PHILIPPINES!

photo via Missosology / Opmb /BbPilipinas/ Miss Philippines Earth

Meet Miss Universe Bolivia 2013 – Alexia Viruez

Alexia Viruez, Miss Bolivia 2013

Alexia Viruez, Miss Bolivia 2013

Age: 19
Height: 5’10 1/2″

Alexia was the first runner-up in Reina Hispanoamericana 2012 and she was a favorite to win during the national pageant last year winning the rights to represent Bolivia in Miss Universe this year. This girl’s what a latina beauty is all about! I think she’s ready to rock Russia this November!

Meet Miss Universe France 2013 – Hinarani de Longeaux

Hinarani de Longeaux, Miss France 2013, first runner up

Hinarani de Longeaux, Miss France 2013, first runner up

Age: 23
Height: 5 ft 10 1⁄2″

Hailed as one of the early and still frontrunners for the Miss Universe crown this year; this Tahitian born French beauty will not be ignored  in Russia! Despite not winning the national title, destiny somehow made its way to let her compete with the best of what the world has to offer come November in Moscow. Hinarani’s glowing exotic features made her one of THE ONE TO BEAT girls for the crown and only a Bodine-Koehler robbery would deny her a place in the semis!