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Miss Philippines’ Karen Ibasco’s National Costume at the Miss Earth 2017!

Now, this is what you call a National Costume! This is probably the best Filipiniana-inspired costume by any of our past and present representative in the international pageant arena! Karen looks absolutely breathtaking in it!

This intricate costume is the creation of Louis Pangilinan. I’m not very familiar with his work but I can already tell that I’m gonna be following his works from now on.

photos from Louis Pangilinan’s Facebook page.

Miss Philippines Earth Karen Ibasco is giving her all at the Miss Earth 2017!

After the disappointing performance and attitude of Miss Philippines Imelda Schweigart last year, Manileña Karen Ibasco is all set to reversed the bad impression the embattled Schweigart left after she suffered diarrhea of the mouth and was eventually forced to resign her title, leaving the country subsequently.

87 countries are battling to become the ultimate Earth warrior and the Philippine rep is doing pretty well winning the swimsuit round in her group. Now, she needs your help for her to win a the Miss Photogenic award in the finals night on the 4th of November at the Mall of Asia Arena by voting for her via Miss Earth official Facebook Page. CLICK HER IMAGE.

This is a very strong batch and Karen knows that so she needs to bring her A-game every single time!

Does she have what it takes to become the Miss Earth 2017! Hell yeah!!!

The Curious Case Of Miss Universe Philippines Ariella Arida

Everyone is still ecstatic about Mutya Datul’s win in Belarus and the Filipino pageant fans all over the world are abuzz on the upcoming Miss World 2013 where our very own Megan Young is considered as one of the front runners, possibly giving the Philippines a back-to-back international title. On the sideline, the ever so-watched and most beloved international beauty pageant in our country, the Miss Universe (and considered the most prestigious) isn’t making that much noise – even our very own Miss Universe Philippines Ariella Arida who will be competing in Moscow come November to hopefully continue the 3-year Top 5 streak of our country in the pageant isn’t getting the hype. We all know that Ara has a very tough mission to accomplish and at the moment, not everyone is happy about her progress. I would like to think that it’s a strategy on her part to keep a low profile prior to the pageant but the pictures bubbling up every now and then are producing polarizing opinions from Filipinos and non-Filipino pageant fans alike.

Let’s rewind the evolution of Ara’s look starting when she first joined a national pageant, the Miss Philippines Earth 2012. Ara represented the Municipality of Alaminos, Laguna during the 2012 edition of Miss Philippines Earth and went home empty handed. Ara looked so fresh during her stint here – her body may not be that toned then but that face is already amazing!

Why she didn't make the cut, I honestly don't know.

Why she didn’t make the cut, I honestly don’t know.

Ara looking so glorious in white!

Ara looking so glorious in white!

I reckon that back in 2012, she doesn’t have the flirty vibe she had during the Binibining Pilipinas pageant night this year. That kinda make sense to me, tbh.

Fast forward to this year’s Binibining Pilipinas: Ara played it under the radar for me during the Binibining Pilipinas Gold season. I favored the heavy favorites Elima, De Leon, Datul and even Apuad over her and she didn’t even make it in any of my hot picks – this I have to wonder. Am I blind or just plain playing favoritism? I guess I am both. Having watched her performance live at the Araneta Coliseum, the girl skyrocketed on top of my hot picks – literally from zero to hero kind of thing. During the coronation night – she was exceptional and looking back, she may have been the most consistent girl all through out the competition.

Ara wearing two variations of the Filipiniana costume

Ara wearing two variations of the Filipiniana costume

Glamshots it is!

Glamshots it is!

Sporting a more toned body

Sporting a more toned body

Now that is what I call a non-stop perseverance from her. Even though she didn’t get any title nor awards during the 2012 Miss Philippines Earth, she still gained that experience that would catapult her on the most prestigious national beauty title – the Miss Universe Philippines.

Ara during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 about 3 months ago

Ara during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 about 3 months ago

Let’s now look at the present Ara

(NOW) Ara with Minimal make up :)

(NOW) Ara with Minimal make up 🙂

Ara With Her BBO Gold Sisters

Ara With Her BBO Gold Sisters

Ara Now TannedAra

Ara's experimentation on her look as posted by her handler Jonas Gafud

Ara’s experimentation on her look as posted by her handler Jonas Gafud

Here's Ara now. Are you loving her tan?

Here’s Ara now. Are you loving her tan?

In your opinion, is she improving or is she doing a Benjamin Button on us and isn’t getting any better? In my honest to goodness opinion, I think our girl’s doing it slowly but surely. I know that there are a lot of super-goddess delegates who will be competing in this year’s Miss Universe edition but knowing the team behind her who nurtured Venus, Shamcey and Janine – they won’t settle for anything less. Ara is keeping something from us. I just feel it in my bones. Let’s just give her the support that she needed now and the constructive criticisms that her team may apply on her. Good luck Ara, werk it FOR THE PHILIPPINES!

photo via Missosology / Opmb /BbPilipinas/ Miss Philippines Earth

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