My Top 16 Predictions For Miss Universe 2013

Miss Universe 2013 - Philippines

Heya guys! I just want to show you my predictions on how the Top 16 will look like on Saturday night at the Crocus City Hall during the culmination of the 2013 Miss Universe pageant. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve already presented my Top 15 (based on their preliminary performances) but factoring everything, things would definitely change a bit in my opinion. So here is my prediction for the magic 15 plus the people’s choice!


MISS UNIVERSE 2013: Philippines – Ariella Arida
1st Runner-up: Ukraine – Olga Storozhenko
2nd Runner-up: Russia – Elmira Abdrazakova
3rd Runner-up: Brazil – Jakelyne Oliveira
4th Runner-up:Spain – Patricia Yurena Rodriguez

TOP 10
6. Israel – Titi Ayanaw
7. Puerto Rico – Monic Perez
8. France – Hinarani de Longeaux
9. Venezuela – Gabriela Isler
10. Czech Republic – Gabriela Kratochvilova

TOP 15
11. Nicaragua – Nastassja Bolivar
12. Croatia – Melita Fabecic
13. Poland – Paulina Krupinska
14. Turkey – Berrin Keklikler
15. USA – Erin Brady

16. Azerbaijan – Aysel Manafova

(I’d like to think that either PR, PHILIPPINES or VENEZUELA will be getting the People’s Choice votes so an additional Trump Pick will come into play with debuting nation Azerbaijan as its receiver)

Your Thoughts?

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