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Miss Philippines Bea Rose Santiago Wins Miss International 2013!!!

Bea Crowning Moment

Just like what I predicted, Bea just added another honor to our country as the newly crowned Miss International! I knew it the moment she was crowned during the national pageant! We’re so proud of you Bea!!

Miss International 2013!

Miss International 2013!

Congratulations Bea!!


My Miss International 2013 Final Predictions!

A couple of days from now, Ikumi Yoshimatsu of Japan will crown her successor and the new Miss International in the culmination of  one of the “Big Four Pageants” in the beautiful country of Japan. With that being said, 67 girls are having a blast exploring Japan – Tokyo in particular where the pageant will host its finals at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Hall. And as per usual, I will let you see my final predictions in a Christmas- themed list this time 🙂

13-1515. Lorena Hermida of Colombia – Colombian’s beauty are always the ones to watch out for in this pageant. Their last win was the historical win of Jeymmy Vargas becoming the first delegate of color to win the said pageant. This time, they are sending an exotic beauty and a top 15 isn’t impossible of a task for her.

14. Chonticha Tiengtham of Thailand – Another stunner from Thailand. After their successful bid at the recently concluded Miss Earth 2013 where Punika Kulsoontornrut was proclaimed Miss Earth Water,  the Thai delegation hopes to keep the ball rolling ending the year with a bang. Chonticha is a beauty – real oriental beauty!

13. Andrea Neu of the United States Of America – I love Andrea. I think her beauty is a very interesting one. The country does not really send strong delegates in this pageant but I think Andrea has what it takes to make the semis.

10-1212. Katarzyna Oracka of Poland is yet  another stunning goddess from Poland. This country has been very consistent this year in sending beyond beautiful delegates but for some reason, they are leaving each pageant crown-less. I hope Katarzyna could end this “curse” but if she end up entering the semis – that’s not bad at all then.

11. Carmen Munoz of Dominica Republic – I love how she’s always looking fresh in every photo ops. She’s just 21 and her youthful vibe could end her vying for one of the 15 precious slots in the semis.

10. Araceli Carrilero Martínez of Spain is a shoo-in for the semis. This Albacete native does know how to work the camera and charm the locals. I won’t mind if she places higher than a semifinalist.

7-99.  Ashley Beth Perez of Puerto Rico – In the mold of Monic Perez and the mystery of Bodine Koehler, I see a beacon of hope for Puerto Rico. She’s a Miss International prototype and this kind of beauty won’t be wasted here.

8. Lucero Montemayor of Mexico – The organization has some kind of adoration to every Mexican delegates and this babe won’t be an exception.

7. Cristina Alves Da Silva of Brazil – Another favorite of the organization. I placed her at 7th because I feel that they are looking this year for personality and she’s a bit quiet for me. Let’s see…

4-66. Eleonore Lilja of Sweden and 4. Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir of Iceland – c’mon now. Who could resist the beauty of these two? They may even snatch the crown, I dunno why they’re at my 4th and 6th place – perhaps I just don’t want to jinx them. LOL

5. Elián Herrera – She’s a Miss Venezuela. End of discussion.


2nd Runner-up – Nathalie den Dekker of the Netherlands – I love this girl! I was even rooting for her during the Miss Universe 2012 and I think she’s ready to grab one of the crowns this year! I’m glad she didn’t give up right away.

1st Runner-up – Elma Segzdaviciute of Lithuania. Now if there’s one girl who’s becoming a threat for the crown, it has to be this girl. Elma is just 18 and her demeanor says so. After winning the Miss Photogenic earlier in the pageant, the target is now on her. Another Miss International prototype. If she’ll deliver come finals night  –  deal’s done.

And my Miss International winner this year (still my prediction peeps) is none other than my home-girl, Bea Rose Santiago! Bea by far is the most ready amongst the Binibining Pilipinas queens this year. And she’s the last one to have the opportunity to grab that one last crown for the Philippines (let’s discount the Miss Tourism International since it’s happening during the new year’s eve – _@)

Bea’s beautiful – CHECK! She’s articulate and smart – CHECK! She’s interesting – CHECK! She’s got the sash – CHECK! And interestingly, she was adjudged by none other than the President of the Miss International Organization during the Binibining Pilipinas coronation night so everything seems to be going in her favor. I’m not complacent though. An upset similar to what happened last year from Miss Japan could very well be the case for Bea – oh yeah and a really bad styling – ask Nicole Schmitz.

Bea Rose Santiago’s National Costume At The Miss International 2013!

credits to the owner

credits to the owner

I don’t know about you guys but this doesn’t sit well with me – not at all. It could’ve been a great terno if only she removes the fan and the hideous head dress. I still believe in Bea though. She’s really doing well in Japan 🙂

Exclusive : Bea Rose Santiago Is Very Ready To Go International!

Reigning Binibining Pilipinas – International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago is my favorite amongst the Binibining Pilipinas golden queens. Not only do I believe that she’s the most ready for her international stint, I honestly think that she could win the fifth Miss International crown for the Philippines! Here’s my short yet juicy online interview with Bea.

Bea looking so elegant and bubbly during the Binibining Pilipinas 2013 season. via binibining pilipinas fb page

Bea looking so elegant and bubbly during the Binibining Pilipinas 2013 season.
via binibining pilipinas fb page

Can you tell us where you grew up and was it always your dream to become a beauty queen?

Bea:  I grew up in Cataingan, Masbate of Masbate City, Bicol then moved when I was 15 to Toronto, Canada. After watching Miriam Quiambao’s Miss Universe pageant, I started dreaming to grow up and become a beauty queen

Binibini No 20 Bea Rose Santiago Glam Shother glam shot released by her camp Kagandahang Flores

Out of curiosity, do you carry dual citizenship having stayed in Canada for so long? I’ve asked this because I would like to know if you have tried joining Canadian beauty pageants before?

Bea: Yes I am dual. My 1st pageant was here in the Philippines 2011 (folks, she won Mutya ng Pilipinas Overseas Communities 2011 and represented the Philippines at the 2012 Miss Tourism Queen International becoming one of the finalists) I was a member though of a Can-Fil community of pageant enthusiasts who help me win my 1st national pageant.

Bea During Mutya Ng Pilipinas

You used to be a Model, which do you find easier – being a model or a beauty queen?

Bea: Yes I was signed when I was 17, I find being a beauty queen a lot harder because you become the pride of your country. It is not just beauty and brains anymore because you become a role model, a person where everyone looks up to but also can also relate to.

What are the things that you are doing in preparation for the upcoming Miss International 2013?

Bea:  Well, Binibini gave us a lot of classes that keeps us busy and will help us win like personality development, fitness classes and language classes.

Bea looking insanely divine here  photo taken by Raymon Saldana

Bea looking insanely divine here
photo taken by Raymond Saldana

You are deemed as one of the front runners in this year’s Miss International edition and your name is always on the top 10 lists practically in almost every MI hot picks, do you feel any pressure from all of this? How are you handling the expectations?

Bea: In all honesty, I actually feel motivated and excited. the Philippines always makes headlines and I know they are all waiting for the Binibini’s this year.

Do you check out the MI representatives from other countries? If yes, who do you think would be your biggest competition?

Bea: From time to time I check it. Venezuela is my biggest competition because they won Miss International than any other country.

Elián Herrera is the delegate of Venezuela for this year's Miss International!

Elián Herrera is the delegate of Venezuela for this year’s Miss International!

Given a chance to be dressed up by a Filipino designer for Miss International, Who’s it going to be and why?

Bea: If I were to be dressed by Filipino designers I would love to be dressed by Michael Cinco, Kim Gan, Rene Salud (dressed Melanie Marquez)  Francis Libiran, Carey Santiago and Albert Andrada.

Barely 3 months before the competition, how ready are you if the competition will be held tomorrow?

Bea: I’m very ready.

Who is your favorite Filipina beauty queen?

Bea: My favourite Filipino beauty queen is Margie Moran because she’s a beauty with substance.

Miss Universe 1973, Margie Moran credits to the owner

Miss Universe 1973, Margie Moran
(credits to the owner)

What would you like to say to your supporters and to your critics?

Bea: I love you and thank you for keeping me up to my toes, to not stop, to always make sure I have to always be at my best for the Philippines!

Bea Rose Kiss

Bea’s fight is indeed not only for herself but for the Philippines!

credit to the owners of each image via binibining pilipinas, missosology, saravelasco, raymond saldana, mvlanuevaera