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Articulated Barbie Basics – Model No.4 Oxana!

I was at the local ToysRUs this afternoon looking for something new when I was approached by this nice salesman telling me that the articulated Barbie Basics have just arrived recently but they only have the Model No.4 – I was elated about this news but I was actually waiting for the ice-blonde one. Anyhoo, when I saw the Model No.4, I was like in awe! She’s very pretty and she’s got this super glamorous aura that I do not have in any of my dolls. I decided to buy it but when I was at the counter, I kept thinking if I should wait for the blonde one. Anyways, I decided to postpone buying it because I don’t think I would like her as much as I love the blonde one in pictures.


Just about 3 hours ago though, I went to a mall near my place to watch Contagion which is pretty good by the way and can’t stop thinking about the doll. So before the movie starts in about 30mins, I decided to go check their toy store and I’m so lucky to find her there! Yay! I was told by the cashier personnel that RICHWELL Trading (the local distributor of Barbie here) only released about a hundred piece of the Model No.4 and that’s the only release that they’ve gotten so far (no news about the other two). So right there and then, I decided to buy this beauty because I might regret not buying it and now I feel so happy about her being part of the family.

Retail Price: P1,599.75 = US$37

Retail Price: P1,599.75 = US$37

I decided to name her Oxana because she reminds me of Oxana Fedorova who’s a Russian beauty queen who won the 2002 Miss Universe Pageant but was later dethroned. I think the name suits her so well!

Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe Winner 2002 (dethroned)

Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe Winner 2002 (dethroned)


I took some not so good pictures of her inside the box. I’m still deciding whether to debox her or not but ofcourse, I won’t be able to control myself so probably, by any second now – she’ll be out. For now though, enjoy the first pictures I took of her.

– dollsontop

PetWORKS Competition Event: AE You! Design A Momoko Doll!!

Yes, You’ve read it right! PetWORKS – the creator of Momoko Doll is having a “design a momoko doll” competition where in the winning entries will be put into production! How awesome is that?!

I myself is actually joining this competition and will be sending my entry and I am also hoping to win! Momoko dolls are getting way expensive so I’d love to get myself some custom made and “free” doll since the winner of this event would have their winning doll as well. (haha. I am just assuming here that I’d win – if not, I’ll keep on salivating on these dolls LMAO)

The contest started last September 9 and will end on September 29 (last day of sending your entries peeps!)

How To Apply / Rules.

Download the application form (it’s the doll sketch) where in your just have to put your infos. Here’s the LINK where you can download it. (see pics below)

Momoko1Design your momoko doll as a complete doll with clothing, accessories, shoes, make-up, hair, eyes color and everything. Design a complete doll! I’d say design your dream momoko doll!

The design should be original and unpublished of course.

Send your entries at design@petworks.co.jp (I am actually having a hard time understanding their website so I supposed that you can only send one entry/person)

Here are some examples of the winning entries from their last event of the same nature, Momoko Doll Dream Design Competition.

Here’s PetWORKS website for more detailed info regarding the competition.

1111111 Poppy

Poppy Garden

111 Gradient

Gradient Of Love

11111 Desert


photos are property of PetWORKS. No copyright infringement intended.

– dollsontop

Dolls On Top: Going ABJD!

Okay, so I am now planning to buy my very first ball jointed doll but I’m still researching about them. First thing that I’ve learned about ’em is how expensive they are! haha! So there, first thing I’ve got to do is save! I was actually offered a baby abjd which I think was priced pretty reasonable however, my doll budget was not enough since I’ve to pay something for my school. *cry* too bad. I’m okay with it now since I will have more time to find the right doll for me.

So far, I was thinking of getting a boy abjd. Perhaps it’s because I do not have any boy doll yet or they’re just way too cute to ignore. LOL.

I have checked the ManikaManila Livejournal community and I’ve learned so much about Asian Ball Jointed Dolls and those doll pictures are just way too gorgeous! At the moment, I’ve three dolls in mind from three different websites selling ball jointed dolls.

They are:

Gentle Soori from Iplehouse 

Gentle Soori from Iplehouse

I am so inlove with his delicate features and tamed face-up! And the color of his hair reminds me of my hair when I was a college freshy! LOL

Gentle Soori from Iplehouse 2

Luke Version No.1 from Dream Of Doll

The youthful vibe of Luke is what enchant me the most about him. And his gray eyes. I was told though by someone that If ever I will be ordering a basic doll, I should not expect the same pair of eye because they come in random.Oh well, we’ll see.

Luke Version No.1 from Dream Of Doll 2

Luke Version No.1 from Dream Of Doll

And lastly, the super adorable FOF Hucky from Peak Woods
FOF Hucky from Peak Woods 2
FOF Hucky from Peak Woods
I’m sorry but who could resist this little cutie???
So there, these are my options now. They’re pretty expensive but I think they’re worth it. I hope to get one of them before Christmas though! Yay!
I do not own any of the pictures above. Courtesy of Iplehouse, Dream Of Doll and Peak Woods.
– dollsontop

Calista Reborn: Rebodying A Calista BFC Doll!

I was so happy that I was finally able to get a body for my Calista doll that I bought a couple of months ago. I was inspired by Niel’s Doll Room post regarding his Aleisha BFC Ink doll that he re-bodied and turned it into a really beautiful mature doll!

This time though, I’m doing it with my Calista doll. I’ve been going back and forth to a nearby thrift store and I finally spotted this articulated AA Barbie (?) that I figured will match Calista’s head! And look what she turned into….



I renamed her, Leila – in honor of the Miss Universe winner from Angola, Miss Leila Lopes.



My only problem right now is finding her some shoes! She has very big feet! If I’m unable to find one, I guess I have to make ‘em myself. LOL


FYI: Calista is only my second AA doll, I’m still in search of many colored divas that I find really beautiful!

– dollsontop

Articulated Barbie Basics and Barbie Fashionista Body Comparison

I finally took Oxana out of her box and made a body comparison between her and the Barbie Fashionista Artsy.

Artsy’s body is fuller compared to Oxana’s body although the latter was a bit taller.



I was a bit disappointed deboxing Oxana because her shoes aren’t that firm/strong. Her arms are a bit difficult to pose and she’s got some plastic sewn on her hair and I really had a hard time removing it.

What the heck is this?

What the heck is this?

After removing the plastic. She's still very pretty though

After removing the plastic. She’s still very pretty though

I’m planning to re-dressed her and take some good pictures of her(hopefully) haha. She now reminds me of a latina Miss Universe contestant…I won’t rename her though. She’s still Oxana to me.

– dollsontop