PetWORKS Competition Event: AE You! Design A Momoko Doll!!

Yes, You’ve read it right! PetWORKS – the creator of Momoko Doll is having a “design a momoko doll” competition where in the winning entries will be put into production! How awesome is that?!

I myself is actually joining this competition and will be sending my entry and I am also hoping to win! Momoko dolls are getting way expensive so I’d love to get myself some custom made and “free” doll since the winner of this event would have their winning doll as well. (haha. I am just assuming here that I’d win – if not, I’ll keep on salivating on these dolls LMAO)

The contest started last September 9 and will end on September 29 (last day of sending your entries peeps!)

How To Apply / Rules.

Download the application form (it’s the doll sketch) where in your just have to put your infos. Here’s the LINK where you can download it. (see pics below)

Momoko1Design your momoko doll as a complete doll with clothing, accessories, shoes, make-up, hair, eyes color and everything. Design a complete doll! I’d say design your dream momoko doll!

The design should be original and unpublished of course.

Send your entries at (I am actually having a hard time understanding their website so I supposed that you can only send one entry/person)

Here are some examples of the winning entries from their last event of the same nature, Momoko Doll Dream Design Competition.

Here’s PetWORKS website for more detailed info regarding the competition.

1111111 Poppy

Poppy Garden

111 Gradient

Gradient Of Love

11111 Desert


photos are property of PetWORKS. No copyright infringement intended.

– dollsontop

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