Dolls On Top: Going ABJD!

Okay, so I am now planning to buy my very first ball jointed doll but I’m still researching about them. First thing that I’ve learned about ’em is how expensive they are! haha! So there, first thing I’ve got to do is save! I was actually offered a baby abjd which I think was priced pretty reasonable however, my doll budget was not enough since I’ve to pay something for my school. *cry* too bad. I’m okay with it now since I will have more time to find the right doll for me.

So far, I was thinking of getting a boy abjd. Perhaps it’s because I do not have any boy doll yet or they’re just way too cute to ignore. LOL.

I have checked the ManikaManila Livejournal community and I’ve learned so much about Asian Ball Jointed Dolls and those doll pictures are just way too gorgeous! At the moment, I’ve three dolls in mind from three different websites selling ball jointed dolls.

They are:

Gentle Soori from Iplehouse 

Gentle Soori from Iplehouse

I am so inlove with his delicate features and tamed face-up! And the color of his hair reminds me of my hair when I was a college freshy! LOL

Gentle Soori from Iplehouse 2

Luke Version No.1 from Dream Of Doll

The youthful vibe of Luke is what enchant me the most about him. And his gray eyes. I was told though by someone that If ever I will be ordering a basic doll, I should not expect the same pair of eye because they come in random.Oh well, we’ll see.

Luke Version No.1 from Dream Of Doll 2

Luke Version No.1 from Dream Of Doll

And lastly, the super adorable FOF Hucky from Peak Woods
FOF Hucky from Peak Woods 2
FOF Hucky from Peak Woods
I’m sorry but who could resist this little cutie???
So there, these are my options now. They’re pretty expensive but I think they’re worth it. I hope to get one of them before Christmas though! Yay!
I do not own any of the pictures above. Courtesy of Iplehouse, Dream Of Doll and Peak Woods.
– dollsontop

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