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My Top 10 Collections From The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013

A rather swift yet stylish week went by with the best Filipino designers showcasing their genius in the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 Season. Models, celebrities, fashion bloggers, the media and all shape and sizes of fashion lovers marched on at the SMX Convention center taking the time to witness the presentation of our world-class talents. With the heat of the summer (night and day literally,) our designers took the runway like hurricane enthralling the audience on the future of Philippine Fashion. With that being said, here are my 10 favorite collections of the season!

No. 10 Magnum’s LUXE WEAR collection by Sidney Perez  – Sio

This collection may have been the most cohesive collection presented this season. The minimalist attack of Perez-Sio  dramatically captured the essence of its somehow lucid soft grey pieces that may work well in casual to formal occasions! Also, it is very pleasing and fresh to the eyes!

Sidney Perez Sio

No.9  Grand Allure Collection by Mark Tamayo

Using black, red and white sheer, Tamayo essentially dressed up her models to showcased their heavenly feminine figures. Bravo!

Mark Tamayo

No.8 Michael Cinco’s The Impalpable Dream of Russia”

Dreamy and royal! THE Michael Cinco never fail to impress me! REPOST: The Dubai-based designer presented his newest collection which he calls “The Impalpable Dream Of Russia” and the pieces are just to die for. From the crystal embellishment of each dress to the cuts and intricate artworks – these pieces are something we’d only see in our dreams but Cinco’s genius gave us the pleasure of experiencing this into reality! Bravo!

Michael Cinco

No. 7 Zxnader Tan for Menswear

Military inspired pieces were strutted by Zxander Tan’s warriors (models) and they are just oozing with appeal. Comfy, hip and just pure stylish! These are happening NOW!

Zxander Tan

No. 6 Katutubo Collections by Gerry Katigbak

Using fabrics out of local Pinya and Jusi, the gothic feel of his take on the old barong tagalog may have been a bit too much for some but I just loved it! Katigbak’s take on our national costume is modern, provocative and still is, conservative enough. These are for modern Filipino men.

Gerry Katigbak

No. 5 Ulysses King for Menswear

I literally got chills watching this collection in the ramp. Ulysses King is an innovateur that doesn’t run out of ideas – ever! These somewhat religious-inspired pieces are creepy yet fascinating (that’s how they made me feel ). The well-tailored lining are the works of a master and Ulysses yet again delivered!

Ulysses King

No. 4 Magnum’s LUXE WEAR collection by Anthony Ramirez

While I’m not a fan of his ladies collection, I reckon that if he did “menswear” this season, it would’ve been one of the most lauded. His suits are to die for!

Anthony Ramirez

No.3 Norman Noriega for Menswear

I love this collection! The overcast look of it is easy in the eye. It’s streetwear – perfection if you ask me.

Norman Noriega

2. Arnold Galang for Menswear

When his pieces came out of the runway, I immediately thought “S & M?” The details are masterfully crafted, the idea of a contrasting black and white floored the audience without even seeing the rest of the designers of the night. I daresay that Arnold Galang had the best Menswear collection this season.

Arnold Galang



With a slew of celebrities strutting his designs, the look of the collection still outshined them all. Here, you see the imagination of a true genius. The cuts, the cosmo-Twiggy vibes, the sleek-James Bond suit, the rakistas and the all-so chic feel of the whole collection made me decide to put M Barretto at the top of my list this season. His are perfection at a whole new level.

M Barretto

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My Top 10 Collections From The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

It was a very successful week for the Philippine fashion as the Holiday 2012 season of the Philippine Fashion Week ended with a bang last Sunday, May 27. The fashion peeps converged to celebrate the Filipino talents with local and international models, celebrities and fashion personalities gracing the Philippine catwalk! With that being said, after observing a fiercilicious week where Filipino designers showcased their creativity – I would like to share with you my top 10 favorite collections of the season!

10. Bo Parcon presenting at the Design Fusion Collection. It is only a ten-piece collection but it is enough to captivate the audience with the somehow scale-like print that Parcon so brilliantly incorporated with each garment. And when that tube dress in a coal-like metallic silver line covering the top came out, I though it was utter perfection!

9. Ulysses King presenting at Menswear Collection. He is one of my favorite designers from the past couple of seasons. From his reversible jacket and scuba trouser last spring to the aurora borealis pants this season! Ugh. Ulysses, please stop being amazing!

8. Roland Lirio for Premiere A Collection presented by Sony. Don’t you just love it when you see garments that looks raw and simple at first glance yet there’s the hint of intricacy with every little details of the fabric once you look at ’em closer and longer? Yeah, that is how I would describe Lirio’s creations.

7. Chris Diaz. I am totally in love with Chris’ infusion of color this season and I thought the Russian fur hats are total genius! Way too slussy (somehow $luttish but still classy – lols) I just love this collection.

6. Arnold Galang. I thought the whole boho vibe of the collection was amazing! I was thinking that too much fabric got wasted on ’em but nevertheless, I thought it’s one of the most cohesive and just perfectly presented collection from the styling up to the models and of course, the amazing finish of each garment.

5. Ezra Santos. Gosh! Ezra is killing me with this collection! It’s too breathtaking! I love how he got all weird-and-gaga with the boxed-decorated headpieces and that out of this world wired alienesque-like outfit! He’s incredible!

4. Michael Cinco for BENCH. I wish he presented more pieces but this is just again – beyond outstanding.

3. Fanny Serrano for Grand Allure. This is the first time I’ve seen a collection from Miss Fanny Serrano and I am in total awe! Those dresses are to die for. They’re like the muted version of the dresses from the Capitol. (huh?)

2. Philipp Tampus. I ranked his designs higher than the better known designers because of the craftsmanship that very much detailed his phenomenal designs. They have over the top details and subdued colors that made them look so expensive!

and my top collection from the Holiday 2012 goes to…

1. Chris Jasler. This collection can rival the aesthetics of Marc Jacobs and John Galliano anytime! The sheer genius of the designs and styling was truly impeccable! The cuts of those “jail jeans” gives you the shot of what the future of fashion will be and the enormity of each minute details in them are crazy good! Hun’ this is fashion and Chris may just invented some parts of it for the future!

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My Top 10 Philippine Fashion Week Collections For S/S 2012!

The Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2012 ended on a high note with tons of support from the public and the press and I am glad to present to you my top 10 favorite collection of the season!

10. Ulysess King – He’s very good in colors and I love those scuba jeans and reversible jackets! I love fashion innovation!!! Good Job!!!

9. Eric De Los Santos – Prints, leather, feathers – a phenom collection!

8. Norman Noriega for Grand Allure – I am super in love with the black and gold palette that he uses to give the illusion of different feminine shapes. His pieces are red carpet perfection!

7. Derick Hibaler –  I am super inlove with all his jeans! They’re so modern and looked incredibly expensive!!

6. Chris Diaz  – This is probably the collection that will be a total hit in the summer, they’re fashionably chic, trendy and just very modern!

5. Gerry Katigbak – The color that he uses and the thoughtful details of every line are just perfect on the runway!

4. Arnold Galang – I love his concept that it is almost avant-garde but chic at the same time!

3. Gerswin Qua for Grand Allure – I just love the details of her gowns, it’s like McQueen meets Tisci’s. There is something Givenchy-ish about those layer and textures.

2. Michael Cinco – His pieces are truly phenomenal! I am in so much awe with the glass (?) layering in some of his pieces. A true master of his craft!

1. Sassa Jimenez – Her collection has got to be my favorite collection this season! Her pieces are very whimsical, young, fresh and fun! And who could resist those prints?!

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Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2012 – Arnold Galang

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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 – Arnold Galang

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