My Top 10 Collections From The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

It was a very successful week for the Philippine fashion as the Holiday 2012 season of the Philippine Fashion Week ended with a bang last Sunday, May 27. The fashion peeps converged to celebrate the Filipino talents with local and international models, celebrities, and fashion personalities gracing the Philippine catwalk! With that being said, after observing a fiercilicious week where Filipino designers showcased their creativity – I would like to share with you my top 10 favorite collections of the season!

10. Bo Parcon presenting at the Design Fusion Collection. It is only a ten-piece collection, but it is enough to captivate the audience with the somehow scale-like print that Parcon so brilliantly incorporated with each garment. And when that tube dress in a coal-like metallic silver line covering the top came out, I thought it was utter perfection!

9. Ulysses King presenting at Menswear Collection. He has been one of my favorite designers for the past couple of seasons. From his reversible jacket and scuba trouser last spring to the aurora borealis pants this season! Ugh. Ulysses, please stop being amazing!

8. Roland Lirio for Premiere A Collection presented by Sony. Don’t you just love it when you see garments that look raw and simple at first glance, yet there’s the hint of intricacy with every bit of detail of the fabric once you look at them closer and longer? Yeah, that is how I would describe Lirio’s creations.

7. Chris Diaz. I am totally in love with Chris’ infusion of color this season, and I thought the Russian fur hats are total genius! Way too slussy (somehow $luttish but still classy – lols). I just love this collection.

6. Arnold Galang. I thought the whole boho vibe of the collection was amazing! I felt that too much fabric got wasted on them, but I thought it’s one of the most cohesive and just perfectly presented collections, from the styling up to the models and, of course, the fantastic finish of each garment.

5. Ezra Santos. Gosh! Ezra is killing me with this collection! It’s too breathtaking! I love how he got all weird-and-gaga with the boxed-decorated headpieces and that out-of-this-world-wired alienesque-like outfit! He’s incredible!

4. Michael Cinco for BENCH. I wish he presented more pieces but this is just again – beyond outstanding.

3. Fanny Serrano for Grand Allure. This is the first time I’ve seen a collection from Miss Fanny Serrano, and I am in total awe! Those dresses are to die for. They’re like the muted version of the dresses from the Capitol. (huh?)

2. Philipp Tampus. I ranked his designs higher than the better-known designers because of the craftsmanship that detailed his distinctive designs. They have over-the-top details and subdued colors that make them look so expensive!

and my top collection from the Holiday 2012 goes to…

1. Chris Jasler. This collection can rival the aesthetics of Marc Jacobs and John Galliano anytime! The sheer genius of the designs and styling was genuinely impeccable! The cuts of those “jail jeans” give you the shot of what the future of fashion will be and the enormity of each minute detail in them is crazy good! Hun’ this is fashion, and Jasler just invented some parts of it for the future!

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4 responses to “My Top 10 Collections From The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

  1. arnold galang

    thank you so much 🙂

  2. Thank you so much..:)

  3. Japerson Abelida

    great list! i am just surprose that sassa jimenez didn’t make it. Her collection is amazing!

  4. though my comment is too late…

    i love the creations of EZRA! 🙂

    — mozilla

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