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My Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Final Hot Picks!

It’s that time of the year again to share with you my final hot picks…err… predictions for this year’s Binibining Pilipinas edition! This has been a pretty solid batch with fresh new faces, crossovers and repeaters vying for the six crowns at stake and snag the rights to represent the Philippines in the international beauty arena! Without further ado, let me present to you my Top 16 Finalists! (Note that a 16th lucky girl will be able to advance thru fan voting!)

16. Arienne Louise Calingo
15. Jennyline Carla Malpaya
14. Cristagale Borja
13. Chanel Olive Thomas
12. Ruffa Nava
11. Dindi Joy Pajares
10. Jehza Mae Huelar
9. Nelda Ibe

I loved Angelique since her first try in 2014 and I still loved her until now. She’s improved a lot and looks more relaxed now. What I don’t get is her inability to turn on that charm from the get-go. I don’t think she’ll be able to do a Pia, MJ or Maricar but she’s got something up her sleeves – I’m placing her as my second runner-up!

Juliana is a living barbie doll in person and I just want her to train more and come back next year because this girl just screams “Miss International!” but not this year though.

In 2014, I honestly thought that she’ll end up usurping Valerie Weigman at the final night of the Miss World Philippines but she was not focused and laugh her way to fifth place. This year, I just love her aura and I think that she’d be perfect for Miss Globe where she could possibly snatch the title back for the Philippines!

Sirene is just pure class and elegance! I’ve said this about Mutya Datul in 2013 and she end up becoming the first Asian to win the Miss Supranational title.

Mariel is a consistent player all throughout this competition. I placed her as my eventual Bb. Pilipinas – International in 2013 but both she and Maine (my MUP 2013) went home empty-handed. I’ve a feeling that this year, she’d finally get a crown and I think that the unpredictability of this pageant may very well suit Mariel’s brand of beauty!

She’s already recognizable in South East Asia where Asia’s Next Top Model was aired a couple of years back and her competing to this Thai-owned pageant will instantly make her a favorite! She’s vibrant, charming and a really good communicator. What more could Mr. Nawat ask for?

She was under my radar until last week when I finally saw her in person. This girl’s beauty is breathtaking and I don’t think the Japanese could resist her infectious smile! Jamaica Ambal is going international!

and my Miss Universe – Philippines is none other than…

I’ve said it all from my last three hot picks. Maine is the strongest candidate for the Miss Universe title. She just need to give a decent answer in the Q&A portion and not choke like her 2013 stint, and she’ll go home already gearing up for the 66th Miss Universe pageant! Maine is a complete package whose mere beauty could eclipse any delegates from all over the world. This is not a joke.  If you think she’s beautiful in pictures and in videos, you have got to see her in person!

See ya tonight at the Araneta, folks!

images courtesy of the Binibining Pilipinas FB Page.

My Binibining Pilipinas 2017 – Second Hot Picks!

The press presentation of the 2017 Binibining Pilipinas candidates happened last March 22 at the Novotel Manila in Araneta Center, Cubao and it was an eye-opening event, separating the goddesses of this year’s batch from mere mortals! hah!

With that being said, let me present to you my Second Hot Picks, taking into consideration the events that transpired after the official announcement of the candidates for this year’s edition. up to this point.

Let’s start first with the six girls on my radar whom I think are waiting for their right time to peak. They’re still not there in the upper tier but they’re basically on the hunt to spoil it for the/my top six!

In no particular order.

And my Top 6 in particular order

#7 Jezha Huelar’s second runner-up finish last year helped her gain confidence and the training she went through along with the 2016 queens was the result of her fierce return into the compeition. I was never a fan before but she’s slowly growing on me. Those legs are to die for! Not sure how many brownie points she had acquired from Madame Stella over the course of her runner-up reign but for now, I am willing to bet that she’d get one of the crowns – the ‘Globe’ one presumably.

#19 Rachel Peters is tall, smart and has a banging body – she needs to work on not looking older and dull. She almost has it all but she’s so lacking that glow! Rachel, you can do it! She’s my Intercontinental titlist at this point.

#15 Maria Angelica DeLeon. My faith for this girl is slowly fading as the days goes by. I knew enough that she’s a big-boned woman and I loved that she’s embracing it! Her face is deliciously divine and she’s got good enough articulation so it’s really up to her to level-up her game plan! She’s my bet for Grand International for now.

#13 Sirene Sutton. Beauty-wise, Sirene is one of the most facially beautiful ladies in the bunch aside from the fact that she’s also one of the tallest candidates. I thought she still need to work on her personality because she looks a bit bland in comparison to Elima and Rodriguez’ explosive stage presence. She needs that little oomph to come out sooner! For now, I am pegging her for Miss Supranational.

#31 Katarina Rodriguez is still my #2 at this stage of the competition. Nobody can argue that Katarina is THE face of the competition. Her boxy body may not be everyone’s cup of tea but her face alone compensates for what she lacks in that area. Janine Tugonon, Ariella Arida and Shamcey Supsup have boxy bodies but they still managed to shine on stage and Katarina could do so with that face. She’d be a great follow-up to reigning Miss International Kylie Verzosa and it’s not far-fetched for her to win the Miss Universe Philippines as well if Charmaine Elimamanaged to falter ‘again’ in the final Q&A.

#32 Charmaine Elima without question is the ring leader of this batch. At this stage, the target is still solidly planted on her back. In other words, she’s the biggest threat for everyone aiming for the Miss Universe Philippines crown. She’s luminous during the press presentation with such impeccable styling that could rival any pageant queen. This is one of those moments when you have no choice but to say, “Uwian na bes, may nanalo.” Elima’s still THE ONE to beat.

All photos courtsy of the Official Binibining Pilipinas Facebook Page.

Binibining Pilipinas 2016 – The Official Candidates

From the initial 80 hopefuls who filed their application for this year’s Binibining Pilipinas edition, only 40 made the cut in the hopes of following the footsteps of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and the rest of the queens from last year who did the Philippines proud in the international beauty arena! So here are the “final” candidates of the Binibining Pilipinas 2016!

1 – Janelle Olafson
2 – Alexandra Faith Garcia
3 – Angela Lauren Fernando
4 – Kimberley Mae Penchon
5 – Riana Pangindian
6 – Candy del Castillo


7 – Angelique de Leon
8 – Karen Ibasco
9 – Roshiela Tobias
10 – Jeslyn Santos
11 – Nicole Cordoves
12 – Edjelyn Joy Gamboa


13 – Joanna Louise Eden
14 – Paula Rich Bartolome
15 – Kristine Angeli Estoque
16 – Vina Openiano
17 – Priscilla Kim dela Cruz
18 – Sheena Dalo


19 – Maria Lina Prongoso
20 – Kim Ross delos Santos
21 – Jessica Gonzales
22 – Apriel Smith
23 – Angela Gene Reeder Valdez
24 – Nica Sabrina Sophia Limjap


25 – Anjellica Lopez
26 – Jennifer Hammond
27 – Dindi Joy Pajares
28 – Nichole Marie Manalo
29 – Maria Mika Maxine Medina
30 – Crescent Anne Samaco


31 – Kylie Verzosa
32 – Jennyline Carla Malpaya
33 – Leonalyn dela Cruz
34 – Sarah Christine Bona
35 – Mariella Castillo
36 – Maria Gigante


37 – Jehza Huelar
38 – Angelica Alita
39 – Ria Ranajante
40 – Christianne Ramos


I still have not gathered the number of crowns that will be given this year but for now as it is on the website, there are five titles up for grabs which includes:
Miss Universe Philippines
Bb. Pilipinas International
Miss Globe Philippines
Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental
Bb. Pilipinas Supranational

(Let’s see if the pageant will pursue sending delegates to Miss Grand International)

The finals night will be held on April 2016 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Watch out for more details!

photos via Binibining Pilipinas Official Page / By Bruce Casanova

Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Specials: My Top 15 Final Hot Picks!

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Ainjely Manalo

Ainjely Manalo

15. The appeal of Ainjely reminds me so much of Nicole Marable and Imelda Schweighart (Binibining Pilipinas contestants in 2012 and 2013 respectively.) I’m saying this because like the two mentioned, Ainjely’s beauty is a fresh one that easily attract its audience. I just feel that she’s still too raw to win any of the crowns.

Diana Arevalo

Diana Arevalo

14. I’ve always been a big fan of Diana eversince her first Binibini stint and in 2011, I thought she should’ve placed higher. With her third time joining the pageant, I still find her extremely charming  and more beautiful. Something was missing though, her spark was nowhere to be found. It is with great sadness that I’ve to place her this low on my list but just the same, I’m still a fan.

Ladylyn Riva

Ladylyn Riva

13. From the very start of the competition up to this point, Ladylyn has shown a pretty consistent performance. She’s actually prettier than her 2011 stint and I now feel that she has matured – both physically and intellectually. Indeed, she’s got the goods but does she have the guts to take it to the next level? Methinks still not this time.

Vessica Sambo

Vessica Sambo

12. I always admire a girl who is proud of her roots and I think this trait is what is so charming about Vessica. I love that she’s feisty yet looks extremely feminine. This girl has a  big future ahead of her and I’m looking forward to see her competing more. She still has a lot to learn for a Binibini tilte but she’s getting there.

Parul Shah

Parul Shah

11. Parul Shah is such an unforgettable name. Had Parul not stumbled during her Q&A last year, she could’ve been one of the crowned golden Binibinis. Alas, she was “eradicated” from the contention and came back this year “more ready.” She is by any aspect a contended but for some reason, Parul somehow lost her charm and look likeable which I believe is far more important than a great answer to the Q&A.

Ednornance Agustin

Ednornance Agustin

10. With a unique name and a towering height, Ednornance isn’t just a mere model material. I feel that that given the right styling and personality development, she could easily annihilate any beauty competition. Not this time, though.

Racquel Kabigting

Racquel Kabigting

9. Racquel for me is a better version of Jennifer Barrientos. What’s more is that she’s way taller than our 2008 Miss Universe representative. This gives me hope for her that when she’s ready to take the national title, she could easily win the international crown – in time.

Angelique De Leon

Angelique De Leon

8. With a polarizing beauty much like Janine Tugonon, Angelique is set to pull some trick comes finals night. I’ve a feeling in my guts that she’d do well on the 30th. Disregarding that, Angelique for me is unquestionably beautiful!

Nichole Manalo

Nichole Manalo

7. The third Manalo sister pulling all the stops to win a crown isn’t that impossible a job. She’s tall, beautiful and smart enough to clinch a title. After impressing me during the primer, I placed her easily on my upper tier but considering the duration of the pageant, I just have to place her conveniently outside the crown contention. She may have her sisters to back her up and has very good potentials to win on her own merits, I still feel that she could only go this far, atleast for now.

Bianca Guidotti

Bianca Guidotti



Pia Wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach

Pia conveniently benefited from her Binibining Pilipinas training last year as the lone runner up from the golden edition. She seemed more ready and won’t settle for anything less this time. A stunning mestiza at its core, it is justifiable to award her the debuting title of Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental.



Joy Diaz

Joy Diaz

Joy Diaz may very well be crowned the Binibining Pilipinas – Tourism Queen International for she possessed an impressive academic background that goes well with her international appeal. From head to toe – Joy can totally deliver when needed.



Yvethe Santiago

Yvethe Santiago

After Mutya Datul’s historic win last year as the first Filipina and first Asian Miss Supranational, I think it is only natural that we send another head turner that is as superior as that of Mutya. With that in mind, Yvethe Santiago (whom I picked  during my 1st and 2nd hot picks as my Miss Universe Philippines) became my final choice  not because I feel that she won’t do well in Miss Universe but because I feel that after Mutya, we shouldn’t easily let go of the Miss Supra crown if we could easily get hold of it again. A back to back win would be an easy job for Yvethe, no doubt.



Kris Tiffany Janson

Kris Tiffany Janson

It’s very easy to say that Kris Janson is the Miss International prototype that we’ve had in years from our delegates. This maybe true but keeping that aside, Janson without question maybe the most conventionally beautiful contestant this year. A superior beauty that you cannot fault in any way. If Bea won the hearts of Tokyo with her speech and elegance, Kris can wow them with her sheer beauty and cultured eloquence.



Mary Jean Lastimosa

Mary Jean Lastimosa

Mary Jean Lastimosa or MJ as she was fondly called never ceases to amaze her fans with her tireless smile in every event of this year’s edition. This is MJ’s third try to win a crown and her perseverance is more impressive than any other repeaters this year. MJ has more competition, no doubt, to win the most coveted crown but I feel that she’s up there and would never let go of what she’s holding on right now without clinching that title. MJ clearly did not diminish as a front runner and she’s bound to finish her last hurrah for the crown, all smile because she knows that after all the heartbreaks and disappointments, she’d still end up successful. After all, she’s still the brightest star in the universe.

θ♦θTop Five Winners

images courtesy of Jag Jeans, OMPB and Binibining Pilipinas.

Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Specials: My Top 15 Third Hot Picks!

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With the coronation night fast approaching, the girls are also stepping up big time for the big day! So without further ado, let me present to you my third hot pick for this season of Binibining Pilipinas!

(L-R) Yvethe Santiago, Kris Janson, Mary Jean Lastimosa and Pia Wurtzbach

(L-R) Yvethe Santiago, Kris Janson, Mary Jean Lastimosa and Pia Wurtzbach

 1-4Yvethe is this year’s Miss Consistency. Delivering an enduring power of beauty, grace, and charisma isn’t such an easy task, with 39 other girls vying for the most coveted crown. At this stage of the competition, the Miss Universe Philippines crown is yours to lose, girl.

A two feat Miss International crowning isn’t far behind if Kris will eventually snatch the Binibining Pilipinas International title. She could also easily snatch the Universe crown if she played her cards well. Would it be this one or highest honor? For now, I placed her second.

A frontrunner, an expert, and a stage diva. That’s what we need for an attempt to place well come Miss Supranational 2014. MJ has those qualities, and she’s polished even to grab the most coveted title. For now, though, I have a feeling that Binibining Pilipinas Supranational’s the deserved title for her.

I consider Binibining Pilipinas Tourism the least prestigious, but a title is still a titleThis, however, belongs to a girl whom I feel can do wonders in China. Pia Wurtzbach, the lone runner-up from last year, is the best for this title for now.

(L-R: 5. Angelique De Leon, 6. Ednornance Agustin, 7. Bianca Guidotti, 8. Kimverlyn Suiza, 9. Diana Arevalo)

(L-R: 5. Angelique De Leon, 6. Ednornance Agustin, 7. Bianca Guidotti, 8. Kimverlyn Suiza, 9. Diana Arevalo)

(L-R: 10. Vessica Sambo, 11. Racquel Kabigting, 12. Parul Shah)

(L-R: 10. Vessica Sambo, 11. Racquel Kabigting, 12. Parul Shah)

(L-R: 13. Laura Lehman, 14. Nichole Manalo, 15. Aiza Faeldonia)

(L-R: 13. Laura Lehman, 14. Nichole Manalo, 15. Aiza Faeldonia)

pictures via binibining pilipinas

Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Specials: My Top 15 Second Hot Picks!

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BBP Logo Hot Picks 2nd Week

This week, I decided to make a complete Top 15 for my hotpicks since I’ve evaluated all of the 40 girls and I’ve laboriously yet gladly watched their web interviews, videos and pictures over the week and I’ve to say that some of the girls really are stepping up their game! This could easily change though once I get the chance to see them in person more but for now, this is what I came up with.

Universe Santiago

HOT PICK 1: Yvethe Marie Santiago for Miss Universe Philippines

Yvethe has one miss in mind upon entering this competition and that is to win it all. But her mission is not just to win one of the crowns, it is to win the top plum which is the Miss Universe Philippines. Yvethe could easily do this. She’s got the goods and the only thing that’s getting on her way at this stage is if she will be favored by the judges and the organization (at this early on) come finals night or if she choke during the final question and answer which seemed to be an all-important factors basing on the recent queens wins!

SPOILER: Guidotti, De Leon, Lastimosa

Janson International

HOT PICK 2: Kris Tiffany Janson for Bb.Pilipinas-International

After making my initial hot picks, I felt that I did something wrong by not considering this Cebuana beauty with one of the crowns. I was so wrong by not considering the pageant that clearly has a predictable prototype and that is the Miss International! They want their winners to either be doll-like or someone who exudes elegance. If they can’t get both, the winner must atleast have one. Luckily for Kris, she’s got both going on her.

SPOILER: Wurtzback, Nichole Manalo

Lastimosa Supranational

HOT PICK 3: Mary Jean Lastimosa for Bb.Pilipinas – Supranational

Last year, the Miss Supranational organization crowned a “miniature” winner with the face of an angel and that is our very own Mutya Datul. I can’t  see any reason why they won’t do the same if we send a beauty with such high caliber. MJ’s last try may just be the lucky break she’s been waiting for. She’s got the face and sheer confidence that makes a room go quiet upon entering it. That makes her much more superior than most of the girls.

SPOILER: Faeldonia, Mary Ainjely Manalo

Manalo Tourism

HOT PICK 4: Nichole Manalo for Bb.Pilipinas – Tourism

With China hosting the pageant annually, I figured that we don’t have a very big chance of winning a crown. But that’s not saying that we shouldn’t send a good candidate. Based on their most recent winners, they want them tall and “meztisa” and I think Nichole Manalo might just fit the bill.

SPOILER: Laura Victoria Lehmann


5. Pia Wurtzbach

BBP Bianca

6. Bianca Guidotti

BBP Angelique

7. Angelique De Leon

BBP Aiza

8. Aiza Faeldonia

BBP Ainjely

9. Ainjely Manalo


10. Ednornance Agustin

BBP Parul

11. Parul Shah

BBP Diana

12. Diana Arevalo


13. Kimverlyn Suiza

BBP Laura

14. Laura Lehmann

BBP Racquel

15. Racquel Kabigting

pictures via bbpilipinas official fb page and  OPMB Worldwide alterations are for entertainment and depiction purposes only. no copyright infringement intended.

Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Specials: Top 10 First Hot Picks!

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Universe and International

Supra Tourism


5. Pia Wurtzbach
6. Kris Tiffany Janson
7. Diana Arevalo
8. Ednornance Agustin
9. Nichole Manalo
10. Racquel Kabigting

Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Specials: Getting The Good Press!

This week, the final 40 candidates had their press presentation showing off their bikini bodies and great personalities while sashaying the stage mounted at the Sofitel Hotel Manila. Amongst the 40 hopefuls, these are the 10 girls who really made an impression on me upon seeing their pictures and videos!

1-10(L-R): Binibini #2 Mary Ainjey P. Manalo; Binibini #7 Aiza Faeldonia; Binibini #8 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach; #13 Kris Tiffany M. Janson; Binibini #22 Mary Anne Bianca G. Guidotti

6-10Binibini #24 Ednornance Agustin; Binibini #25 Mary Jean Lastimosa; Binibini #31 Angelique Celine L. De Leon; Binibini #35 Yvethe Marie A. Santiago; Binibini #40 Vessica L. Sambo

check out the rest of the pictures HERE or HERE.
photos courtesy of OMPB Facebook Page / Photo by Jory Rivera