Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Specials: My Top 15 Second Hot Picks!

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This week, I decided to make a complete Top 15 for my hotpicks since I’ve evaluated all of the 40 girls and I’ve laboriously yet gladly watched their web interviews, videos and pictures over the week and I’ve to say that some of the girls really are stepping up their game! This could easily change though once I get the chance to see them in person more but for now, this is what I came up with.

Universe Santiago

HOT PICK 1: Yvethe Marie Santiago for Miss Universe Philippines

Yvethe has one miss in mind upon entering this competition and that is to win it all. But her mission is not just to win one of the crowns, it is to win the top plum which is the Miss Universe Philippines. Yvethe could easily do this. She’s got the goods and the only thing that’s getting on her way at this stage is if she will be favored by the judges and the organization (at this early on) come finals night or if she choke during the final question and answer which seemed to be an all-important factors basing on the recent queens wins!

SPOILER: Guidotti, De Leon, Lastimosa

Janson International

HOT PICK 2: Kris Tiffany Janson for Bb.Pilipinas-International

After making my initial hot picks, I felt that I did something wrong by not considering this Cebuana beauty with one of the crowns. I was so wrong by not considering the pageant that clearly has a predictable prototype and that is the Miss International! They want their winners to either be doll-like or someone who exudes elegance. If they can’t get both, the winner must atleast have one. Luckily for Kris, she’s got both going on her.

SPOILER: Wurtzback, Nichole Manalo

Lastimosa Supranational

HOT PICK 3: Mary Jean Lastimosa for Bb.Pilipinas – Supranational

Last year, the Miss Supranational organization crowned a “miniature” winner with the face of an angel and that is our very own Mutya Datul. I can’t  see any reason why they won’t do the same if we send a beauty with such high caliber. MJ’s last try may just be the lucky break she’s been waiting for. She’s got the face and sheer confidence that makes a room go quiet upon entering it. That makes her much more superior than most of the girls.

SPOILER: Faeldonia, Mary Ainjely Manalo

Manalo Tourism

HOT PICK 4: Nichole Manalo for Bb.Pilipinas – Tourism

With China hosting the pageant annually, I figured that we don’t have a very big chance of winning a crown. But that’s not saying that we shouldn’t send a good candidate. Based on their most recent winners, they want them tall and “meztisa” and I think Nichole Manalo might just fit the bill.

SPOILER: Laura Victoria Lehmann


5. Pia Wurtzbach

BBP Bianca

6. Bianca Guidotti

BBP Angelique

7. Angelique De Leon

BBP Aiza

8. Aiza Faeldonia

BBP Ainjely

9. Ainjely Manalo


10. Ednornance Agustin

BBP Parul

11. Parul Shah

BBP Diana

12. Diana Arevalo


13. Kimverlyn Suiza

BBP Laura

14. Laura Lehmann

BBP Racquel

15. Racquel Kabigting

pictures via bbpilipinas official fb page and  OPMB Worldwide alterations are for entertainment and depiction purposes only. no copyright infringement intended.

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  1. So you’ve got your own… NICE ONE!!!

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