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Model Focus: Ethan Bodhi Robertson

LM Ethan RobertsonI’ve been meaning to feature Ethan since posting about Bertold last month but I didn’t know much about him then. I still don’t know much about him now tho (hah!) but I just loved his Instagram posts and he seems like a pretty nice guy!  I think you should follow him too.

What really piqued my interest though is the fact that he’s actually diabetic (one of his video shows him administering an insulin pump).

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Have a bad day hey? 😜

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 My family has a history of diabetes. My mom passed away from complications six years back, three of my uncles did too and two of my aunts are still battling it on a day-to-day basis so it’s always refreshing to see someone who has it live so actively and with such exuberance. My sister and I are pre-diabetic so we really try to be mindful of everything – health wise.

He’s also a movie superstar waiting to happen! Hah!

Going back to Ethan – I am just so inspired by him. I mean, I already love looking at his videos and pictures but knowing that he’s got diabetes but doesn’t let it hinder his life makes me want to be him when I grow up. Hah! I really do!

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Agencies: London Mgt (Syd) , Two management (LA), 2morrow models (Milan)


Model Focus: Pietro Boselli for Risbel Magazine

Heya guys! Tell me, do I even need to say you who Pietro Boselli is? Okay, no?  Good. Now for the eye-candy part of this post, let’s take a look at one of his latest shoots with Risbel Magazine.





These photos were released as part of an editorial entitled Lurid Perversions through the lense of Darren Black for Risbel Magazine May 2016.

Risbel is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine for the male youth who care about the fashion industry. Edited by Mateo Carrasco. You can check their website via www.risbelmagazine.es or follow them on Instagram: risbelmagazine and like their official Facebook page: Risbel Magazine

There you go folks, you’re very much welcome! ^_^

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Model Focus: Bertold Zahoran

I am reviving a segment which I used to call Muse of the Month and now renaming it to Model Focus where I will be featuring (every week or see how often I’d be able to combat my laziness focusing on) male and female models (this time) whom I thought will also snatch your interest.


So without further ado, may I present the beautiful Bertold Zahoran!!!! Whoot Hoot!!!

Bertold 3

There are like a gazillion models around right now – may it be commercial, high fashion, runway, fitness and all but at some point – someone, somewhere will make us stop in awe because damn’ THAT model just…I guess you know where I am going with this ( or maybe not, but that’s your dealio already. LOL)

Bertold’s first claim to fame was when he opened for Givenchy Men’s Show in Paris during his first season back in 2014 where he was also an exclusive of said fashion house. Since then, this Hungarian model successfully meandered his career via high fashion route walking for Versace, Emporio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana to name a few.

He is currently represented by Sould Artist Management in New York, Success Models in Paris, I LOVE Models Management in Milan, and Select Model Management in London.

Bertold 4

I honestly thought that if Leo DiCaprio and Matt Damon will have a baby, Bertold will very much fit the bill.

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photos via Vogue Hommes S/S 2015
Bertold / Bertold’s IG