America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 3 – The Makeovers!

In this episode, the remaining 14 models were each given a signature trademark that would hopefully set them apart from everyone. Again, there’s the usual drama which I honestly couldn’t stand because they all knew what the’ve signed up for.

Brendi K.

I absolutely loved this look! It made her non-boring!


Not very sure about the hair color but Christina is one of my favorites this cycle so I’m giving her a pass here.


Coura looks amazing but she’s a very weak model, IMO. Just putting it out there.


She’s always safe. She’s not showing me anything new. I think she needs to go soon.


My favorite make-over, most definitely!


Is she really better than Tocarra? Nah.


Another favorite of mine! I adore her duck lips! She reminds me of the models of early 2000’s.


I don’t get her. I mean, I still don’t get her. I don’t give a hoot about her FCO. I still think that she’s very pedestrian.




Is this still a thing now?  Loved her look but not the hair, tbh.


Delish makeover! Wow!!!


She really look like an actress or a beauty queen!


I really thought Shanice should’ve left along with Ivana but I guess potential-wise, she still has a lot to give.

We all knew that Ivana won’t make it past the the top 10 based on the caliber of her competition. I mean, she looked absolutely smashing during the shoot but being pretty just won’t cut it. No shade. Just tea.


Bye girl!

Call Out Order
FCO – Liberty
2. Jeana
3. Brendi K.
4. Rio
5. Kyla
6. Christina
7. Liz
8. Coura
9. Erin
10. Khrystyana
11. Sandra
12. Rhiyan
13. Shanice
14. Ivana

Photos courtesy of Pottle Productions, Inc. and ANTM Facebok Page

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