Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 7 Photoshoot – The Girl Who Finally Cracks

This week’s episode left me reeling after one of my favorite models in any cycle of this franchise was ousted!!! Ouch!!!!

Things are heating up between Monika and Gani (unknowingly yeah? lols). The filipina model who landed at the bottom last week also patch things up with Tahlia which I’m not quite convinced from both sides tbh.

At the ridiculous very top model posing challenge with a hoola hoop, my dear, dear Melissa totally killed it  – lol – so crazy but so cute!!!

At the shoot, a big prize is up for grabs because the numero uno girl in said shot will be the new ambassador of Subaru – whew! pretty big!!!

During the shoot, Gani was okay but I’m starting to rethink my opinion about her. Amanda’s doing great IMO minus her blinking problems. Barbara was amazing so as Monika – yeah – what a revenge right??? This is Aimee’s worst shot IMO and Tahlia was just there – mediocre at best. And my dear Melissa ohlawd!

Monika is back on top!

Monika is back on top!

First Call Out – Monika and became the newest ambassador of Subaru along with Barbara!!!


This is beyond what I expected from Barbara! She’s stunning! Just stunning!



Aimee’s theme is Wild along with Gani, I thought she delivered but it’s just too tame IMO



Gawd! Cutie Amanda looks “powerful” enough for me here! And Georgina, please this girl has got more potential than your favorite! *cough*



This is a great shot but I don’t see powerful here.



I honestly do not know what to make of KB  – she’s just sailing in the middle of the competition at this stage and girl needs to step up!



Say hallo to Monika for me girl ^_^



“I can’t believe what you said to me last night we were alone……”

2. Barbara
3. KB
4. Gani
5. Amanda
6. Aimee
7. Tahlia

Eliminated: Melissa (can you actually believe this guys??? she’s like one of the strongest model in the competition arrrggghhhhh!!!!!!)

I need some time to get over this loss….

images via Asia’s Next Top Model.

2 responses to “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 7 Photoshoot – The Girl Who Finally Cracks

  1. I agree, KB should have been eliminated, not Melissa.

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