National HIV Testing Week by DOH from May 11-15, 2015

The Department of Health is offering free HIV testing from May 11 to 15 in various social hygiene clinic nationwide.


FYI – as of February 15, 2015 the Department of Health has reported a total of 23,709 confirmed HIV cases since it started its survey in 1984.

There were 646 new recorded cases in February 2015, of which:

28% are aged 15-24;
51% are aged 25-34; and
96% are males.

The testing is also in lieu of the AIDS candlelight memorial to be held on May 17 to remember folks who died of AIDS.

To locate social hygiene centers nearest you, call any of the following 24/7 hotlines: (02) 256-3472; (0915)198-6978; (0922) 635-0270; (0936) 183-8963; and (0919) 638-5401.

Wag kayong mahiya na magpunta sa mga lugar na ito mga kababayan. Ako mismo eh nagpapasuri twice a year just to be safe. Mas mabuti ng may peace of mind at alam mo kung may dapat kabang alalahanin o wala. Besides, ang mga gagawing pagsusuri ay pawang confidential at ikaw at ang mga tagasuri lamang ang makakaalam. Kung kayo o may kakilala kayo na kinakailangan ang ganitong pagsusuri – makipag ugnayan lamang po sa mga numerong nasa itaas.


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