Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 6 – The Girl Who Ran Out Of Luck

This week’s episode was rather uneventful. Eight girls are still in the competition and as per usual, the girls are feeling the pressure and started really throwing shades at each other *cough* tahlia *cough* gani *cough*

As for the challenge, they would have to work as a pair and style themselves with each pair getting a fashion theme.

The winner of this week’s challenge was Tahlia who donned a boho look with Aimee and as for her prize, she was given extra five minutes for the next photoshoot and was then asked to  take five minutes from any of her competition and surprise! surprise! She chose Monika citing the latter’s success from the last two elimination. Unfortunately for Tahlia, it didn’t really work in her favor at all.

GaniGani looks amazing! That jaw! Gawd! Asian fierceness at its finest baby! Commercially Fierce!

AmandaAmanda’s still struggling keeping her eyes open. Ugh, baby A – what’s happening? I honestly loved the results though so boohoo judges!!! I thought her looks are to die for! >_<

AimeeI loved Aimee’s looks the most but I’m kinda distracted with the bangs…uhhmm no. Just no.

BarbaraBarbara looks her age in this shoot. Really, not a good thing. She’s no Jessica after all so she really needs to work on that. This was a bad week for her. Plus that attitude – tons of girls will kill for that spot baby! ugh

MonikaMonika’s having a hard time due to the time constraint but I thought she did okay although her shots are really mediocre. I’m kinda 50% agreeing with
Tahlia about her though. Plus there’s something too studied about her. Sorry boo.

KBKB was wonderful but I’m not really feeling much from her.

MelissaI love Melissa and she’s still one of my favorites in the competition but this is playing safe from her. Gotta agree with the judges though, this was more editorial than commercial! Cmon’ girl you gotta keep it up!

TahliaTahlia’s shots as I mentioned were okay but I’m not really loving the catty attitude.

First Call Out: Gani -yay! and winning a Zalora campaign no less!!!

Bottom Two: Barbara and Monika
Eliminated: NONE.

So there you go peeps! What can you say about the non-elimination episode this week?

pictures via asia’s next top model

One response to “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 6 – The Girl Who Ran Out Of Luck

  1. Amanda’s shots are to die for! Sensing some Selena Gomez vibe from her!!

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