Book Review: Black Heart Down (Conquest #5) – S.J. Frost

Black Heart DownI will always have a soft spot for this series and the boys of Conquest. This time though, it’s the story of bff’s from rival group Black Heart Down we’re getting. We met Robbie Russo and Kyler Christenson over the first two books and have continuously follow them on the sideline and finally, we get to read their own love story!

So these two guys have been bff’s since high school and formed their band together. They’ve always been in love and have always been for each other when they were still struggling musicians. When they hit it big, things got a little out of control. Robbie started to ask questions and went on to hook up with other people prompting Kyler to do the same. This cycle keeps on repeating itself but at the end of the day, they always comeback in each other’s arms.

This time though, Robbie wanted permanence into their relationship. He’s tired of playing games and wanted to settle down with Kyler. Things doesn’t happen quickly though and mistakes were made and this may not work the way Robbie wanted it to. Now Kyler’s going to do everything to get Robbie’s back and this time – it’s now or never.

I’d honestly wanted to bitchslap Robbie and Kyler every single chapter in between here. Both men are super stubborn and impatient. I thought Robbie’s a bit whiny though and being a little unfair with Kyler. In this book, we see the softer and sensitive side of the cocky Kyler we met in the first book. What a revelation! I loved that their love has a very strong foundation and have been together from the very beginning as they’re struggling to make it much as what Jesse and Kenny experienced.

I find it surprising though that Robbie was the first one to go wayward in their relationship which made me more Team Kyler all throughout the story. He became a bit immature towards the end with Kyler finally getting his acts together.

The intro to their band mates was great and I’d love to read more of them in the future books. We still get to see the whole gang of Conquest and the words of wisdom from Jesse Alexander himself. It’s still funny how Jesse suddenly became the Gandhi of this series! LOL

I enjoyed reading Kyler and Robbie’s story immensely and was glad that they finally decided to be “really” together for keeps! Fans of this series will not be disappointed with this one.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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