Book Review: Hunted (The Tinder Chronicles #2) – Alexa Land

Tinder 2When the vamps started teaming up to get rid of the hunters and hunt in packs – Tinder finds himself at a huge disadvantage and his chances of survival are looking grim.

As one of the most revered and notorious hunters, he became one of the main targets of these vampires and find an ally through the sexy mysterious vampire Bane. Things got sticky between them when they both give in to their overwhelming attraction with each other. It was also revealed that they actually shared a complicated history and things may just get seriously fucked up with Tinder.

Wow. I mean, I just totally loved this series! There’s still the usual snarky banter between Tinder and Bane and that oozing chemistry was just too much to handle! Tinder was still careless as ever but you’d know that things between him and Bane are starting to get heavy as well. I also loved the not-so-official loved triangle this couple has with Lee. It was like Team Lee or Team Bane and I’m totally rooting for the non-human, of course! Don’t think that this is like some sort of a “gay” Twilight. Nope, it’s definitely not like that people. This story is wicked-funny but not in a ridiculous way. The whole fiasco about the vamps that led to Bane’s confession when he kidnapped Tinder was like the “awwee” moment of the series so far.

This is definitely one of the best vamp stories I’ve read from this genre. Worth every penny and just worth my damn time! I just loved it and I’m pretty sure that a lot of you folks will love it too!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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