Book Review: Rise & Fall (THIRDS, #4) – Charlie Cochet

[Book 4 of the THIRDS Series]

Rise And FallI was meaning to write my review here since I’ve read this super-awesome fourth installment of the THIRDS series but I just can’t find the right words to describe it’s supah-dupah greatness (okay – I was just really busy – eeekk!) but still, I stand firm that this series has become one of my favorites and this new book from author Charlie Cochet cemented her status as one of the best storyteller in the MM genre.

On with the book, Dexter J. Daley takes center stage this time after the events from the third book (Rack & Ruin) left his work partner and “secret” boyfriend Sloane Brodie critically injured from a bombing attack by the evil Coalition led by Beck Hogan. This incident led Lieutenant Sparks to pull Dex’s Destructive Delta team out from the case and hand it over to Sebastian Hobbs’team. Dex was not happy about this and swears to make Hogan pay for what he did at whatever cost. As Dex plans for his revenge, he also began to spiral out of control missing the real reason of what he’s doing altogether. This made Sloane take some action to intervene and finally comes clean with what Dex really meant to him which could save the latter from danger.

Really, I’ve tried dragging reading this book when I bought my ebook copy. I didn’t want it to finish right away but since it’s a short read – I’m like, shoot – now I’ve to wait for the next book. I mean, the series was so good and I just want to continue reading stories about the characters. Of course I understand that it’ not easy to come out with fantabulous stories like this but Charlie just totally hit every single mark in this story. I’m so greedy and I want more! More! More! There are the usual laughs, the sexy times, the romance and the oh-so good story development from every angle. I seriously cannot fault this book – and this series as a whole. Dare I say that this could even rival the Cut & Run series (although I loved Ty and Zane to death) but of course we’ll have to see the consistency of the series and based on the first four books – this series was simply sublime and just one of the best in the genre.

This book is a total must-read and highly recommended one for the lovely readers of the genre. Again, thank you Charlie for this wonderful installment!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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