Book Review: Rack & Ruin [THIRDS Book 3] – Charlie Cochet

22714908[Book 3 of the THIRDS series]

Ya’ll know how I loved the first and second book of this series and Rack & Ruin is no exception! In this installment, the gang is trying to draw out the mole inside the THIRDS who has been feeding information to the Ikelos Coalition who took upon themselves to annihilate the members of the Order of Adrasteia with no regards to civilian casualties.

We also see here the development of Sloane Brodie [team leader of Destructive Delta] and Dexter J. Daley’s relationship. Dex is still his doofus-self and still very much adorable whilst Sloane’s – well, surprise! – (I very much liked him in this book) making some effort to deserve Dex’s love. He’s still got some hang-ups though but knowing Dex’s way of getting through this broody Jaguar Therian – he’ll surely relent one way or another.

There’s also a surprising turn of events here regarding two of the couples of DD – the slow buildup of their upcoming stories is very palpable here. I’m not sure which couple I loved more aside from Sloane and Dex. I think I’d go for Hobbs & Calvin. Cale is stubborn like Dex but not as adorable – but still, I’m very much looking forward to reading his and Ash’s story. This is just the gayest series ever yeah? LOL And I just loved it!

Going back to the book, it’s simply the perfect follow up to the first two books. I love the story’s consistency and the secondary characters are just so vibrant. I know that the fourth book in the series is slated for February 2015 release and that is like forever if you ask me but I think those who have not read the series would thoroughly enjoy reading – the first, second and then this third book  – until the next book comes out! Gosh, this wait will be too much for me to be honest. LOL. Go! Start reading the series now!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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