Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 10 – The Island Girl

After a couple of weeks off the air * Asia’s Next Top Model is back and this time, a rather sad elimination was bound to happen. With six girls running towards winning the coveted title, it was really hard for the judges to eliminate anyone – but really, this is still a competition.

A back to back first call out from our homegirls isn’t so bad, no? I loved the fact that Team Philippines were at number one and two. Now it is with great sadness to let ya know guys that one of the most consistent girls this cycle faltered and eventually got booted out.  Last night episode, we see the girls discussing with the Storm Model Management who will eventually and hopefully manage them after Top Model.



I didn’t like Marie’s shot. I thought it was weak facially. She’s got that same scary face from last episode. I thought her body movement’s great but it’s still a weak picture.



This isn’t exactly Jodilly’s best shot but it’s far better than the rest of the girls. I love the composition of this shot and the way she displayed an Alex Perry – kudos to you girl!



I thought Josephine looked great in this dress. My only problem is that it looked so catalogue-ish.



Alex Perry and the gang just loved how beautiful Katja was and I’ve to agree with them wholeheartedly. A beautiful face could really get you so far and I think Katarina’s out to prove that she’s not only just a face. Good job girl!



I am inlove with this girl and I thought that she’s got tons of potential! I just hate the fact that this photo is just boring. What just happened?



Are you guys getting tired of Sheena’s blonde hair? I’ve to admit that it’s getting kinda old now but you can’t fault a girl who really knows how to model. Her face looks boring but it’s still a strong shot altogether.

Call Out Order
First Call Out: Jodilly
Bottom Two: Josephine and Nicole
Eliminated: Josephine

via Asia’s Next Top Model
**(in consideration to the tragic incident involving the Malaysia Airlines – my prayers to the victims and their loved ones) 

7 responses to “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 10 – The Island Girl

  1. Marie: Her shot was beautiful. But not for a best photo this week.
    Jodilly: This is awkward that she done this pose again. Looks like her pose at week 2. But this is a cool photo.
    Josephine: I agree this is the worst photo on this week. The dress worked out but the face looks like fake.
    Katarina: Wew! I am watching a porn trailer with this photo? Hahaha.But this is good and hot photo anyway.
    Nicole: This photo is nice but I expected more with that feet on the water.
    Sheena: This photo is so creepy. I dont like that look with her eyes. What happened to her? She got 2 boring photos now..

    For me the winner in this photo shoot is: KATARINA
    Weakest and should be eliminated:SHEENA

  2. Oopsss..i’m sorry–I think Jospehine got the worst photo at first, but when i scrolled down and saw Sheena’s eyes I got scared and rooting for her to be the worst photo this week and should be eliminated. hahahahaha

  3. eihcra asagnol

    as i was looking the photos, really, it is predictable that JOSEPHINE would be eliminated……..

    and i say, “GO FOR THE PHILIPPINES”

  4. i was the one who said that jodilly already won the competition- an info from wikipedia, i was so shocked that josephine was already eliminated, thats the one that wikipedia hinted, im always following your post regarding AsNTM coz i dont have time to watch it since i’m working,.. anyways this cycle has been very UNPREDICTABLE…

    with jodilly no doubt shes on fire

    katarina i dont know, but it seems she’s now unleashing her POWER bec. they are only few now

    nicole for me shes the threat to our home girl

    marie inconsistent contender,,,

    sheena tired of her, very dramatic,,, shes nailing photos but not absolute ones, just a runner up thing-y…

    • I’m actually more sad with Josephine’s elimination – sad because all of them have great potentials and she’s been so consistent all through out and just faltered at this stage.

      I’ve to agree with your assessment on Nicole – I think she’s the biggest threat for the title…

      and you’re spot on with Sheena, for some reason I can’t see her winning but we’ll see…

      • curious guy

        hi dear,

        unfortunately nicole was eliminated on the omitted episode of this season (episode 11, correct me if i’m wrong) the photo shoot was all about malaysian airlines, but because of the incident that had happened to flight m370 it was removed from the actual line up of episodes to show respect for those who lost their lives on this unfortunate event.

      • yes, sadly Nicole didn’t even reach the final four but she gave a very good fight. 🙂 Good thing our homegirls are still in! 🙂

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