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It’s All About The Bass This Year – The Best Covers Of Meghan Trainor’s Hit Song!

Okay, so I was lazing around slothfully over the holidays and have been listening to tons of music having no access online from where I was and got these versions from my younger niece covers of Meghan Trainor’s hit song All About The Bass – which as most of you probably know is one of the most controversial songs this year.Meghan

Personally, I just thought that it’s a real fun song. I loved its old school vibe, the vocal was okay – [I’m no singer so ignore me] and the point of this post [LOL] is to share my favorite covers of said song – my top five for that matter.

First, here’s the original song with its official music video.

No. 5  AutumnMusic – Autumn I loved these two!!! I love the raw rendition! No auto-tune, just their natural untouched voices.

No. 4 Nicole Cross – I loved her voice!!! She has this raspy rockstar-ish tone! ya’ll should listen to her version.

No.3 Tanner Patrick – I loved the clarity of his voice though the last part was a bit distracting but overall very pleasant

Get this on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-about-that-bass-single/id921979321

No.2 Tiffany Alvord featuring Tevin – I could listen to this cover all day! Oh, and that quirky and corny music video made it even better. LOL

Get this on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-about-that-bass-single/id923475598

No. 1 Home Free Vocal Band – I’m all for country boys working it!!!! This is my number 1 cover of said song online!!! It’s perfection!!!

Enjoy listening you guys! Happy New Year Ya’ll!