It’s All About The Bass This Year – The Best Covers Of Meghan Trainor’s Hit Song!

Okay, so I was lazing around slothfully over the holidays and have been listening to tons of music having no access online from where I was and got these versions from my younger niece covers of Meghan Trainor’s hit song All About The Bass – which as most of you probably know is one of the most controversial songs this year.Meghan

Personally, I just thought that it’s a real fun song. I loved its old school vibe, the vocal was okay – [I’m no singer so ignore me] and the point of this post [LOL] is to share my favorite covers of said song – my top five for that matter.

First, here’s the original song with its official music video.

No. 5  AutumnMusic – Autumn I loved these two!!! I love the raw rendition! No auto-tune, just their natural untouched voices.

No. 4 Nicole Cross – I loved her voice!!! She has this raspy rockstar-ish tone! ya’ll should listen to her version.

No.3 Tanner Patrick – I loved the clarity of his voice though the last part was a bit distracting but overall very pleasant

Get this on iTunes:

No.2 Tiffany Alvord featuring Tevin – I could listen to this cover all day! Oh, and that quirky and corny music video made it even better. LOL

Get this on iTunes:

No. 1 Home Free Vocal Band – I’m all for country boys working it!!!! This is my number 1 cover of said song online!!! It’s perfection!!!

Enjoy listening you guys! Happy New Year Ya’ll!

One response to “It’s All About The Bass This Year – The Best Covers Of Meghan Trainor’s Hit Song!

  1. They are awesome, espec. live!! You Tube….. Home Free
    Sing Off All Performances (fan amazing compilation vid!)
    Full Crazy Life Tour Performance. (fan awesome concert vid!)
    Tim Foust Vocal Range Upgrade (fan bass’s 5+ octave range G0-G#5!)
    Adam Rupp Ridiculous Talent (fan world-class beatboxer-like real drums!)
    From awesome harmonies/bass/beats or hilarity, or both, they’re down-to- earth, funny, very tall approx. 6’2″-6’4″ & g’lookin’!! ENJOY IT ALL!! 🙂 🙂 !!

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