Book Review: The Color Of The Clear Blue Sky – Momoko Tenzen

The Color Of The Clear Blue Sky“I can no longer fly as high as I used to. Is that okay?”

“When all my thoughts of him coalesce… a clear blue sky appears behind him. Even if there comes a day you won’t be able to fly anymore…I will always stay by your side looking far ahead, the vast, infinite sky reflect the colours of my thoughts of you.” “

All along,Fukada thought that Sakae only sees him as a father figure even though they are colleagues now. When Sakae was still a student, only Fukada was able to see through him inspiring him to become a better person promising that he’ll always be there for Sakae. Their reunion was a big shock for both that send them to examining their feelings for each other with Sakae holding on to the promise he was given years before.

The flow of the story was enjoyable from the start until that sweet ending. I thought it was more on the line of student – teacher affair but the premise of this one is much better methings. There are no awkward scenarios at all – just fluffy cotton candy clouds and rainbow butterflies all around them. Another uber-sweet yaoi romance for ya’ll sappy souls!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published October 11th 2011 by Digital Manga Publishing (first published August 5th 2008)

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