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Book Review: Here Comes Trouble [Nothing Special #3] – A.E. Via

[Book 3 of Nothing Special Series]

Here Comes TroubleThis is the third book from the Nothing Special series and I’m just floored with how good the kind of storytelling the author was giving us here. She’s a genius and this series is definitely one of my favorites now!

Here, we get the story of Detectives Mark Ruxs and Chris Green. Both are the brawn of God and Day’s narcotic task force and have also been work partners for the longest time they practically memorized each other’s likes and dislikes.

When things started to get weird between them – they both know that it’s only a matter of time before one of them explodes and admit their true feelings.

Dealing with issues on the side and their work, will they be able to find the courage to admit that they truly loved each other?

I was grinning eighty percent while reading this installment. These two brawny men are just all kinds of adorable. I loved their partnership and how easy their relationship was. It wasn’t heavy and a little talk is all it takes for them to finally realize that they belong with each other. I also loved how Curtis’s character [the boy who was robbing the mom and pop store in the first book] figured prominently here – their little family and how the gang was so protective of him was just awe-worthy. I almost want to adopt the sweet kid!

It’s also nice to note that we get a glimpse of future main characters in this story. I’d say the author should go with Michaels’ story first before heading to Curtis and Gen’s story. And where’s Ro and Johnson’s story? I really want to read their love story too!

Back to Ruxs and Green, I’d say that this was the most emotional out of the three books in the series so far but for the life of me, I couldn’t really decide which one is the best because they’re all so good! This one’s definitely earning another five stars from me!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Book Review: Embracing His Syn [Nothing Special #2] – A.E. Via

[Book 2 of Nothing Special Series]

Embracing His SynThis is the second book from the Nothing Special series and again, the author delivered a magnificent story to clench the thirst of those who loved the first book in the series! Day and God are still here and they’re welcoming their new third in command Detective Corbin “Syn” Sydney. Of course we all know that God and Day were promoted from the first book as Lieutenants and are now leading their department’s narcotic task force.

Syn transplanted in Atlanta to prove to his family that he could be great too like his father. Things at work seemed to be going well for him when he’s promoted as Sergeant and is now third in command under God and Day.

Furi only wanted to get through college and start his own garage shop with his friend Doug. Escaping from his abusive husband and working part time as a porn star, the young guy didn’t intend to date again for fear of experiencing the same thing from his ex – especially not with a seemingly closeted cop.

No matter how much they deny each other, Syn and Furi knows that there’s something between them that is waiting to ignite. When a lieu of murder and threats threatened Furi; Syn now knows what he really needs to prove s– not to his family; not to his work mates but to the man he loves.

I loved this author! I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this series from last year! I mean, the first book and this one are nothing short of amazing! The plot, the events leading to its conclusion and the characters are just explosive! I loved the consistency of the story and the introduction of new characters was great. You can easily picture them in your head. I loved how cohesive the story was and it didn’t feel contrived at all since there was a lot of issues going on with Furi – that with the husband and the porn thing and even the murders. The author easily put everything together not leaving any gap for further scrutiny! I’m really glad that I discovered this series! It’s so worth it and I’m pretty sure the next book in line will be worth every penny as well!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Book Review: Nothing Special [Nothing Special #1] – A.E. Via

[Book 1 of Nothing Special Series]

Nothing SpecialI just have to say this first – I freaking loved this book! I seriously adore God and Day and I think they’re two of the best characters I’ve read in a while! I downloaded this ebook for free and I would’ve paid for it willingly because it’s just so freaking good! It would’ve been worth the price!

Cashel Godfrey and Leonidis Day are without question the best detectives under the Atlanta Police Department. They’ve been partner from the start and they always have each other’s back come hell or high water. Day is openly gay and respected all throughout their department. God on the other hand intimidates the hell out of his colleagues for his brawn and innate authority. And he doesn’t like labels. They are the perfect partner at work in every sense. Until Day finally realized that he’s in love with God.

God has a very dark past that he’d rather keep to himself. When Day tried to uncover this and help him, things started to go to shit and it’s only a matter of time before God decides if revealing his secrets would drive his partner away or it’d make their relationship closer and take it to the next level.

I totally enjoyed their banter with their colleagues and loved the idea that they’re so close they didn’t even realize that they’re practically boyfriends! I loved the grumpy side of God and the chill attitude of Day. They kind of remind me of Dex and Sloane from the THIRDS series and it’s like reading their more subdued version here. I got to say though that God and Day are way hotter! [I still love you baby Dex!!!!]

There was also a brief mention of the famous chef Prescott Vaughan from the author’s You Can See Me where we met Day first as his college roomies. There’s just a bit inconsistency about it because in here, God mentioned that Day used to date the chef when in fact they actually just experimented back in college. And Day also mentioned about joining the chef and his two boyfriends in bed at one point before his relationship with God. Thinking back, I thought Day declined Prescott advances because he was in a relationship back then going on 6 months… so that must be with another guy then yeah? Oh, well – these are just minute detail I’m obsessing about I guess.

Speaking of minute details – did anyone expect that friends with benefits arrangement with Ro and Johnson? I didn’t see that coming at all! Needless to say it was freaking hot as hell and I would’ve welcome more scenes with them boys! LOL

I read that some people were a bit ticked-off about that but I think it’s okay because they’re committed and they’re only playing with one couple (I know, I know – go sue me). Although I did wish that Day wasn’t such a slut and he should’ve let God do the nasty with Ro as well. I mean, Day took it all like a champ! LOL. Okay, of course it was understood that thing would happen but enough of the pervy talk!

I really did enjoy this book and I’m so excited for the rest of the series! That declaration of God at the warehouse was like the “Oscar” moments from the book and I wouldn’t change anything from this book! Fans of Heidi Cullinan, Charlie Cochet and Abigail Roux would definitely get a kick out of this one! Download your free copy now people!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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