Book Review: Embracing His Syn [Nothing Special #2] – A.E. Via

[Book 2 of Nothing Special Series]

Embracing His SynThis is the second book from the Nothing Special series and again, the author delivered a magnificent story to clench the thirst of those who loved the first book in the series! Day and God are still here and they’re welcoming their new third in command Detective Corbin “Syn” Sydney. Of course we all know that God and Day were promoted from the first book as Lieutenants and are now leading their department’s narcotic task force.

Syn transplanted in Atlanta to prove to his family that he could be great too like his father. Things at work seemed to be going well for him when he’s promoted as Sergeant and is now third in command under God and Day.

Furi only wanted to get through college and start his own garage shop with his friend Doug. Escaping from his abusive husband and working part time as a porn star, the young guy didn’t intend to date again for fear of experiencing the same thing from his ex – especially not with a seemingly closeted cop.

No matter how much they deny each other, Syn and Furi knows that there’s something between them that is waiting to ignite. When a lieu of murder and threats threatened Furi; Syn now knows what he really needs to prove s– not to his family; not to his work mates but to the man he loves.

I loved this author! I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this series from last year! I mean, the first book and this one are nothing short of amazing! The plot, the events leading to its conclusion and the characters are just explosive! I loved the consistency of the story and the introduction of new characters was great. You can easily picture them in your head. I loved how cohesive the story was and it didn’t feel contrived at all since there was a lot of issues going on with Furi – that with the husband and the porn thing and even the murders. The author easily put everything together not leaving any gap for further scrutiny! I’m really glad that I discovered this series! It’s so worth it and I’m pretty sure the next book in line will be worth every penny as well!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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