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Kermit Tesoro’s New Masterpiece – Hallucilica 1

Ya’ll probably know guys how I adore Kermit and his genius and this even intensify with the release of his new design called Hallucilica 1. It’s just beyond! To Kermit, you are one amazing artist!

Hallucilica 1 by Kermit Tesoro

Hallucilica 1 by Kermit Tesoro

photo via kermit tesoro’s  facebook page


p.s I’ve got  a crush on you.teehee.

Brocade Pisa Boots By Kermit Tesoro

‘was checking Kermit’s website and saw this “new” (atleast to me) limited edition Brocade Pisa Boots. I just love the details on them and the tower (heels) – way towering! The heels are about 5 inches and the good thing is that they’re only for $350!

Brocade Pisa Boots by Kermit Tesoro. $350 plus shipping HERE.

the obvious inspiration

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa in Italy

Kermit Tesoro And Leeroy New For Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga just released the cover of her upcoming single entitled Marry The Night wearing an outfit by Kermit Tesoro and Leeroy New.

via nicola formichetti – shoes by christian louboutin
saw this from last year’s Preview issue re:fashion week.

A Trophy Shoes by Kermit Tesoro!

 Hypertrophy Heels by Kermit Tesoro. $550 plus shipping HERE.

Yes people, it’s definitely inspired by its name. (see image below)

I just love every detail of it,  If only I could wear them myself I’d definitely do so! Yay!

Best Dressed At The First Philippine Fashion Ball

Everyone came together for the first time to celebrate the movers and shakers within the industry from designers, stylist, fashion editors, show organizers and models at the first Philippine Fashion Ball. And with this event, it means that everbody came with their most fashionable do! So who topped our list for the “Best Dressed Of The Ball?” For this edition of Best Dressed, I’ve chosen eight stunning ladies whom I think are the fairest of the night.


Bianca Gonzales – I love how simple this Russel Villafuerte dress is and how elegant it turned out with all the bangles that served as its only noticeable accessories. Bianca can never do wrong.


Bianca Valerio in Joel Escobar – Bianca’s a fashion enthusiast and a TV personality / Make-Up Artist / Motivational speakers etc… and she just look stunningly beautiful in this creation!


Sanya Smith – For those of you who still don’t know, Sanya is the second daughter of the Philippine Rock Icon Pepe Smith. She’s a model and a VJ and in this Kermit Tesoro‘s creation, you know that she’s rocking it!


Rissa Mananquil is a model and former President of  Professional Models Association Of  The Philippines (PMAP) from 2003-2008.  She really knows how to work it, she have this translucent beauty that I just love about her!


Actress Ann Curtis was wearing this revealing Rajo Laurel black dress which complimented her gorgeous features. What a goddess really.


Janna Tee I know nothing about Janna Tee. I haven’t seen her in person and I read that she’s actually a model. A beautiful one indeed wearing this grecian-inspired dress.


Apples Aberin was also a model and a former president of PMAP. She was a judge at the first and second season of Project Runway Philippines and will comeback again for the upcoming season 3 of the show. She is wearing the creation of her fellow Project Runway judge, Rajo Laurel. Doesn’t she look exceptional?

and the Best Dressed is…

Tweetie De Leon-Gonzales -Tweetie was a former actress and former president of PMAP. She still model and is the host in the upcoming season of Project Runway Philippines. She’s wearing a Rhett Eala creation that brings out her  beauty to high heavens!

photos are from stylebible.ph / no copyright infringement intended.

In Focus: Kermit Tesoro

When I first saw Kermit’s designs, I could only think of one name – the great Alexander McQueen. He’s no copy cat though as Kermit interlaced his unique and very own aesthetics with such intricate details that would make you salivate and wonder how on earth he’s getting all his inspirations.

Tesoro studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute Of The Philippines and fashion marketing at the School Of Fashion And The Arts. His radical approach to his creatives are derived from “his self advocacy on technology and unconventional materials translated in fashion context – from his website”.

scanned from Preview August 2010 issue

His shoe designs are to die for as well! Boasting OOAK designs, his creations are pre-ordered in his website and selling fast like there’s no tomorrow.

2-toned heelless shoes, pre-order for $650 plus shipping
heelless shoes, pre-order for $650 plus shipping

skull heel boots, pre-order for $600 plus shipping
from his collection during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 

shoes / collection photos are from his official website www.kermittesoro.com 

This unconventional genius is set to invade the  haute couture arena and I can’t wait to see him doing shows in Paris or Milan soon! I know it will happen! I’m pretty sure about it!

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In Focus: The Designers Of The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

What you’re about to see are just a piece from each amazing Filipino designers from the last Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 Collection! Tease!

Anthony Ramirez

Arnold Galang (Model: Danica Magpantay)

Eric Pineda

Harley Ruedas (Model: Charlene Almarvez)

JC Buendia

Jeffrey Rogador

Jian Lasala (Model: Claire Unabia)

John Paras

Johnny Abad (Model: Claire Unabia)

Jot Losa (Model: Charlene Almarvez)

Kermit Tesoro

Michelle Sison (Model: Iya Villania)

Mike Lavarez (Model: Claire Unabia)

Raoul Ramirez

Photos Courtesy of StyleBible, StatuMagazine, Bruce Cassanova

PaddylastInc does not own any of the photos. Credits to the owners. No copyright infringement intended.