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Book Review: Laying Ghosts – James Buchanan

Laying Ghosts[Book 3 of the Deputy Joe Series]

Finally settling after getting kick out from his church, living with his boyfriend Kabe and still solving cases after coming out – Deputy Joe Peterson now needs to deal with officially coming to his family with his parents return from their mission and a whole deal of family reunion. It’s also time for both Joe and Kabe to lay all ghost of the past which includes a grim family tragedy that gripped the Peterson family for decades and an unwanted thing from the past that Gabe never wants to remember.

I really do love this series. It’s actually surprising for me because I’m usually not that into reading a book {much more a series] with religious shit all over it and it actually does not have much of it if I’m being honest. The first two books have more of that undertone and this [final book?] has that mere acceptance that one plus one won’t result into two. This third installment definitely showed us the development of Joe’s relationship not only with Kabe but with the rest of his small town involving his work and family. I loved that the consistency of Joe’s POV is still there from the first book up to this one.

I’m still now comfortable with the BDSM aspect of this series to be honest. I still find it slightly odd and rather scary whenever Joe goes all dominant with Kabe during all their sexy times. It was a bit uncomfortable because Joe’s plenty scary and I feel like he might snap (totally) anytime especially with the ever so patient and loveable Kabe. I think this is the only factor which I didn’t like about the series.

The whole family tragedy that got Joe all worked up was quite predictable but it was a great transition for most of Joe’s family to finally accept him and Kabe. What’s really so great about this book and the series in general is how utterly realistic the story was. There’s depth, there’s true emotion and a character like Joe is really quite hard to forget.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Review: Spin Out (Deputy Joe Book 2) – James Buchanan

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

Deputy Joe Peterson understood the risks when he got involved with ex-con Kabe Varghese. He didn’t, however, see fit to warn Kabe. Now, in the middle of searching for the killer of a local boy, he has to contend with his career and his relationship spinning out of control. Solving the case may be easier than repairing broken trust.

After Deputy Joe came out of the closet and was excommunicated by his church, he’s now trying to move on with his life making some major adjustments. He’s now very much involved with ex-convict Kabe Varghese and is trying to make things work with the guy. This was a really good follow up to Hard Fall. The story is more dynamic and we learned more about the couple. I really enjoyed the crime-solving side of this series; it’s very CSI and much more focused this time around. I noticed though, a subtle shift to Kabe’s character. He seemed less masculine compared to his bad-ass characterization in the first book. I really loved it when Dev’s character made an appearance. That hotel room scene with him and Joe was almost sensual. I was like, c’mon guys – just freaking do it already! The other side of my brain though, was like “Joe, you don’t wanna do this to Kabe!!!”. I’m very much happy with it but I’m still uncomfortable with their semi-BDSM set up. Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to get my hands on the third book of the series. ‘never thought I’d like this series this much.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Review: Hard Fall (Deputy Joe Book 1) – James Buchanan

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

Deputy Joe Peterson is Mormon and in the closet. Then ex-con Kabe Varghese lands in town on parole. When a tourist falls off the mountain, Joe finds he needs the help of this cliff climbing adrenaline junky to solve the case. Will Kabe tear him apart or does Joe need to fall hard before he can start living?

This book was very easy to like and both MCs have their unique charm which made them pretty much relatable. I loved Deputy Joe’s character because of his unpretentious way of looking at things. I’m not really a big fan of stories with religion getting in the mix but I’m not against authors who could write well within the subject. James Buchanan explored a lot of things here – the life of a closeted homosexual man in the law enforcement who also practiced his religion and is living in a very small town. Now try to top that picture! That’s a total no-no to read right? Fortunately, the seemingly predictable and boring storyline was saved by the appearance of ex-convict adrenaline junkie Kabe (like Gabe with a K), turning Deputy Joe’s life upside down. The CSI-ish side of the story was a bit predictable but is convincing enough so it was not so bad. I do not like the BDSM undertone of it because it feels a bit off with Joe’s persona but like what they always say – it’s always the quiet ones. J So there, I’d say this was a good first book of a series. The second ought to be better though.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars