Book Review: Laying Ghosts – James Buchanan

Laying Ghosts[Book 3 of the Deputy Joe Series]

Finally settling after getting kick out from his church, living with his boyfriend Kabe and still solving cases after coming out – Deputy Joe Peterson now needs to deal with officially coming to his family with his parents return from their mission and a whole deal of family reunion. It’s also time for both Joe and Kabe to lay all ghost of the past which includes a grim family tragedy that gripped the Peterson family for decades and an unwanted thing from the past that Gabe never wants to remember.

I really do love this series. It’s actually surprising for me because I’m usually not that into reading a book {much more a series] with religious shit all over it and it actually does not have much of it if I’m being honest. The first two books have more of that undertone and this [final book?] has that mere acceptance that one plus one won’t result into two. This third installment definitely showed us the development of Joe’s relationship not only with Kabe but with the rest of his small town involving his work and family. I loved that the consistency of Joe’s POV is still there from the first book up to this one.

I’m still now comfortable with the BDSM aspect of this series to be honest. I still find it slightly odd and rather scary whenever Joe goes all dominant with Kabe during all their sexy times. It was a bit uncomfortable because Joe’s plenty scary and I feel like he might snap (totally) anytime especially with the ever so patient and loveable Kabe. I think this is the only factor which I didn’t like about the series.

The whole family tragedy that got Joe all worked up was quite predictable but it was a great transition for most of Joe’s family to finally accept him and Kabe. What’s really so great about this book and the series in general is how utterly realistic the story was. There’s depth, there’s true emotion and a character like Joe is really quite hard to forget.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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