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In Focus: Angela Tagoch

We’ve been trying to get hold of Angela for a while now and at long last, we finally got  some insights from her and we’re very much thrilled to present our designer in focus for this month.

Angela Tagoch was born and raised in the southern part of the  Philippines and she studied Communication Arts in Journalism at a university in Manila. After working as a fashion show organizer and a part time model,  Angela moved out of the country and went to England but came home after a year feeling that it’s not the place for her. She eventually went to Sweden where she pursue Fashion and Technology and where she is now currently based.

Here’s our private online interview with one of the rising fashion designers of Sweden and soon, someone we believe that will conquer the fashion industry in no time!

When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

I think the real realization started when I moved to Sweden as I met friends working in fashion and arts though I already worked as a ramp model and event organizer in the Philippines. I also designed wedding dresses and party dresses for some people I know and friends of friends so I already had a few background in fashion before I even moved to England and Sweden.

What was the first thing you ever designed?

When I was maybe 7 or 8 yrs. old I started designing barbie doll dresses and sold them to my playmates. I remember the time when their moms complained to my mom that their girls were not buying lunch in school and just opted to buy Barbie dresses from me!

Where do you usually get your inspirations and how long does it take you to construct a piece?

I think inspiration could be gotten from many different things. It really depends on what I’m up for. I love traveling a lot and to be inspired by learning different cultures, traditions and look how people carry themselves on the streets. I love taking long walks too in some parks here in Sweden.

Paris is my fascination at the moment so I go back and forth that city to get some inspiration and watch some posh   women on the street. I think it’s very interesting how fashion is being appreciated in many different places! I remember designing my very first two piece that I used in Greece before. It was Philippine “Igorot” inspired! I don’t remember where I kept it though. I might have just stored it in the stock room!

Being inspired is the heart of my job. I try my best to be always inspired.  I often look at nice buildings and interiors in Europe, watching fountains and nice flowers in the parks and of course it’s very important that I hang out with people who give me inspiration and good energy! A simple dress could sometime just take 24 hours without sleeping which I try to avoid as I want to be a healthy designer too! But there are dresses that could take a month or 3. That’s when I make it myself. It could take 2-4 months though when I send it to the production and that includes the design finalization, pattern making, construction, production and my quality control and of course the length of shipping.

Who are of your favorite designers?

I used to super love John Galliano of Christian Dior but I heard and saw the video of the latest issue about him when I was in Paris so that totally switched me off a bit. So yes, next to that is Chanel, I admire her life story and how she made it to her success. Fashion is a very tough industry, not all of us fashion designers make it in the fashion/business world but with the right time management, planning, a lot of patience and of course God’s guidance, I know there could be a bright future for a person who really wants to stay standing in this field.

How long have you worked as a designer?

Well… I started designing since high school in the Philippines. I designed dresses for debutants, wedding dresses and party dresses for women who like going to different kinds of posh occassions and also designed dresses for myself when I was attending events and some special occassions. Then continued here in Sweden… And here in Sweden mainly almost 3 yrs. while joggling it with studies. And yes, I do love to multi- task!

What are your criteria on selecting models? A good appearance with a healthy diet is very important for me. I like my models to look healthy and not anorexic but I think what’s most important for me is that working with models who have good characters.

What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

I want to be able to enhance women’s appearance and confidence by them wearing my designs. I think when a woman feels good about what she’s wearing that also reflects on her appearance and brings out more confidence!

It’s also my dream to reach my goals as a fashion designer as by that I’d be able to give more jobs to Filipinos. I admire Filipinos’ workmanship and talent so I’m aiming for more projects with them. Right now, I produce some of my dresses in a place in the Philippines.

Do you sketch  your designs or you’re actually constructing them?

Sketching is a must but when I try something new or just wanna be inspired with some fabrics and materials then I just try to construct it on my doll, sit and look at it then just go on!

Based on your creations, what do you like most about designing couture dresses?

What I like about designing couture dresses is that I could design freely and be wild with every detail I want to add on each design. I think the idea of designing couture is to be able to express how a designer want her/his inspirations shown. I sometimes design dramatic big long dresses or even just simple ones but still with touch of class.

What is your personal style? Is it similar to your line?

I’m so much of  feminine myself when I attend special occasions and events so yes the dresses that I design are the dresses that I would wear myself, definitely! I do enjoy dressing down though. I think it’s relaxing to just wear a pair of really short denim shorts with tights in when it’s winter and without tights when it’s summer, a not so lose shirt with it and a comfy pair of white sneakers! My outfit really depends on the occasion or even my mood. I think it’s very important that a woman wears a really nice comfy dress or clothing when she feels a bit down so it would boost her confidence more.

What are your goals right now as a fashion designer?

Right now i’m working on having more photoshoots in different places maybe Paris soon and Copenhagen! Basically, I travel often to be more inspired and just hang out with good people when I have spare time. And of course i’m planning to have more fashion shows to show my creations to people.

What are your favorite colors and fabrics to work with?

I do love different kinds of colors, actually. Though it depends on the skin tone of my client. I usually use various colours that would enhance my client’s appearance but if I would have to choose what color I often use for wedding dresses then that would be Ivory. And yes of course, I love different kinds of colors. Like it could be shocking ones or light light ones. Right now my favorite this season is blue-blue!

You can never go wrong with fabrics like tafetta, chiffon and silk. These are usually the materials that I love using but I also love using just simple fabrics and create volumes and some texture on it myself. This way I could make it look more original.

You just had your show, what were your inspirations for the show?

The show was actually the biggest Wedding Fair in Sweden. I was blessed to be a part of it and showed some of my designs. Most of my designs were luckily featured on the local news here in Sweden.

The collection that I showed had a few inpirations that I got from many things. For example Dorothy ” Couture” Dress was Turning Torso of Sweden inspired. It’s a very famous building here in Sweden that was even featured on Discovery Channel because of it’s extra ordinary spiral construction.

The Turning Torso Of Sweden

Dorothy “Couture” Dress has a Turning Torso spiral touch and constructed with some modern texture than being just a plain fabric. I like it when a dress has a unique detail and a nice texture. I normally create the texture myself as I want it to be it to be different.

Where can readers find you and your work? and Yes! Where can we buy your stunning creations!!!??!!

At the moment people could meet me and see my creations at a Showroom in Malmö, Sweden about 25 mins. drive from Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s located at Att: Gallery Norra Vallgatan 64 B 211 22 Malmö, Sweden.

People could also contact some fashion agents in Sweden, Berlin, Paris and England. They may refer to my website for more info at  http//www.angelatagoch.com. or at angelatagoch.blogspot.com

by Emma Gunnarsson
by Alexandre CROUZAT

You can also visit Angela’s Facebook Page at Angela Tagoch


Checking out her works, we are amazed at how detailed each piece are. Some are very simple yet intricately thought of. We’re hoping that she’d soon stage a fashion show here in Manila.

Angela Tagoch only proves that Filipino talents are truly world-class! With sheer passion and talent, we will surely be seeing more of Angela and her creations making the rounds of the fashion capitals of the world!

photos courtesy of Angela Tagoch

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